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  1. VCO is not really active at present. The customer service FAQ for the shop is still up, at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WZNjy6PyxE3ROXjGkSJaeyIi9OCnw3mW_wKobwYpcRk/edit Note that the only permissions VCO skins were sold with were copy/no transfer (normal sales), or transfer/no copy (for gacha items). So, if you see no copy VCO skins for sale, they could be gacha resale items. Anything with other permissions? Well... The last listed CS contact for VCO was Monoton, you might contact that avatar with questions about specific items you see for sale.
  2. If any of the physics hull overlaps their land by even a sliver, they can return it. Plants often have transparent bits that go beyond where the textures show.
  3. In AMD land, HD anything is a newer generation than than the old 9xxx series. The problem will be somewhere else. (Onboard GPU for A6-5200 is called HD 8400, it's a fairly recent chipset.)
  4. Those comments on Reddit make me wonder if the commenters haven't actually met C#, and are assuming it's a lot like C++. C# is more likely to leave you with a nagging feeling that you got away with it too easily, because they took care of a lot of the tradtitional busywork. (MS really shouldn't have picked a name for this language that implied torture.)
  5. Zyngo machines phoned home to Aargle's server on rez, to make sure they were purchased orgiinals and not cloned. So, that's when people find out their old Zyngo machines don't work any more.
  6. wolfshanty wrote: Hey, 1st post. I was exploring and found a house with lots of stuff inside, I wanted to take some objects like a bean bag and a guitar, but can't figure out how to actually pick them up. Can anyone help? I've tried clicking and right clicking but nothing seems to work. Thx in advance Items have to be specially marked to allow that. Once in a while, items will be marked as free to copy, and you will see Take Copy in the right-click menu. More commonly, items may be set for sale as L$0, or have a vendor you can touch. It is very unusual to fnd this kind of thing in a house, but it does occasionally happen. it's much more common in more public spaces.
  7. Akemiaiko wrote: You are wrong, the mesh and used appliers are overlayed on to the SL avatar. The SL avatar is turned transparent, you would have to switch from on and off and that is not possible with RLV as the code stands.The simple facts are that the RLV code was never designed for the advent of avatar mesh and appliers. The RLV coders RL status is not for public veiwing. You're talking nonsense. If the goal is to turn an avatar into a garden hose, you're not going to try to add some magical garden hose texture to a random mesh body they may or may not be wearing. That would look stupid. It would be stupid. You're going to remove any mesh body parts they already had on, along with all their other visible attachments, and once those are gone, there is nothing to use appliers on. You're going to slap an alpha on to the base LL body and then your garden hose mesh, and be done with it.
  8. Yes, in 2014 LL revised their skill gaming policy, and they are no longer allowed on regular SL regions. Old Zyngo machines will stop working the next time they need to phone home, like when they are rezzed. Only games that have gone through a special approval process are now allowed, and then they can only be operated on specially designated skill gaming regions. More at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Second_Life_Skill_Gaming_Policy (there are still some old games running around the public grid, these either from creators who left before the policy change or revised versions that don't accept or pay L$.)
  9. steph Arnott wrote: How are you going to do it with mesh avs? It has been tried and failed. You remove the mesh body and have the avatar wear something else. You don't have to change what they are already wearing, just replace it with somethng else.
  10. steph Arnott wrote: Were is this code command in RLV? http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LSL_Protocol/RestrainedLoveAPI#Clothing_and_Attachments_.28Shared_Folders.29
  11. steph Arnott wrote: I do RLV, you change clotthes but you can not change the avatar to another default one so if you can find that command then please show it. You can change shape, skin, clothes, attachments, the whole avatar. You've really never seen one of those transformation things before?
  12. YamaguchiGumi wrote: hello there.. i have a job i need done, with pay of course... its a rlv job and il describe what i want it to do.... i want to script a thing or bubble that brushed against cause you to change into another preset avatar.. this be great if you could do it by just bumping a avie or at least let them kiss you and change you. or i suppose the least a sit that tricks you.. idk the legal if ands and whats rlv can do but the idea is to "infect" someone by touch to do a body swap. any takers out there? HI, you will want to take this over to the Wanted forum. It's common to do this kind of thing with RLV, but the target will be asked to accept a folder with the new outfit.
  13. You can use Amazon gift cards to buy Second Life bundles of various toys that include L$, but it's a pretty hefty markup if you just want the L$.
  14. Unsuspecting people are often handed these scripted things that will spam the area with dialog and chat spam. The owner of the object is usually someone who was duped, so what you did (blocking) is all thats really practical.
  15. For the time being, clear your inventory cache (just wiping the *.gz files will do, the object and texture stuff is fine) before switching grids. Viewers try to use the same cache no matter the grid as long as the user's UUID matches. This was always a shaky idea, but the new sync thing turned it into barf-o-rama. It's in JIRA already, as https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-11651 As a fancier plan for frequent grid changes, you might set up viewer shortcuts with different settings files for use with each grid, and tell each to use a different cache directory.
  16. Without permissions, you could use llTelportAgentHome and a temprary ban, which is probably more than you want here. If you have a whole region to play with, you could try llAddToLandBanList to push them into a penalty box parcel, and use llRemoveFromLandBanList to let them back in later. Without having an isolated parcel, it's not so easy to direct the avatar to a particular spot that way.
  17. This isn't something a merchant could fix, they don't have control over the Marketplace's payment system. You need to take the issue to Second Life support. But first, go over both your transaction history at marketplace.secondlife.com, and your L$ transaction history at secondlife.com, to see if they really do not reconcile. Marketplace in particular does not always display an up-to-the-minute L$ balance at the top of the page, so the other L$90 could have gone earlier.
  18. WhyTheGreat wrote: I am honestly completely confused now. I am getting the key of the avatar that touches it, not the owner of the object. Are you llListen and llTextBox pointed to the same avatar & channel? That's an easy one to overlook.
  19. There is a vendor you can touch at each house theme's hub, it will give you all the house textures for that theme, including the curtains. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Infohub#Linden_Homes_hubs
  20. steph Arnott wrote: "1800 members" i find that hard to believe. You're right to be skeptical, the actual count is 1955, 1821 when excluding inactive accounts.
  21. Huh? Second Life has been on a "free to play" model since 2006.
  22. I'll let you in on the secret. Wearable vehicles, mounts and so on don't actually do anything. Attachments have no physical properties, and they don't alter what the simulator sees as your shape. It's all for show, either goofiess or an attempt at psyching out other players. Itty bitty or invisible avatars are about the same idea, they're either enjoying being small, or messing with other players who don't happen to have the minimap open by "sneaking up". Any scripted cheats would be fully effective in an invisible attachment, even on the HUD, and a smart cheater would do exactly that, so as to call less attention to themselves. It's possible for a cheater to also use one of the showy avatar setups, but the showy stuff isn't actually helping them to scoop up more crystals. (Most effective avatar for that would be something like a simple semitransparent box, to help gauge the avatar's collision shape and leave good visibility to what's ahead.)
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