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  1. I have tried relogging several times, doing a fresh install of firestorm and it still won't load.
  2. I have photoshop. Knife scars was what I was looking to make, for personal use.
  3. I didn't know where to post this, so I posted it here. I was wondering if anyone knew of any tutorials that teach you how to make realistic scar tattoo layers. Thanks :)
  4. I have a good roleplay idea, but I have no money to put into a sim or to buy anything for it. So, I thought I'd post my idea at least. Perhaps someone has the funds and the desire to run with the idea. All I ask is, if you use my idea to please let me know via nc inworld and please give me credit. Anyway, the idea is based off the show Extant, which aires July 1st (second season). Basically, the show is about a woman who goes to space for 13 months on a solo mission, but when she returns she finds out she is pregnant. So the whole season is about her figuring out how she got pregnant and finding the child, etc. She ends up finding out the child is half human and half alien. I am not going to say anymore, as I don't want to give it away to those who have not seen the show yet. BUT, she also has a son, Ethan, a humanic (robot) created by her husband. Yes, it takes place in the future. Although, the child robot is progressing faster than he should, as he is meant to grow and learn like a real child. My idea is to have a futureistic city. I would not have any cannon characters, just because roleplays do not seem to be very scuessful if you have cannon characters, but seem to do okay, if you just have original characters (ones players make up). So, there would be a few avaliable races; humans, humanics, aliens, halflings (half alien/half human). The city set up would be a bit futureistic, but not look too much different from a real city. It mostly looks like the gagets are futureistic. For example, you can watch the news and stuff on the mirror of your bathroom or in any room of the house. The house talks to you and is voice activated. The clothes are not too diffrent from ours, pretty much the same for the most part. Ideally, there would be two sims, one adult rated and one moderate rated. This would allow adults and children on one sim and adults only on another. This allows children avatars to be on one of the sims, no adult themed activity there, but the other sim would allow more adult themed rps (sex, torture, etc). The aliens could have their own factions, as well as the humans and humanics. Basically, the aliens want to take over earth, it's a invason. So you might have some humans and humanics who want to destroy the aliens and others might want to try and negotiate with them, live together, co-exist type of thing. That's all I got :) Not really expecting anything for this, just wanted to put it out there.
  5. I think the more info is the sex house itself, not on how to rend land, etc.
  6. I use the male fashion feed (link in first post) & http://justjestyr.wordpress.com/
  7. I would love to see the group limit go up, but I agree with others have stated in previous post, groups should be fixed first. I assume LL wouldn't up the limit until they are are the server could handle it. P.S I've noticed more designers are using a system that allows you to subscribe for updates. You get them inworld and via email, instead of joining a group. So, maybe that will become more and more popular and will give shoppers less of a need to join groups for shopping and more space for whatever else they might need it for.
  8. I can sign into flickr and even facebook. Just not tumblr.
  9. Is there a way to sign into tumblr using the web browser in second life? It will let me go to blogs on tumblr, but it won't let me sign in. It says SSL Handshake Failed. Please and thanks!
  10. I'd like to model for advertisements and stuff like that. My avi is 123 days old. I'm willing to do adult themed photoshoots as well. I'd like to model in exchange for lindens or free stuff. IM me inworld, if you'd like to hire me or have any questions!
  11. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Babiarz/197/84/21
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