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  1. It is different for each merchant, some do great by participating in hunts or MM boards. For others it helps to advertise in magazines and on websites, others mainly concentrate on sending messages to groups they belong too. Even buying listing enhancement on marketplace works for some merchants. I tried about everything when it comes to marketing and advertising. It will cost you a lot of time to reach a broader audience then you would have reached without advertising. After some years of marketing activities I gave up on 99% of them. My conclusion is that the time spend on marketing is bet
  2. I'm a premium member and you don't make me happy with these features. I build on my own land or in my 3d proggie. I have no need for freebies. I don't like unfair competition among designers. I think you should make a better analyse of your customerbase, and offer several packages for premium members, that can be choosen from. Premium only sandbox and virtual gifts can be one of them. Personally I would be more happy with a package that contains something like: - 5 free mesh uploads and 20 free texture uploads per week or - pay only 2,5% commission on your marketplace sales or - 50% dis
  3. The marketplace is hardly a competitor of sims that provide shop space anymore, it has taken over. Two years ago I had my mainshop, my Xstreet shop, and about 30 profitable satelite shops in world. Those satelite shops helped landowners to pay their tier and to make a profit.They were attractive for me because the landowner could generate traffic that I could not reach with only my mainstore. Within a month after LL joined the in world purse and the xstreet purse about half of the satelite shops, were or no longer profitabe. Sometimes my affliate shop was still profitable for me, but the lan
  4. Maybe you can learn some lessons from my beginners problems. When I started my first shop, I asked advise from a friend who had a shop. She had her shop in a mall, that was owned by one of her friends. But I didn't want a mall shop, I had spend days and days in a sandbox to build my own shop, so it wanted a place to put my own shop. That was no problem for this friend, she could rent me a piece of land next to the mall. I was happy for a while. But after a few months my landlady told me she was moving the mall. She was going to sell her land, because she had also a sexclub on her land. And n
  5. Talking about transaction history, it would be a great help when we would be able to choose how many we would like to see at one time. Only 12 showing up at each page is way to less for me. The possibility to see 100 items per page would save me a lot of needless clicks. I would also be very greatfull for the possiblity to filter out 0 linden sales. I have some demo's that er frequently taken, and I would like to be able to see my sales without them included.
  6. Brooke, What I am missing in this process of implementing this new change that effects so many merchants, is the communication with us about it, before the plan is rolled out. You have announced it in the office hours, but there was not much room to stand still at the subject or have a discussion about it. Not that it would have made much difference, because after all your plans were there already the only thing that was left for you to do was force them on us. And that happened two days later. I don't want to blame you personal for this, it's the system you are working in, it's the Linden
  7. With about 50.000 merchants, we will have that list in no time, when everybody reports his forbidden words on a third party site.
  8. Clearly the programming staff made yet another famous blunder. I won't defend that nor will I excuse it. But I do not believe it was done with bad intent on the new manager's part .. or on the programmer's part either. I think none of the blunders were ever done with bad intent. And I also do have some understanding for the position of the commerce team. They are not the ones responsible for the teens coming to the grid, but now they are send from above to manage the marketplace comforming the new rules that come with these new residents. They must simply enforce us to be part of this chang
  9. Suella Ember wrote: Having said that, it would be handy if LL could somehow find a way to publish the list in a location that can only be accessed by age verified accounts or something. I don't mind to receive it by email.
  10. You better put your cigarettes in a candy box and sell them as chocolate or bubblegum. http://goodhealth.freeservers.com/cigarettes_candy.jpg
  11. Another question I have is: Is this mature keyword list that filters the items only for English listings, or do all five languages have their own keyword filter lists?
  12. *lol* But really.. I for example have an item, and I just cannot figure out what is mature about it. It is a devil's tail. There is nothing sexual or violent in the description or keywords. I have deleted several words that could maybe have caused a mature listing, but none of the words seemd to be the one.The listing just keeps coming back as mature. I have spend more then half an hour already on this single item, and still have not figured out what is mature about it.
  13. It would be a great help when you could publish the list of keywords that make an item 'adult', and the keywords that make an item 'moderate'.
  14. It doesn't show signs of stopping, And I've bought some corn for popping, The lights are turned way down low, Let It Grow! Let It Grow! Let It Grow! Merry christmas, Rod!
  15. Hi, I'm a Cinema 4D user and I experience several problems that have to do with submeshes and texturing. I'm not sure to make a jira cause I don't know if the problem has to do with an SL bug or with the way c4d exports to collada. Problem 1 Submeshes. The picture shows it all. My original mesh has 3 submeshes, that are textured with 3 materials. Even before uploading the object, SL only sees 2 of them. 2. Texturing problem. Having a closer look at the textured top of the brush in SL you can see the texture is not spread around the surface correctly. The texture shows a cross where lig
  16. Thanks commerce team for listening to us merchants. I want to compliment you with the proces of communicating. It must not be easy for a team of a few people to communicate with a community of ten thousands. And still a lot of people think you communicate way too less. But what I experience is you are team that is actually listening. You announced the plans in an early stage. There was a lot of protest amongst merchants about several points, like: the fixed image size did not meet the used standards by merchants, the item descriptions was limited too much, the BBcode was taken away, gif files
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