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  1. SaiJinhua wrote: I have seen group names with leading space and the effect is to show up at the top of your groups. Pretty cunning because it ends up always "in your face". If Linden is making the changes across the board, then it seems fair to me. I'm afraid you missed both the point and the question here. It could had been fair if no one could do it (I agree with you on that, SaiJinhua, and I told them - In fact, I told them to also remove all characters besides latin letters and numbers) or if trully everybody could do it. If everyone can do it and some indeed do it, except 1,
  2. I'm not reading the forum as often as I'd like to, but I was notified my group was mentioned here. steph Arnott is right. The issue, from its technical aspect, is minor. That is why I prioritized it as minor on that jira ticket. But the case still remains mysterious, if not weird. ChinRey only expressed what many members of that group ask(ed) openly or privately: Was our group the only one changed? And if yes, why? According to Caleb Linden, there is a procedure which strips those leading spaces. According to Whirly Fizzle, this procedure is buggy. According to this thread and numerous other
  3. WOW This is one of the most amazing pictures I've ever seen! The contrast between the focused railings and the blurriness of the background makes the whole picture looks 3D (gogless free). I don't think it's dark, either. An advice to you, sapro: Always appreciate a pic right from the original source (flickr) following the link on the photographer's name and zooming in to original size.
  4. Impressive avatar! Are you member of a RP community, Migan?
  5. Are those dogs carrying tools?
  6. Adventure girl Lara Croft style? Great pic!
  7. Nice pic, but too much snow to be called "warm" :mantongue:
  8. Great indoor pic. Congratulations Kleio. Also, my kudos to Xiola for the new format of the text below the pic! That's much better :manhappy:
  9. What the igloo is doing there? :manindifferent:
  10. High level of realism. I like it.
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