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  1. This doesn't have anything to do with Progeny, or even RP, though. Some people who have a certain HUD attacked your sims with griefer tools, which have nothing to do with the HUD or their RP. It's like if I wore your club tag and griefed another sim - there's no real connection between the two.
  2. Now, I don't want to state anything, but...I was drinking in a bar in Battery Street last night and a group of people came in. Now, I can't say for sure they were LL but they had that IT/tech crowd vibe. I overheard them saying something about "last names" and "oh, it's so much trouble appeasing these whiners" and "why don't we just give out some bears? that'll shut 'em up" - but again, I couldn't say for sure and would never imply they were LL representatives. One of them, who had a Scandinavian accent (I think) then said, "Let's get dinner", and they left. They left a crumpled up note o
  3. Someone developed a foolproof way to detect an alt, called the Voight Kampff test.
  4. I thought if you stood up you'd fall out of the plane? I guess this might work as a static skybox...
  5. You don't say... To the OP, just do it. DJs play thousands of actual songs each week and there's never been a copyright case. Even KFC's searchable on MP.
  6. I've noticed that people here get upset when an old thread is brought up. I wonder why? I'd rather have a big thread full of relevant material than a hundred threads about the same topic. Fair enough if someone just randomly picks a 2014 thread and replies with "Bump", but if there's an update or something to add, why get peeved about it? I don't see other forums get so tetchy about this.
  7. Hmm-I was under the (erroneous) impression that a) LL would reintroduce the custom/provided surnames (as before 2011) for ALL new sign-ups and b) allow premium users to pick whatever new first/last names they wanted (for a fee). I guess they must be offering some incredible surnames? Or are they banking on people hating the Resident surname so much that they go premium to buy their way out, with any 'custom' surname being seen as automatically preferable to the R-word? Otherwise, I can't see how this is much of a sweeping change??
  8. Bit off-topic, but I never really understood this. You can find inworld clubs dedicated to tentacle sex and prison rape fantasies, and typical infohub mic chat sounded like a bunch of drunken sailors with Tourettes . Would it really shock the average SL user if someone had a bit of a rude name?
  9. The real advantage of the names change, I think, will be the ability to start a new account with the forename and surname of your choosing. Foresee a flood of new sign-ups when that feature's launched.
  10. Actually, if you scout around enough bar venues/trivia cafes, you can pick up a plentiful supply of burgers, hot dogs, tacos, pizza slices, ice cream and beer for free. The downside being the inevitable grid-wide obesity epidemic that'd follow.
  11. Yes, around 2010 or so. It was more common then. We just set up in some prefab houses on a sim which had a club (which we were known for going to) and build permissions left on - probably for 3 or 4 months in total. Pretty sure the sim owner secretly knew, but she never did anything against us - until, one day, she had a hissy fit with her partner and nuked the whole sim. Can't imagine doing it now - SL is a very different place, and many sims far more regulated than in the past...
  12. Prisqua Newall wrote: What was the reason for removing last names anyway? Desperate attempt to claw in FB / Steam / other game users. Agreed it sucks and was a bad, bad move. LL could change it tomorrow, but won't - they're scared of upsetting the 'Resident' users, who might rightly argue that they've spent X amount of Linden dollars building up inventories with goods they can't transfer, when they would have saved their money if they'd known surnames were making a comeback. Also, although the surname cull seems relatively 'recent' to older residents, it was about six years ago. That's
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