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  1. LaskyaClaren wrote: It's obviously "Let's Bait Laskya Week" on the SL Forums. ;-) Pep has taught you all too well. "SAFE SPACES SIMS FOR LASKYA!"
  2. LaskyaClaren wrote: Venus Petrov wrote: Loose end on top. Always and forever. It's how I roll. :matte-motes-bored: This. The very notion of having to reach under the roll to find the loose end is just barbaric. Now, when are we going to address the vastly more important and socially contentious issue of toilet seats? Solved already, not by social enquiry, but by economic analysis http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2938211/Economists-expose-mathematical-inefficiency-leaving-toilet-seat-down.html
  3. Dresden wrote: I've a pertinent question... when faced with a roll of toilet paper, do you prefer to see the loose end on the top or on the bottom? ...Dres *must remind you that no answers are incorrect* If I have toilet paper in my face then I'm doing it wrong anyway!
  4. Perrie Juran wrote: On Nov. 25, 1915, he set down the equation that rules the universe..... Not quite. Quantum physics would have a problem agreeing with that statement.
  5. You ask for views from older users and then reference ancient Greece. Quite how old you think some of us are I'll let pass. Anyway, I believe you and I fall roughly within the same age range and whether it's cultural or the acceptance of age I too have set aside my youthful phase, which much like yours, seemed to go on 10 yrs longer than nature intended and I think I've now made that cultural leap of jumping from fashion to style. However, for males in SL the range of clothes styles is far fewer than what are available for women so the availability of options that are reflected in real life
  6. LlazarusLlong wrote: Don't tip anybody ever - it's insulting. If you tip anybody in Iceland in real life they will throw the money back at you! (That's Iceland the country, not the frozen foods retailer; although I am not sure why you would want to tip anyone in the latter.) I'd tip Peter André into one of their freezers regardless of his past its sell by date and shelf life.
  7. Phil Deakins wrote: I ought to have commented on this when you mentioned it earlier. If this GD forum appears to be a help forum, then it's entirely to do with its users, and nothing at all to do with the moderators. People can discuss pretty much anything here. You are doing it yourself with this thread. So there is no need to rename or remove it. It is exactly what the users of it make it. Evidently wrong. I could name a whole host of people who used to contribute significantly to this forum who have either moved on because of the moderation and them not being able to express themse
  8. Please can you provide a list of acceptable topics that are allowable under the term of "General Discussion" that have not been covered anywhere else in any media so that I might meet your exacting editorial demands.
  9. Phil Deakins wrote: Sy Beck wrote: So I can't say discuss, but you feel free to decide what is an appropriate thread here? I invite discussion, you wish to passively censor it, interesting. Why is it irrelevant to you? You don't live inside a bubble. That's akin to believing that the rich shouldn't have a concern for the poor because they are irrelevant to them; a wholly specious argument. Dillon didn't decide what threads are appropriate here. It was the way you wrote the the word 'discuss' (while you sit back and watch the discussion). I can't speak for everyone in the forum, but,
  10. Lovely to see you again and so much of you too! Would entirely agree with you re. the moderation. It has turned what used to be a wonderful arena of wide ranging thought and discussion and the occasional humorous distraction into a vapid, uninteresting help forum, which no doubt is extrememly useful in itself so better to re label the forum or abolish it. I think at a quick count last night only 3 of the 25 top posts were anything that could called be General Discussion. Dresden Ceriano wrote: As I understand it, GamerGate is about institutionalized sexism within the gaming indu
  11. Dillon Levenque wrote: I think many of us are aware of the gamergate garbagefest. I certainly am. There are other forums in which it's a topic of frequent discussion. There's really no reason to bring it up here, because to us it's irrelevant and talking about it can achieve nothing but acrimony. We don't care what game developers, gamers, or game journalists do. It's nothing to us. We ARE the 'game', each of us. That's my theory, anyway. So I can't say discuss, but you feel free to decide what is an appropriate thread here? I invite discussion, you wish to passively censor it, inte
  12. Ceka Cianci wrote: I noticed that a lot of stuff doesn't get mentioned in here anymore... I was sure when Robbin Wiliams passed on, there would have been something in here for sure.. Not a peep.. It's pretty much just SL things that i ever see when i look in.. Maybe they get moved by mods or something,i don't know.. Pretty much seems to be The Stepford forum nowadays :smileywink:
  13. Wow, lucky me that I found someone so soon who can talk for the majority and completely missed that I cached my words in the "loosest sense" when talking about SL being a game.
  14. I came back here due to a necro-thread, which within it lamented the passing of many notable contributors to this forum. This is after all a General Discussion forum and was fought hard for to be retained when past forum changes were made. It now seems it should more aptly be named a "help" forum rather than a space for wide ranging discussion, which it was hoped to be. Given SL is an online gaming mmo (in its loosest sense) community and this is a general discussion forum and the majority of SL residents are women I was somewhat surprised to see that #gamergate has not been raised
  15. Isn't a SL smoking attachment an archetypal and maybe the first e-cigarette? If so isn't it a health product?
  16. I rarely partake in SL any more. Not because of boredom, but because there are more exciting things to do online than SL. I return once in a while because of the wonderful people I met here when SL was an exciting place to be.
  17. Conifer Dada wrote: The free flow of information is necesary for freedom to survive. Too often it's a free flow of disinformation which could put your survival at risk ! When they start to censor train timetables or recipes for cakes, I might start to worry ! THIS^
  18. Kenbro Utu wrote: AnubisDarkHeart wrote: I have experienced that sometimes, and as well as a friend of mine. We have been attacked so many times by what those whom we call grammar Nazis nazis, and we are very tired of it. FIFY Edit: FIFM FIFIFFY Thank you Anubis for necro-posting, I enjoyed reading through the thread again.
  19. Vivienne Schell wrote: " respectable blogs"..."Second Life is archaic in terms of modern VR/Gaming/Sandbox or Entertainment" Ah yes, so the respectable blogs are as "archaic" as SL is? "a great leap forward" to where exactly? "Anyone who is building in mesh..." We are building in mesh since two years and it has shown NO positive results in overall growth of SL. SL stalls, mesh or not. So where is the logic? Mesh solves all the problems, yes? Did it? "Did you all complain to Sony when they ditched VHS for DVDs" Sony ditched betacam, and not exactly for DVD. Daring comparison for
  20. I have watched this frothing from a distance on Twitter and some respectable blogs and have gone from exasperation to belly laughing at some of the "Sky is falling down" comments. Second Life is archaic in terms of modern VR/Gaming/Sandbox or Entertainment and a great leap forward was needed and trying to jump the chasm with SL attached would have been like trying to jump a chasm in two steps. Anyone who is building in mesh, and if you aren't why not, should have no problem I envisage porting across their products and starting anew. To consumers who feel that they have lost out on items pur
  21. And would you like them all to come here with a story to promote their wares as well?
  22. News just in.... It has been discovered that burglars are now able to enter houses through a Windows exploit. They are believed to be able to utilise an archaic Brick hack to crash through the latest Windows technology and then access your household. It's thought that up to 6 billion people worldwide are using Windows and are now completely vulnerable in their house. They have been warned to replace their Windows with a suitable fireWall or grille. This exploit has only recently been flagged up, but the exploit is believed to have been in use for at least the last 500 years and that indu
  23. Perrie Juran wrote: Sy Beck wrote: Blah blah blah heard the same wooing of the residents from every CEO so far and only Philip delivered half of what he promised before disappearing so I'll wait a year before this post is a real discussion piece. Do you see one definitive commitment to resolve something in any of the bullet points or just recognitions of existing problems? If you are directing that question specifically to me, I haven't listened to his talk yet and it may be a few days befor I get to. I myself like the general tone of the bullet points. Right now also I know of
  24. Dresden Ceriano wrote: Sy Beck wrote: Succinctness. And no one sinks and sucks like you ;-) I bet you tell that to all the boys. :matte-motes-wink-tongue: ...Dres Yeah, but they never hear because I'm holding their ears so tightly *shrugs
  25. Ray Caerntown wrote: The fact our renters are TE enthusiasts is incidental and besides the point. It was merely to illustrate that there is a large group of people there for a lot of the time. The issue is with the traffic numbers. I know for a fact that certain rental places use bots and double/triple logged alts to boost their traffic count because it does have an effect on search placing and search is where we get 85% of visitors to our office, the rest is word of mouth. Anyway, all I wanted to know was if anyone had any idea at all why our traffic is so irratic and poor when it shou
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