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  1. It's perfectly possible to animate a face with bones. As you can see This is amazing. I wish we could have something like that in Sansar!
  2. User created content. People upload different sized textures, which cause difficulties. Only if they are all created on the same program with the same settings will it work like a MMORPG. Now, if LL says all textures must be created on Photoshop Complete, could you afford $50 USD a month for it? I can't. Ok, I m kind of lost now.. What does the user created content has to do with the default mesh of the avatar body? If LL provide a default avatar that is so detailed with so many polygons, that would make it difficult for the clothes designers? Is that what you mean?
  3. Could it be that the avatars in Sansar will be something like this?
  4. Don't get your hopes up by comparing SL to a regular MMORPG. You'll be disappointed for sure. Why? Why can't the avatars be like this, so flexible and detailed?
  5. Of course, you never know with LL, but I think it is safe to say that Sansar will have facial expressions. The question is really how will they do them. Will they do them with bones, or strictly morphs. If with bones, then they would need a minimum of 15 facial bones. With facial bones, then any characters could have expressions, even custom made avatars. If they use blend shapes for facial expressions, then they don't need any facial bones. With blend shapes tho, LL would need to allow us to upload our own blend shapes in the fbx files, and then even custom avatars could have facial expressions. Of course blend shapes would be awesome for custom avatars, but creators could go crazy with them, adding lots of total data to each avatar. Yesterday I was reading this thread "ask the CEO" and if I remember well Edde said that - HIFI is a different program that will not be a part of Sansar (so maybe no facial expressions?) - There will be a very flexible customizable avatar - There will be many sceletons supported - and something about user created avatars will not be customizable, I think? That was a 19 pages thread, plus I have no idea about all this hi tech staff, so it is very difficult for me to understand.
  6. I ve heard something about facial expressions. Is it true or just a myth?
  7. Hi there people Does anyone have any idea about what the default avatar shape in Sansar is going to be? Would it be the same as in SL? I hope not as it doesn't look very nice. Or in LL they have prepared something better with more polygons?
  8. I ve heard that our bodies in sl are mesh. Din't know that..Is it true? In this case, why dont ll just improve it a bit? I mean they are really terible in design and the ones that made them should be a bit ashamed. Instead of ll doing something about it, I see that there are mesh bodies in the market, which of course have the problem that cannot be modified in the head. Do ll think of doing something about these terible bodies they created in the first place?
  9. I just did a clear installation of phoenix Although my inventory got populated, my body parts and clothes cant get downloaded. Does anyone know what i can do?
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