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  1. This forum is Lithium's own implementation of Lithium's own software and hosted by Lithium. LL is just a customer. There are limits to how much LL can do to work around its problems.
  2. Yikes! The demo for that head adds 194000 to my avatar complexity, that's fairly high all by itself. It doesn't leave a lot of room to wear much else without going all jelly time to at least some. From the description, it seems to be made to match a regular skin, that you might already have. The quick fix to salvaging this avatar might be as straghtforward as removing the mesh head and any alpha that came with it, and using the system head for now. You can always save the mesh head for photos, I guess!
  3. The library forum is for scripters of quality and others to share scripts and snippets they wrote. It's not for requests. If you want ready made scripts, use the Wanted forum.
  4. Rayanna Shelman wrote: At the risk of sounding very silly, where is (or what is) the default folder in inventory. A while ago I detached an outfit from my avatar but by mistake I clicked on send to default folder. Looked through inventory, done searches etc but the outfit is nowhere to be seen. Since this happened, recently received notecards and a group gift have also "vanished". Now I am worried about buying anything in case this "disappeared" along with the other recent items. I am using Firestorm Viewer. The "send to default folder" feature will move the selected inventory item to the matching system folder: Objects, Gestures, Animations, Clothing and so on. It won't get bumped up to most recent, so you might find it more easily if you set the filter date to be older than whatever catches the rest of its original folder.
  5. I remember when landbots became a thing, and it was difficult to get inexpensive mainland at all, but that scene crashed ages ago and hasn't come back.
  6. The trouble is that some of the viewers on the TPV list have not been updated in several months, and are missing Bento support: Singularity, Alchemy, UKanDo are all in this state. Of these, Alchemy is most likely to recover, but Singularity hasn't seen a commit in a long time and UKanDo's maintainer is on an extended trip. Of those, the ones mosty likely to resist switching viewers will be the ones on Singularity. For them, the closest substitute will probably be Cool VL Viewer, which is the only other Snowglobe-derived viewer that still gets regular updates.
  7. Bright Canopy is a similar service and is still going. I've seen mixed reviews, not sure if they have a trial at the moment for deciding if it is wirth the price.
  8. If you were living on the mainland (or land was otherwised reclaimed but the region is still up), check your lost and found folder. If you were living on a private island and the whole region is gone, you will need to file a support ticket with Linden Lab. Tell them what region you were on, and that you need to retrieve your stuff. When this happens, they can arrange to bring the region back up for a short time so you can snatch out your no-copy items.
  9. Sassanach7 wrote: She's been online continuously for the last 3 hours (since purchasing the item). It's only been 3 hours? Give it at least a day or two, a logged in avatar doesn't mean its owner is at the keyboard or awake.
  10. In your Firestorm preferences, type revoke in the search box - is either of the revoke on sit options set? If so, tick the Normal (original behavior) button and see if things improve. Save the revoke stuff for griefy sandboxes, it's more trouble than it's worth outside that kind of place.
  11. This really depends on what operating system and web browser you use. For most Windows browsers, the SL viewer you installed last will be what it calls. So, reinstall the SL viewer to put it back in charge.
  12. Permissions don't matter, textures can always be ripped, even if you release the object with very restrictive permissions. The textures have to be sent to every viewer in order for people to see them, and there have been simple user-friendly cache readers available to the general public for many years.
  13. LLIAMAH wrote: I have the same problem. I was hoping to read here something useful , but I saw many reviews stupid advice - replace the operating system. I know that I have to upgrade your computer to fix any problems . But I will not do it . I will use windows xp several years. And if I can not play in the Second Life on windows xp then I can not pay. so it looks like. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Alternate_Viewers#Obsolete_Platforms That viewer doesn't have all the current features (and over time, missing Bento could be a big deal), but it will get on the grid.
  14. Some of the ZS items are still available at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Anime%20AVALON/250/231/21 but the Shimakaze kit is no longer there. Her hair ("Inselwind") is still on sale. There is still one version of Rensōhō out as a group gift It is the same as the one that used to be in the Shimakaze costume, just a different attach point and the float was hidden inside. Some other costumes are still out there as group gifts The wearable guns and torpedo launchers were never up for sale there. For most of the destroyers, the school uniforms at Edelweiss are very close. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Akiba/103/186/21
  15. If you are using Edge or Explorer, try a different browser. A Windows bug has made the marketplace draggy for some when using those browsers.
  16. You are talking about animating an object rezzed in world, not avatar animation, right? If so, the script controlling it all is running right on the server, so it's aware of every change.
  17. That looks like the animation is twisting the wrist all the way around. There are quite a few animations like that in circulation, the blockiness of the classic avatars hid many of them.
  18. Search the forum, those bots show up on lots of the grid and thgey aren't targeting you. The one method an avatar like that could use to get your IP address, media on an attachment, is disabled by default in all the viewers.
  19. TNTand TNT2 cards are explicitly NOT supported. It was like that back in the viewer 1.x days too, so a graphical client probably isn't going to happen for you. You might be able to run Radegast, a mostly text client. Note on that download page that you will also need .Net 3.5 installed, which can take a while on an old machine but it was XP compatible.
  20. First, see https://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Text-chat-and-instant-messages/ta-p/700155#Section_.3.1 to find the folder where your chat logs are stored. (That's also the place where your teleport history is.) Depending on the exact viewer you were using, there will be teleport_history.txt and/or teleport_history.xml in there. You may as well grab both if present, they're not big files. Copy those to the corresponding spot on the new computer, and you ought to be good to go.
  21. Yeah, you can get the address through media on a prim as long as you can rez in the area. All web pages get to see your IP address, it's necessary to make it work. (The same is sort of possible from attachments, but that's disabled by default in all the viewers.) In the past there were some Vivox flaws that would allow seeing addresses, I don't know if all of those were plugged. It's not against the terms to see IP addresses, as long as you don't share them with other people.
  22. There is a searchable list of experiences in the viewer under Me>Experiences... There are spots to add a description and picture to these, but most experience owners do not care to fill them out.
  23. Lumiya does have an option to render, but that part doesn't use any resources unless you switch it on. All SL clients are going to cause a little background traffic to happen, there are certain changes that have to be tracked just so you can be in the world and communicate. If you leave the rendering option turned off, you won't get that onslaught of asset transfers, though.
  24. I see Lumiya crash occasionally, but mostly it works fine here. It's kind of hard to guess what could be wrong going on so little information. If your PC doesn't meet the requirements for a normal viewer, give Radegast a try on it. http://radegast.org/wp/ - Feature-wise, it is very close to Lumiya, though the interface looks a bit different since it was made with PCs in mind. Graphics will show the same weirdness. Maybe that one will be a little more stable for you.
  25. A couple of things that can help with these combinations: First, make sure that the PG toggle matches for all layers, or you will get alpha figihting issues. Second, if the chest or torso adapter allows it, unlink and discard the PG caps if the combination you're wearing doesn't need them. These bodies already do have applier systems, and they will never be compatible with the Omega system. Adding a UV map compatible with Omega would not help with this particular problem in any way, it's just another texture applier system and not magic.
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