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  1. I completely agree on the sliders versus animations thing. As a consumer, I am very very interested in a customizable head, and regarding animations I am interesrted only in subtle ones. I mean how many times in the week do you open widely your mouth and stick out your tongue, or bring your eyebrows down inside your eyes. I just wonna have more real life animations, meaning more soft and subtle. Besides , always talking as a consumer, I realy prefer to sacrifice a few face exprecions in order to have a unique face. By the way, I follow this thread from day 1, and its the best thread of the l
  2. Yes they will understand it . It is like in some bodies that you have to have the fat at 0 in order for the neck to fit, everybody got it, you just worry over nothing
  3. To be honest, we should just keep the bones for animations purpose. I think its better that we use them either for animation or for customization, each one as chooses.
  4. [i deals with SL customers since 2007. I can say I begin to know how they react and what they want... What they will want is clear to me : ALL. They will want customizable mesh heads with sliders to adapt their face to their tastes AND tons of animations for more life, realistic appearance and fun. That is very human... What is sure for me now is that if I go for the facial animations, I should completely forget the ability to customize my mesh heads by sliders... And that, customers will not understand it and will request for customization by sliders again and again.] Yes, but if we ca
  5. So basically what you are saying is that it can be done? Right?
  6. A few months ago we saw mesh heads from Lelutka responding to a couple of the shape sliders. Is there the posibility that we see in the future mesh heads responding to more shape sliders and becoming more customizable?
  7. I am new and trie to log in. I have a username but the viewer is asking for a first and last name
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