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  1. No Alwin, it is not to good to be true, I just want(ed) to move on. However, you are right, it is not possible to sell an account without permission of Linden Lab. it seems to be against TOS (I didn't know that). So that means I cannot sell my account, unless I ask specifically if they would be so kind to let me sell it. I have had several requests now, since I posted this. If I still would want to sell there are a few options. Basically it means I would have to make everything full perm and sell it that way. I won't do that now because I do not have the time or energy. I am sorry, but it is what it is. This means that for now I will stay and make the best of it. I wanted to remove this topic, but that seems impossible as well. Thank you for your interest and thank you too Love.
  2. Hi all, after 9 years of high end creating I decided to sell my company/brand/business. I never thought I would because I LOVE my Oceane deeply. She has been with me since 2006, 11 years now and because of her my life changed in every way thinkable. Because of her I lived in Sicily, because of her I met incredible people. I was able to build up a successful business with a steady amount of income. And now I want to sell... My real life changed recently. I met the love of my life and started a new company in real life. This is of course good news, however it is sad in a way to let my Oceane go. Yet I want to because I feel I need to. I want it to sell my business to someone who would be as passionate as I am about creating. Yes I could sell everything full perm in bits and pieces on the Marketplace, but I do not want to. Now, what do I offer? - all my created skins, classic and appliers for TMP, Omega, LeLutka, Catwa. - all my created skin bodies for Omega, Slink, Belleza and Maitreya, also the older retired ones. - all uploaded templates, uploaded for my skins, make-ups, lashes, butterflies and more - all created make-ups and templates (so you can make your own make-ups from there as well) - all vendors - my stores inworld - my marketplace content And much more... Everything is 100% my own content! I also have a website, a facebook account, a flickr and so on. I am basically looking for a person that takes my place and understands about creating and doing business. You can of course sell the business under another name. I will sell all my content. There is much more that I can say about it, but if you are interested contact me. You can contact me inworld. This is my mp store: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/7401/search?utf8=✓&search[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=GMA&search[keywords]=gina https://www.flickr.com/photos/132096573@N05/
  3. Thanks for answering Alwin. I actually have a total of 991 items listed. https://gyazo.com/da8184af6f332eae62644e8b6f6e11cd You are very right about titles and keywords, I will certainly take a look at that, thank you It is not possible that sales drop in an instant, just like that, usually it goes slowly down, not like this. Besides that, I advertise every month for several items, also on the home page. I am pretty convinced this issue has to do with different algorithms of whatever it is called ( I hope you understand what I mean) that changed in the past 2 weeks.
  4. I have the same issue and I am highly concerned. This is so bad now that I hardly sell anything! Since I guess a week or maybe 2 weeks. The websites is much much faster now, but the sales is bloody dramatic. Don't know what to do. I thought it was because of adjustments in technology and I still think it is. What do you guys do, complain at Linden Lab?
  5. I have exactly the same issue, sold mine for 249 for a long time, suddenly it didn't work anymore. Pulled back thrice and did 250. Sold within a few hours, which is fantastic because i had been waiting for over a month. Only now, despite of the fact that Linden Lab sort of promised to process it quicker to Paypal, I am waiting since May 4th and didn't see the dollars yet on my paypal account. I paid $14.70 to process... I am really annoyed by this, but what can I do? Of course usally it took like 5-10 business days but I heard it could be done now within 2 days. Well not in my case.
  6. I need a professional Mesher. With all do respect I do not want an average mesher that can do some things in Blender. I am extremely picky, so if you are average with a little experience please don't respond. I have several projects on ongoing basis. And yes, I may have a LOT of questions and ideas as I am creative and want to know all. If that doesn't scare you away with tail between legs, I'm happy to talk some projects over with you and see where it leads too. I would prefer if you could script as well, but that is not on top of my list, just handy. If you are a scripter that can do some mesh please do not contact me. I prefer contact inworld with a notecard and a portfolio or link to work or whatever that shows me what you can do.
  7. Hi, I need a Videographer. Someone that can shoot video's for me from my work. If you are interested send me a notecard inworld with examples of your movies on youtube and the price you ask. I am looking for someone that understands style and fashion and has an eye for detail, so no wedding video's with a romantic song but high quality Advertisements. Looking forward to your work.
  8. I just got an answer from the Lab, they say I have to remove manually all items I do not want anymore, so that means I have to remove like 2250 items... which is extremely time consuming as it is not possible to do a whole batch. You got to do it one by one and Marketplace is not very fast (although I have a very fast connection - glass fiber and a great computer), so it will take a few days I think. I made a request to make it possible deleting a whole lot at the same time, or synchronize it with the viewer, but I do not have my hopes up high. *Sighs too and pulls hairs out.* It is also not so helpful that everything is set on oldest item first.... so this means I have to scroll through 28 pages set on 100. One would think that it is a benefit for the Lab too, server wise, if they make deleting easier. I hope they hear me. I did this request a couple years ago. No results yet.
  9. Yeah, i did that at first, also waited a few hours, the items are still. Thanks Darrius
  10. Hi there, I have a question about the listings. I removed old items from my marketplace listing folder in my viewer and was able to bring it down from 2750 items to around 350 or so, as I only want to sell fat packs and demo's on the marketplace. However, when I look in my browser the old stuff is still there. Will this be autimatically updated at some point or do I have to take action for it and if so, how? It annoys me that the old items still show. I find the new way of listing much better and easier, when it all works it will be a huge improvement.
  11. I am sorry for the, apparently, bad English. With layers I meant what I said: layers. As in make-ups for instance, which are tattoo layers. If it's a 100, or 25 doesn't matter, I just meant it's a lot to make at once. Like you, I am a designer, I started in 2007. There is a difference between the old way of creating clothes, makeups and skins and the way we use for several years now. Hopefully the pictures make you understand what I mean. 1: I usually make a tattoo layer (or skin or whatever) wear that and then choose edit. In this example I want to make a demo of the make-up I created. I pick the Layer (1) then edit (2), load the texture and do 'save as'. When it's saved I am back at the same point as in picture 1.In the old viewers (ages ago) you could just stay in edit mode. This is why i want to know if that is still possible with advanced settings.
  12. I do find it utterly annoying that everytime when I make something and go in appearance I have to do 'save as' and afterwards jump back automatically to the previous screen while I still have another 100 or more layers to make. Last week I visited Virtual Life and noticed that the viewer there has the old way of creating clothes etc. The old way was soooooo much easier and time saving. I wonder if I could tweak that in the debug settings? I use Firestorm btw.
  13. Thank you but it's been taken care of. I forgot to remove this
  14. I need a shop assistant who can help me now and then with shoving boxes around. You need to be experienced, two plus years, I don't care if you use an alt. Preferably someone that understand what creating is about. Male or female. It's a plus if you have knowledge of decorating. Send me an IM or a notecard.
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