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  1. Hi Please can anyone tell me where to find the 'Land Tools' in the Lumiya Viewer? I am a sim owner and I need to know how to do a region restart when I am away from home using Lumiya on my tablet. It says on the Lumiya website that one of the features is Region restart for estate owners but it does not say where to find it. Hope someone can help Thanks Venetia Cazalet
  2. Riviera Island is a lovely peaceful sim which has a central lake with a gazebo for anyone to use. I have owned Riviera Island since May 2013. It is my only sim and is nearly always full with long term residents. I will never raise my prices to account for the extra prims from LL as these prims are a gift for us all. We currently have 5 parcels of land available, one large one by the sea, 2 small ones (one is lake view the other is sea view) and 2 inner parcels that would be ideal if you want to live or work on a platform in the sky. To view these parcels come to the Information and Sales area and you will see the advertising boards on the wall, Click the one for the parcel you want to look at and you will receive a notecard and LM's to the parcel, and one back to the information area and one to the rental meters which are behind the wall that these boards are on. This is the slurl to the Information and Sales area. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Riviera Island/177/205/21/ This is our permanent Special Offer Please contact Venetia Cazalet by IM if you have any questions.
  3. Thank you again Qie for your help. I suspect they are gone too. I have looked at the zdrop instructions and she was not using that, she told me she was dragging them from inventory to hud and I am not sure her English is good enough to understand the complicated instructions. I suspect that she buys no copy animations as they are so much cheaper than the copy sort. Most dances can be bought in either copy or no copy/Transfer. I will suggest to her that she clears inventory cache and logs back in to Aich and waits for her inventory to load again doing nothing. I hope that might work, but I am not very hopeful. I don't think there is anything else I can do to help her, hopefully she will only buy copy animations in the future. I am amazed this has not happened to her before with the amount of moving animations around that she does. Thank you for your help Venetia
  4. Thank you for the reply Qie. I told my friend what you thought the error message might have been and she thinks that is what it said... or something like that. The next question is where will the dance animations have gone as they failed to reach the hud? Are they gone forever? She says they are not in her inventory. I am the sim owner where she lives and I have tried all the search options I can think of... Area search from different locations on the sim, but it is not objects we are looking for. Also tried Region/debug/top scripts but I can't find anything. I read about the mini map showing things belonging to the person who opens it but it is not working for me, are there some options to show only my things? The mini map is showing me lots of turquoise shapes but they are not in places where I own anything. I also read about clearing inventory cache and logging back in to a very quiet area like Aich and letting inventory load again as they may still be stored on the server her inventory is on. But I have also read that this is very much a 'last resort' procedure. As the animation permissions were Transfer could they have somehow ended up in something belonging to someone else? My friend speaks Portuguese and is contacting someone in Firestorm Portuguese Support as it is obviously easier for her to explain in her own language. Thanks again in advance for any more help anyone can give us....... little bit of desperation setting in here! Venetia
  5. Thank you, I knew I was right! I don't know why they thought they could have a parcel roll back. No they are not harrassing me over it at all thank goodness. I just needed to be sure I was right. I have no intention of asking for a roll back as it would cause far too many problems with rental meters and land changes that I have made very recently and I have around 30 residents............... it would cause a nightmare situation....... unless we could have a roll forward again once the lost items had been retrieved. Can they do that? Thank you once again for helping me. Venetia
  6. Thank you for your replies and the link:)
  7. N/A

    Hi, I may have what you are looking for!! Contactme by IM in world I get them offline. I have a residential sim, Riviera Island, it ticks all your boxes. I have a large parcel of land available. Venetia Cazalet
  8. Hi Alphilion Thank you for replying. I will contact you in-world shortly. Christmas show rehearsals are about to start. We are also performing our Swan Lake ballet as we now have some bookings. The Christmas show is not ballet. Here is the link to our Swan Lake ballet on youtube. Hope you like it. Venetia
  9. Hi Theresa Thank you for your reply. I don't think he was dragging a notecard he was copy and pasting the urls directly from youtube to to the media viewer. I will ask him though. Once or twice really weird things happened with the screen so maybe he tried to drag a url by mistake from a notecard or something. Venetia
  10. Hi seanabrady Thanks for your reply. As I have a sim full of tenants who have all terraformed in different ways I am very reluctant to do anything that might change the terrain of the whole sim. Thanks for the information and I will contact you in the future if needed. Venetia
  11. Hi Amethyst Thanks for your reply. I will ask the tenant to make the bay more sloping away from the parcel boundary and we will try again, I think it was straight down before. I had already thought I might disguise the peaks with some planting of some sort. Thanks for your help Venetia
  12. Thank you for your reply Qie. I had never had this problem happen before (or no one had ever complained about it before) so thanks for explaining that what I assumed was right, was actually wrong. Is there an explanation for why we were unable to correct the problem on the adjoining parcel, do you think it was it just the boat blocking the trraforming? Venetia
  13. Hello Gary Have a look at my SIM Riviera Island. We have a large range of furnished houses and parcels of all sizes and rental costs. The houses are provided free for you to use whilst you Rent with us. We have a beach theme on the island. 900 L$ a week will get you approx 750prims on my sim as I have special winter offers at the moment with great reductions and free days on first rental payment. If you are interested contact me venetia cazalet or my manager swa sands, we both get offline messages and swa can rez some houses for you to.look at. Thanks Venetia
  14. Hi Look You can sell your L$ by logging in to your Dashboard and on the left under Linden Exchange (just above your friends list) click Manage and choose Sell L$ from the drop down menu. Choose which of the 2 sell options you want to use and complete the information. When the transaction is complete there is a link to ways of getting the USD out to RL Click Manage on Linden Exchange on your Dashboard again and choose process credit. it will guide you through they options you have to get your USD out into a RL account. I leave my USD in SL to go towards paying my land tier so don't know how process credit works. Hope this helps. IM me inworld if you need any further help:) Venetia Cazalet
  15. Hi iCade Thank you for your reply. I have be in email discussion about this with Paypal customer support every month and they say they have checked everything and that my account is ok. It was one of their support team who told me yesterday that there had been no request for payment of my tier from Linden Research. for the last few months. I forgot to mention that I am able to buy L$ and pay for marketplace purchases using my Paypal account with no problem at all, I tried it to test if it worked or not. The problem seems to be with automated payments that come from Linden Research. Thanks Venetia