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  1. I just got a houseboat and am amazed at what you can do with 351 prims in a small area like that. I used two add-ons to gie me a separate bedroom and bathroom. Then I split the large livingroom into two separate living areas--one is for entertaining and the other is for reading by the fire on a cold night.
  2. I live in Bellasaria and my house sits right on the tracks. I've followed the tracks in both directions and it does end--for now. I'm on one of the brand new sections. I suspect it will ultimate join to the rest of the tracks. One day I saw a phantom car that appeared to be layout the pathway. I am excited about it. Especially living right next to it. I have high hopes actually. The depots and the switching stations that are being built are beautiful and intricate. I can't believe the actual train would be anything less.
  3. Maybe it's just me. I need a reality check. I have a lot of items to get on MP -- 21 yesterday, another 25 today. And it is impossibly slow. Even though they are set up in the viewer, they don't show up on the MP listings under Manage Listings. To be more precise some do, some don't. The biggest frustration is Quick Fill. It seems to work intermittently. If you can just get it to START working, things seem to go okay, but it's that FIRST one that makes you want to pull your hair out. You click on Quick Fill, type in the name and bupkiss, nada, nothing. I really hope this starts working
  4. Thank you. Won't work then as both mesh and skin is no mod. If it was easy, everyone would do it, right?
  5. Is it possible to use a HUD (Omega for example) to create an alpha mask for mesh clothing. The built-in mesh alphas that come with the bodies are often not sufficient for the job? I have at least 60+ full-perm meshes I can't use with my own mesh body. I'd love to be able to make ANY outfit work with any mesh body by creating a custom alpha for each item of clothing.
  6. Kylie Sabra

    Is VMM down?

    The VMM has disappeared from my inventory.
  7. It no longer appears in my inventory. I've relogged several times, but still not there.
  8. Thanks everybody. Yes it is just friends. lol Hmm delete all my friends...tempting, but maybe not. Okay. I'll just live with them.
  9. I dont' use them and had thousands taking up space in my inventory. I've read over and over that you can/should delete them if you don't use them. So, I delete them. . . and they come right back. At least all the dupes are gone, but I want them all gone. Suggestions?
  10. My second post on this one. I was broadcasting at 128kb, but have since reduced to 96kb due to SL limitations. However am still getting the looping feedback. I have ALL SL sound muted and other listeners are getting the echo as well. This thing can run for as much as 10 minutes, inspite of dropping and restarting the stream. HELP please. lol Thanks, Kylie
  11. I think it's fairly new (could be wrong). They have full day/spa RP experience, a restaurant (RP). They have day rentals that are in units built by Elia Wierwright of Patrons. The place is stunning and I really want to go back, but can't recal the name and they are not in search. And apparently, I failed to get an LM. Does anyone have a clue what I'm talking of? If so, please comment with the SLURL Thanks, Kylie
  12. Beautiful sim. Great place to shoot pictures or go horseback riding, or just rest.
  13. SoundBlaster X-FI Go! Pro I'm getting complaints in some venues that my stream is not loud enough. I use the SoundBlaster X-Fi Go! Pro and BUTT with a Shoutcast stream. My input is maxed out on both my system and on the soundcard. I don't have trouble in all sims though. We even tested it tonight by going to two sims. My store sim where they could barely hear :( And then to my home sim where the sound was great--but alas, there was an echo. What factors are affecting streaming vocals/tracks? Other than the soundcard? Does the land itself affect loudness? Does the stream you are usi
  14. Thanks for the response, but the listeners get the echo too. All sound is off and I'm not listening to the broadcast.
  15. Setup: All SL sounds are muted at the master level. The SL mic is turned off. Butt is streaming through Shoutcast using Windows Media Player for backtrack. Using a Shur microphone with a Sound Blaster X-Fi! GO Pro USB sound card. Recording is disabled in BUTT. The Problem EX: I sing one very short phrase. It echoes back say 10-20 seconds later . . . and then again at least 3 echoes each less loud than the previous. What is the problem and how do I resolve it? Thanks, Kylie
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