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  1. its work again to me now anyway thank u all .
  2. hi there well im having this problem lately , i cant log in to beta test give me error that my pass wrong but i can log in to main grid fine so anyone can help with this , thank u
  3. ok is that mean its like a new viewer i should download ? can i have the link ?
  4. hi . when i tried to send files to merchant out box give me error 503 anyone can help ?
  5. yes but i see other doing it even with that like what u said layer over layer http://gyazo.com/a563b12f2423a874b846330293cb46a7
  6. hi there ... anything ican do with this ? http://gyazo.com/90fca48eb737066df1c07a92c849766e i heard that alot maybe having the same problem long time but the thing that make me post and ask for help that i saw a lot of hair mesher using alpha blending on full hair without having a problem so how they can do it ?
  7. i was working for imvu making hair meshes there im lift of imvu i would try my luck here , but if there is like tut or vid to how skining the hair mesh in sl and how to upload it here thats would be helpful , and im using max 2009 so im wondering which plugin i should use ? fbx 2009 ? 1/3 ??
  8. hi there , well im working good with 3ds max making hairstyles , but it seem here in sl only i can use blender for meshing ?? or still i can do it with 3ds max ?
  9. thank u for ur replays guys .. ok what i belive now or heared from many other that using 3ds max to weighing or exporting mesh is alot of problems . ok well i got blender but the problem i never used it b4 its not like 3ds max i can model my mesh in 3ds max then import it in blender but all what i need is can any one just tell me the steps for weighing the mesh and export in blender ? i cant even find from where i start to do that
  10. this link for obj avatar with no bones ! im asking for full complete one with bones so i can use skin modi with it . also iknow its more than times i post about that i need some one help but cant find clear help on what i need that i know every ppl busy thats why im offer the 150 $
  11. A quick search lead me to this thread: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Avatar/if-you-need-a-3d-model-of-second-life-avatar-where-you-fin... u send me link of obj avatar wich there is no bones inside all what i need correct one full skeleton so when i wana use skin modi i can add bones ..etc . i know i post about that many times but no one help me clear so thats why im offer 150 $ for just few help .. and i know well how 2 skin mesh im not new on that
  12. hi every one . im not sure if what im saying good or maybe i should not saying that . but i realy tried hard 2 get what i want and i fail ! . im pro hair mesher worked with alot of games i can creat them very well . now for sl i dont know how strat submit them ! i got the full model ready my problem is the weighting process ( skining ) also how 2 upload it in sl correctly ! . i got the skeleton avatar from wiz daxter site wich it look like that http://gyazo.com/9a0eecb832dde5a5ce6cb4ddb13e8a34 but i feel its not corectly one since no map texture one it also can soom in avatar ! somthing strange .so now if any one can make me get the right skeleton for 3ds max 12 or help me with small steps to move on i will thank u with paying u . thank u all
  13. thank u . i juat download the skelton u linked me .im not sure if i openet correct but i got this msg when it open 2 my max http://gyazo.com/dad9e9aa4379ede6ad1629927c990613 then i just click ok then its look like that !! http://gyazo.com/37d7446d525147b9d42ebe62914049c8 ..
  14. no one gonna help ? .. if some one post a tut how to skining hair mesh that would be great .. also is here in secondlife like avatar skelton i can work with in my max ? or the skining will be in sl viewer ?
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