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  1. Hi there! That HUD on the bottom doesn't look like anything special, just an old timey sensor sort of attachment. The trick he discusses about walking more slowly is a regular viewer feature, nothing you need a special gadget for. Start walking or running, then as soon as you hold down the space bar you will slow down.
  2. If the chatting object is already deleted by the time the listener processes the message, then the llGetOwner test won't work. If the listener also happens to be an attachment, you can send the chat to the owner, and in that case it will get to the attachment too. If your goal is more to prevent crosstalk than an attempt at authentication, that may be all you need.
  3. That feature was really made for businesses, so that tickets could be sold for an event or attraction. It was never used very much; since it only controls access to the airspace near the ground and paying for admission was not widely embraced in SL.
  4. Kaska Kutenai wrote: If they do this will they leave LSL in SL ? That's pretty much guaranteed at this point, just about everything would break here if they turned that off!
  5. chaguaroman wrote: yo actualize mi tarjeta grafica ati y ahora no puedo ver el mesh se ve invisible ayuda porfavor "AMD Catalyst 15.3 Beta" fixes the problem with invisible mesh. http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/latest-catalyst-windows-beta.aspx
  6. Yeah, SMOOTH forces movement along X.
  7. You're getting the mandatory update mesage because that candidate is already out of date, with more bugs fixed on this round. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Alternate_Viewers is a better spot for tracking pre-release viewers. At the moment, is the latest on the maintenance branch. Expect that to be updated within a few days too, unless it happens to graduate to the main viewer.
  8. OK, https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/8567-lsl-posting-tool-for-community-secondlife-com for the fix. This version is still years out of date with keywords, just wanted to get it running again. If you have your own modded copy of the script, you can fix by adding this line to the header: // @include https://community.secondlife.com/* It used to be that the SL forum always used http, whether or not you were logged in. This week, it now uses https for both cases. Whatever, maybe there was a great reason for this. A little advance mention somewhere would have been nice.
  9. default{ state_entry() { llOwnerSay("testing 1 2 3"); }}
  10. Is it this bear? That hair is done with particles, like eleventy bazillion particles. That approach isn't going to fly in SL.
  11. The setting to change in this case is in the Move and View panel of the preferences. If the single-click action is set to move to target, you get the inverted mouse movement with it. Switch it off to get traditional mouse behavior.
  12. Vivienne Schell wrote: Basically Linden Lab COULD take down whatever content they want to take down for no reason at all. They could do that, but with a loss of legal protections that would drain their bank book and put them out of business in a short time
  13. "Avatar" content could be taken down without involving DMCA because trademarks were involved. Trademarks fall under different laws with different standards and different processes. Most notably there is nothing like "safe harbor" for trademarks. There is a fair dealing principle for trademarks, but it does not work the same way as copyright "fair use" and involves a whole different list of tests.
  14. Bobbie Faulds wrote: It would be nice if LL actually looked at the DMCA claims. As the one filled against the Belleza mesh body shows, when Tricky went to fight it, turns out the person named as filing it didn't have and had never had an SL account and had no idea what SL was. The body was then allowed back. Just a simple fact check would have shown it was a false filing and saved everyone time and money. This is a flaw in OCILLA that was never adequately addressed by US lawmakers. Proof of identity is not one of the requirements to make a notification "effective", and bigger fish than LL (most notably Google) have been rebuffed on attempts to require it. Notifications are supposedly make under penalty of perjury, but this only comes in after the fact. This part has shown itself to have no teeth, because a takedown notification is only a statement that the filer believes an item infringes. That is a notoriously difficult thing to disprove.
  15. Your three newest nail applier listings do have images, but Adblock Plus will hide them if you are using that. The problem is the filenames, you used moon-nails-ad.jpg, chipped-nails-ad.jpg, rainbow-ombre-nails-ad.jpg Rename the files so that words like "ad", "advert" etc. aren't in there, re-upload, and Adblock should stop bothering your listings.
  16. Change your regular SL password, that triggers an inventory update on Aditi. That happens overnight. Send your Aditi L$ to an alt before you update, if you want to keep them, or you'll have to wait for yet another process to bump you up to the wacky high balance.
  17. Yeah, you can look thru the messages and the LSL function and see that parcel access all works off UUIDs. Same for groups. There are some dialogs that omit the numbers, which is why for example it is not possible to mute group invites yet (mute list is all keys too), but the underlying system doesn't really rely ion the names, those are filled in at view time (which is the root cause of the infamous Loading... things we have seen over the years, the names have to be fetched and filled in).
  18. A change to the username is a tough problem. LL has changed some on occasion and still will, for a few circumstances like Lindens who left on friendly terms, ordinary users whose names were reported as ToS violations, and a handful of people LL considered to be VIPs. The basic SL system can handle these changes fine. Land, groups and objects all reference the number, so that stuff doesn't break. There are some glaring exceptions for user-facing stuff. L$ transaction histories use the legacy names, so there are potential difficulties for merchants and their customers. Also, there is an enormous legacy of inworld scripts like security systems, tip jars and vendors, games and so on that rely on those names. Some of the ancillary SL services like JIRA, the wiki and this forum use the names. And of course, there will be numerous third party services that have relied on LL's long term policy that usernames are generally constant.
  19. Go to Analyze>Regular interval Labels time to place first: 0, placement method: label interval, label interval: 9.9 seconds. (you can add some decimal places if you like, but keep the length a little bit under 10.0 for best results in SL), Add final label: yes, adjust label interval to fit length: no then hit OK Go to File>Export Multiple split files based on labels and that should do it to it
  20. Lots of gift cards are rejected. LL likes to use payment info as a kind of identification, and gift cards don't always allow them to do that. You may get better results using one of the L$ resellers when you want to use that kind of payment.
  21. Eh, that's not really enough informaton to tell how it would work, but it's a definite maybe, so load up a viewer and see what happens. It's going to depend on how old the computer's design is. Older Intel graphics offerings were absolute garbage, and would run SL at single-digit FPS when it worked at all. But with their latest efforts, SL runs pretty acceptably on mid graphics. It can even be cranked up to full fancy for photos, but will run a bit slow to leave settings that high.
  22. It's a shader to handle objects with skeletons, originally it was only for the avatar body. The CPU functions used on low end hardware don't handle the lighting the same way. It's not a big deal for legacy avatars since each avatar only has one, but you can see that light isn't being scattered in a nice consistent way once there is more than one object attached to that skeleton. You can put on some nice mesh body, or find anyone wearing one, then wham your graphics slider all the way to the left to see how this plays out.
  23. Yeah, if you rig all the parts consistently and keep the normals matched up, it can look great. Note that this kind of falls apart on low end systems that can't support the "hardware skinning" feature in SL, you're going to see the seams with low settings no matter what you do.
  24. Most of these bodies are split up into sections before upload and then linked back together on the SL side, so there can be plenty more than 8 texture faces. One body in particular, the CMFF one, uses a different approach. About 100 versions of each skin are available, each with different alpha shapes cut out.
  25. Yeah, some other places that use hippoUpdate are havng that problem too. You'll have to contact Hippo support about that one.
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