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  1. I understand that scripts are compiled/executed on the server. But, there are several aff-line editors (stand-alone, in eclipse, etc) and formatters/pretty-printers. - hence i believe there are almost certainly at least one BNF grammer file floating around, and likely yacc/lex files All i can do is hope, and cross my fingers and toes.
  2. Can anyone give me a BNF for LSL syntax or point me to one? - and ideally, a YACC and LEX file for processing LSL text THX.
  3. yes, I went back and looked at the OpenCollar weasels, they are not quite as nice as some other animals I have seen, and it is quite possible there is some sculpt map reloading taking place. Also, I think their "breathing" may be accomplished by scaling up and down the height+width of their body object. I *hate* animals that have many different sub-elements is slightly different positions and then transparency switch -- I saw one yesterday like that which had an LI of way over 700 and took forever to rez. Yes, it looked nice and real but that is totally ridiculous. - I have seen some animals using the position-rotation changes which look lifelike, very smooth movement, but I suspect they might have a significant script load but don't really know. So in the end, I agree with you, we need some way to properly animate obects (like animals but also other things).
  4. somehow (i don't know how) that seems to not be true. if you go to OpenCollar and look closely at the Weasels moving there, they are a few Mesh prims. their head-neck-body is one mesh piece, and flexes. their tail is one mesh piece, and flexes. Or at least it sure looks like they do. watch one just standing, watch his neck-head-body, and his tail. Maybe the blender animation does not use bones in the SL sense, but somehow those weasels (and some other animals I have seen) truly seem to flex.
  5. I believe you can rig and "animate" mesh object parts in Blender, and I know you can import an overall Blender object into SL. - and I even know how to script move an overall object (mesh or prim) and its individual linked elements - but HOW can you "flex" a single mesh object (or linked element)? - For example, the mesh "weasles" you see moving around, their body+neck+head is one mesh prim, but flexes (as does its single mesh piece tail) NOTE: this is for non-attached stand-alone objects, *NOT* for clothing attachments. i.e., in other words, how can I make standalone mesh objects that flex and move the way rigged clothing moves, and the way those weasels flex their bodies and tails etc.
  6. Tried it, without success. 1) when the attachment box was LSL moved, it hopped up a couple of meters in the air, above the avatar bounding box 2) no movement of the attachment box had any affect on the avatar
  7. Ah yes! I had not planned on requiring a HUD but this would provide the owner-only sounds. THANKS for this suggestion.
  8. Hmmm, would not the standard SL WALK animation be running? - I can understand it might look funny ('sliding' slightly backwards) since the forward distance would no longer be the normal 3.2 m/s - If I have to create and play my own WALK animation, I am almost back to going with the sit-on-vehicle and doing my own movement and animation
  9. Say I want to ring a bell, or whatever sound, in the viewer of the owner of the object -- but NOT annoy everyone around me - llPlaySound etc is heard by everyone. - best I can tell, there is no way to play a sound only to myself ??
  10. So far it seems that everyone is in consensus that there is no way to alter the SL default walk speed (3.2 m/s) ? - what a shame, I might have to resort to using the 'sit' vehicle approach and new custom animations, which I really wanted to avoid
  11. Alduous, I think your suggestion would move the box/item attached to my avatar only if I was sitting on the box, not if I wear it as an attachment? - and then the agent would never be WALKING, just SITTING? ---- unless there is something I am totally missing
  12. I have an object that will be worn (attached). an example (NOT what I am doing) would be crutches. When worn, can their script slow down the actual SPEED (distance covered) during a walk? not the animation, the actual movement speed. I know an alternative would be to create some sort of vehicle that moved (slowly) but would like to keep this as a worn attachment.
  13. Thx Innjula, i will give it a serious try and test. PS: I know about llTargetOmega , and use it in other places and ways, but it is client side and has to many inconsistencies.
  14. its 2016 and the problem occurs on almost ever mesh i export from blender and try to upload into SL - current one i am fighting as 2 different pieces, both different materials assigned and no others. I think i am >< this close to giving on on mesh for SL
  15. I tried to view the JIRA (after logging in) but it would not let me. "PERMISSIONS ERROR"