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  1. I think you'd have to abandon your current and try for one when they are available, like any time you change Linden Home type.
  2. It gives you a confirmation screen before you actually have abandoned the land. Use caution and read the confirmation screens when you get them, and you should be able to avoid catastrophe. Another option would be to add a prim counter to your land so you don't have to go to about land to find out how many prims you are using.
  3. Go look at an old Linden Home neighborhood. It has said this in about land for Linden Homes as long as I've been in SL.
  4. Not sure what would be considered a fair price, but do keep in mind that the transfer fee for a grandfathered region is $600 USD.
  5. There is no way that I am aware of to ban avatar types, if what you mean is the child avatar bodies or whatever. Many teen avis use the same mesh bodies as adult avis, but proportioned smaller. If you are insistent about not having underage looking avis on your sim 24/7 you will have to have staff to handle that.
  6. I've heard a lot of complaining about Gachas but this one takes the cake. Nobody MAKES anyone play Gachas. The consumer has the choice. I get that the OP and his girlfriend wanted a specific thing, but really that is a WANT. It is legal to have Gachas in SL. It is NOT considered gambling under LL gambling rules because you get an item every time you pay money to the machine. Yes, it is a RANDOM item from the set. There are 100s of places that resellers have their extra items, and there are groups where people trade. It is ridiculous to get this upset because you don't like the idea that you put money into a machine and get a random thing that may or may not be what you want. Yes, there are "gachas" in RL. Look up "gachapon" on Google. It's just a more expensive bubble gum machine. If it is determined that the lootbox laws will mean the end of Gacha, I am sure Second Life will survive like it has other regulations that changed our Second Lives.
  7. To the people who keep saying things to the effect of "Basic users spend lindens, often more than the value of a premium membership," I'd like to point out that premium members spend money in SL too, on top of their premium membership. Premium membership and buying lindens are not mutually exclusive concepts.
  8. So, those of us getting IMs via email are not affected by this? That part was a bit confusing to me.
  9. Truly fixing events so that they work would help, but not everything that is done in a group can be done in events. If the reason being given for reducing the number of groups for non-premium is strain on the system, yet the number of groups for premium members goes up *again*, that doesn't really add up. It feels like manipulation to get people to pay premium. Perhaps explaining what it is about current group functionality that puts that much strain on the system would help people understand why this choice is being made. I know I have read posts for years where people have talked about fixing groups and if anything, it is worse now than it was 5 years ago. I would suggest that new groups moving forward do not have the option for group chat and a limit on notices per week, and if the person setting up the group wants chat or more notices, they can pay a higher group set up fee to help pay for whatever it takes to fix the group functionality. Or a limit on group members in any group or something.... For example, how many land ownership groups really need group chat or the ability to send out a lot of notices? Also, I am going to bet there are many groups that aren't even used - what about a process that, if the group has not been active and does not have any land holdings, deletes the group? Many platforms have this.
  10. Hey Jennifer! Regarding your second question: There was a recent post announcing that creator preview applications are being accepted for Project Sansar. Here's the link: https://www.projectsansar.com/ ~Thea (not
  11. Will we still be able to upload the pictures for our listings from our computers, or do I have to upload them into my SL inventory? Also, do I need to keep separate copies of my items in my inventory, or does the VMM folder allow the items to be copied back to inventory if needed? (for in-world sales/displays, etc.) Now I wish I had waited to open my marketplace store. *sigh*
  12. She needs to make sure that SLVoice is not being blocked by her computer's antivirus software too - I did that accidentally and was able to whitelist it then things were right again.
  13. My understanding is that a "partial roll back" had more to do with sim state, as you mentioned, and not a portion of the sim. It seems to me like I have only heard that in the context of mainland, not privately held sims, but I could be mistaken about that. I have had to request sim rollbacks due to some griefing and LL is VERY reluctant to do them. They cross referenced the ARs relating to the griefing and we had a discussion about that being the main reason they were willing to do so. I understand the reason that they don't want to make it easy, but sheesh I think they wanted to make it clear that it is not something to be done lightly and that it would affect the entire sim. Once they got that I understood that, they were very willing to take care of it.
  14. I couldn't find their website either and the last update on their Facebook page was in 2010, Thankfully my players still work but that is really unfortunate for new content.
  15. I think that it would be beneficial to have a separate Marketplace category for gacha resale items. Regardless of what people feel about the concept of gacha resales, the reality is that there are an increasing number of marketplace stores dedicated to them. Since there is no gacha resale related category, sellers have to choose from the other categories (such as apparel, home and garden, etc). Some people do use the"Used Items" category, but others do not feel it is fitting since they have not used the items. Having the listing in the same category as that where the original creator is listing their other items seems problematic to me for several reasons, primarily skewing the search results away from the creator's other items And if a buyer is not familiar with gacha, it can be confusing that there are multiple people selling one creator's items (something that is often taught to new residents as a red flag when buying from Marketplace). I think this would be less if it was clear that the items were gacha resales. In addition, it would help the search function for buyers who may not know the exact name of the item if there were a gacha resale category that they could use to narrow their search. I think it would be better as a stand-alone category, or at the very least a subcategory of the Used Items category. I am sending this to LL via the support portal and possibly a JIRA new feature request, though I am holding off on the JIRA for now since i don't know that I think that is the way to go. I am posting here to see if anyone has some feedback.
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