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  1. It's just super discouraging but want to keep on my plan. heh just seeing all that's gone on in the last few months especially, its like WTF.
  2. What sucks is, a customer buying templates may not know who the original creators are because there is no way to fully mark that. So, a customer buying templates to use it legally and create items (I make some of my own as well as use some parts of templates at times because I am still learning), gets punished even more. So the customer, legit customer, isn't the bad guy.. the others are. It sucks because I realized later that many of the templates MAY HAVE been not sold by the original creator and it's getting harder to know WHO IS and ISNT legit anymore. There are so many full permission creators, the average user is not going to be able to keep up. I just recently stopped buying full perm items (clothing), because there are suddenly so many selling without permissions, unless I know their IN WORLD store personally. It's a mess. I wanted to make full perm items too but now I'm not wanting to do so.
  3. I am talking about the full perm items people are making, most of it seems to be clothing templates. People buy them then resell them at lower costs to scam money from the people that created it to begin with. I don't want my items resold and money taken from me, when I am the one that made it, not them. (not talking clothing, I cant make clothes yet to save my life in mesh yet). it's gotten crazy
  4. So, a friend is thinking about selling full perm animations for builders. I was thinking about selling full perm items myself. But I am seeing more and more right now (even when buying templates to use for some things I sell not full perm like clothes), a lot of avatars coming up on Marketplace, with obvious DCMA violations. Not just one or two but MANY. It's crazy. I really am not sure it's worth doing much on here these days as it's gotten so bad. Heck, I didnt realize a lot of templates I may have bought, might have been sold not by the original creator. So, I'm probably going to be out a hefty amount of linden if they are DCMA (as apparently in previous removals, you didn't get paid back). It's really hard to know who owns what as a buyer of items. I have just noticed the massive amount of full perm items going on marketplace by I think 3 different users atm, of the same items from MULTIPLE original creators. I am always getting spammed for all the "gatcha" item sales of obvious copybotted items. This last couple of months have gone insane, I hate buying things from most places and I think I'm going to stop buying clothing templates (I buy lots) because I can't tell which ones are legit. Frustrating, when you start really getting into understanding things, and its like Second Life has become a StopNRob with a side of reselling stolen goods on ebay. ugh
  5. Well, only posted it so people could see their stuff is there and go report theirs too. I'm sure they been reported before but why are they still here? Is LL not doing anything anymore?
  6. I took some screenshots, but there is a bot that spams groups, LOTS of groups to come to their location and buy up gatcha items. These vendors look obviously copybotted as the owner, creator, etc are all the same person. This includes vendors such as Truth (hair), L'Etre, Divinia Collection, Empire, ISON and many many others. They do this constantly on bots and if you say anything about copybotting, they flood the screen so no one can see it and ban you. It's laggy as hell and they move sims constantly. currently its at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bali/175/38/650 It gets FULL of people and they are in like 40 MAJOR creator groups
  7. Can't always just assume someone that doesn't have an inworld store is likely fraud. I know many many sellers that do not have an inworld store anymore and are great creators, not fraud. You miss out if you assume everyone has an inworld store.. not everyone wants to manage both lol I've yet to run into this issue of an empty box, but can imagine it could happen.
  8. I just had some odd feeling about all the stuff I just bought over the week in templates and stuff, even just a few minutes ago and realized.. something was wrong. So, I went researching and ran across this thread. Those stores in the link is no longer there but there except the first one, but there is a store called, #GACHA-MESH FULL PERM-LIMITED STORY# at https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/182956 and previously (because I went into order history to find an image of something I bought) it was another link that is no longer there and then it was https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/185158 by an avatar account that no longer exists. Thinking over all this and now wondering if they copybotted everything, what do the customers do? I mean granted, I sent quite a bit, thinking it was all some legit maybe limited items store (because it's been something like this before or stores have done it themselves). If the DCMA kicks in and SL removes all the items from customers, the customers get nothing back for what they spent right? This would be a mess.
  9. With prim parts removed, have invisible avatar masks on  Its as if when the neck fix is turned on, it's opverlapping another part. I tried just for testing sake to even use the default body shape that with the mesh body by getting a new one out of the package originally came with, same difference.  Neck fix turned off here, discolor goes away  Will send this info to the creator too, was just hoping someone had a fix for this before I have to not wear it at all and be out of the money I spent
  10. I tried one of the default skins on the hud, and I cant see this issue...
  11. Tried that too, didn't make a difference. This is frustrating
  12. Well, if I turn the body fat all the way UP, it starts to take over the top part of my neck too but I can't go down any further, it changes nothing.. no matter what I select or do
  13. Changing the body fat size doesn't seem to change anything (tried). Advanced lighting should be fine othrwise, someone just isnt doing it right. Shouldn't have to lower my graphics in order to look at myself or have someone else look, that's just silly. Basically though, that dark area is the neck pushing through, its only the one section of the 3 parts in the neck area 
  14. I know there are a couple threads on this but none of them work for me so hoping to get more info or help here. I have a furry av, added skins via omega, turned on the neck fix... because if I don't use the neck fix then I have this deaded line of mismatching going on. I put the neck at 0 size but tried others too. Without the neck fix I have this on my neck  It seems to fit weird. Not worried about back as hair will cover it really but... when I use th eneck fix to correct the neck blending textures, I get this  That thick dark black area, rest of the texture is fine, doesn't even around as my head is odd but, it fixes the front that will be seen without hair around it BUT.. that tick black area I can't seem to get rid of. It onlyh appears when I turn the neck fix ON. Can't adjust shape, as the mesh body is fitmesh, nothing I seem to be able to do fixes it. I didnt think of this issue when I tried the demo and checked it out. Loved this mesh body but feel I may have wasted money and have to go back to the basic avatar (which I dread lol) Advice would be wonderful or a fix, this is nuts
  15. I dont think it's a hatche job. Are you referring to the story itself? It's one of many issues with a lot of people who are extrremely addicted to gaming. I know some that are to Second Life too. It's just one of many.
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