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  1. Thanks Arton. In the first uploads used the default names that my program gives them: mat, mat.1, mat.2, mat.3, mat.4 and mat.5. First step while trying to repair, was that I deleted all materials from my selections. I created 6 new materials (with the same names as before) and assigned them to the selections. When I uploaded this mesh, the problem was still there. Next thing I tried, and what solved the problem, is that I deleted the material called "mat", and I added a new one to this selection, called "mat.6". So indeed, I had to do with the names of the materials. But still strange, because I never renamed my materials in the past, and I have never seen this problem before.
  2. Thanks, Pamela. It's a usefull tip, but it didn't work in this case. Somehow the texture faces got corrupted during the uploading proces.
  3. I opened the dae file again in my 3D program, and exported it again. It did not change anything in the mesh, I only gave the exported dae file a different name. Now the first problem I had is gone, but there appears a different problem on another texture face. Not only the alpha blending does not stick on this face, but the whole texture dissappears, and it picks the texture of the bowl with lemons instead. This happens as soon as I pick up the object. 
  4. I made a mesh with 6 texture faces (showing the faces in picture 1) When I texture the mesh all goes well. I want transparency on 3 of the texture faces. So I put these faces on 'alpha blending'. But as soon as I leave the edit menu, on one of the texture faces the alpha blending does not stick, but it goes back to 'none'. 
  5. Alwin Alcott wrote: ten years ago we crashed the grid for a week if we dared to enter with more than 4000 avatars ... die goeie oude tijd is voorbij i think you can't compare SL and MP with those ancient prim times anymore. Ja, die tijd hebben we gehad, gelukkig hebben we hem mee mogen maken :smileyhappy: Yes, the prime times have gone, SL has changed, the number of residents has changed, the commercial environment has changed, and we all become some years older. But I don't think that the mind set of merchants has changes so much during the last ten years. When 'your own shop' is a must have for you, you will have that store. Even when buying/renting land and paying tier/rent were the only possibilities to have your own store, stores still popped up all along the grid. Each merchant that became succesfull in SL started as a small guy one day. We had to dance or to camp to earn our first L$ to upload some textures. Or we thought we had an idea that could be a big commercial succes and invested some RL money to buy land and build a store. Still for me a entrance fee for the marketplace is not a strong wish. It can be free because we all contribute by the 5% cut on our sales. The big guys earn a lot and pay accordingly, and the small shops earn just a bit but also pay just a bit. That is a honest system. But I'm sure that in case there would be a one time fee to enter the marketplace, that people who are passionate enough about having their own store, will have that store. Also the hobby stores, the creative outlet stores, the only now-and-then-active stores. It might take a bit longer to get the money together to open your shop, but in the meantime you can use your time well by doing research the segment of the market you want to enter, and create so you have some products to sell once you open.
  6. Theft is a risk in any commercial environment. When you want to start a jewelry store in RL, you can almost be sure that you will be robbed several times. But when jewelry is your passion, when you love it and you know all about it, and you are a good sales person, the dream of having your own shop one day might be strong. It might be stronger then the fear for the risk you going to take by realising that dream. Knowing that there are risks you can take your measures, like buying a strong safe, taking a good ensurance and hire security guards. I sell full perm items for builders and creators for 7 years now. And yes, it happened to me also that my copyrights were violated. I have had to file dmca reports 3 times. That was in the first two years that I was selling full perm items. It is shocking when it happens, it is so unfair that someone is blatantly selling the things you made with your own hands. And then you have the trouble of filing a dmca report, it can take several weeks before LL reacts to it. It is all very upsetting. Luckily it is a long time ago. We did not have the LL marketplace yet, the infrigment happened in an in world stores. The last five year I did not come across any infringments of my copyrights (fingers crossed for the future). But there is also another side to discover. When you are going to sell full perms items, you will have a wonderful customers. A great bunch of them is very aware of full perms market, because they are searching the MP all the time and look out for new items. They will warn you when they see your items sold by another person. When it happened to me, there were so many people who contacted me, some of them had bought the item before for my store and recognised it, but also people who did not buy it themselves but still recognised it. And that is the opposite from the black medal of copyright theft, there is hart warming support from creators and builders who stand at your side. But may I ask, what is for you the reason to think about selling full perms items, and what kind of items?
  7. Alwin Alcott wrote: A 3000 setup i see as bad idea, it would destroy or prevent, every newcomer from entering the market. Ten years ago there was no marketplace. You had to buy or rent land to start a business, an investment often much more then 3000, and a continuing costs in tier or rent. It didn't stop newcomers to enter the market.
  8. Tamara Artis wrote: I think they are preparing mentally - thinking about it because there is no way of knowing what conditions need to be met in order to launch a successful business. Do I have a store name? Check Do I have a logo? Check Do I have any mesh skills? Check Do I have a business plan? Ehm, business plan? I will just go there and see what the conditions are, I might continue my current SL business there. Am I prepared? Yes!
  9. When you are curious, but don't want to spend much money on a device, a few weeks ago Hypergrid Business had an article about 10 VR headset under 10 dollar.
  10. Normally it's done with morphs. When you have a jaw bone and two eye bones, what more bones would you need? Those are the only parts that can actually move. The rest is musles and skin, which are best to imitate with morphs.
  11. You cannot transfer your inventory to Linden Labs blocksworld neither. It's logic, it is a complete different concept then SL. The same counts for Sansar. It's just another product from Linden Lab, not SL 2.0.
  12. Your bank account is enough. Make also sure that you have US dollars on your account. You cannot pay Linden Lab with euros or other currency.
  13. Few days ago someone who was complaining here in the forums about not able to buy L$ from Paypal without credit card contacted me inworld, because I had replied to her message. I explained step by step how to verify her bank account and she said she had done all those steps, and still didn't work. Yesterday she contacted me again, finally she could buy L$. The problem turned out to be that she had not exchanged her euro's for usd. I can imagen, when you have been buying from 3rd party sellers for years in your local currency, that it does not come into your mind that you have to exchange first to US dollars before you can pay Linden Lab.
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