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  1. valerie Inshan wrote: :smileysurprised: Sy? Ohmy... /swoons /me picks you up and dusts you down and says thank you.
  2. Dresden Ceriano wrote: Um... smoking is bad for you, you know? And, what exactly are you doing with your right hand? ...Dres I'm bad for me, period and secondly I'll show you for L$10.
  3. Storm Clarence wrote: Bark-ing mad, maybe, but I don't take him for a dumb ash; he just wants to branch out a little more. I'm root-ing for him. Dear, oh dear, not those old chestnuts again.
  4. Tsk, I now imagine you sat at your PC in expensive lingerie, surrounded by Gucci bags. Interesting proposition you raise though I suspect that most people ignore the ads or have a blocker thereby rendering an extremely small revenue stream to LL. LL would have to hope that any expenditure on items bought through the ads would be additional spend on top of a person's SL budget. Luxury or impulse buys might impact on inworld sales, but I suspect that most items bought through ads would be items that we already do spend money on regularly and wouldn't impact on inworld sales such as: insurance
  5. So if I sincerely didn't believe I committed a crime I didn't? And if i said an ethereal being told me to do it...?
  6. This only applies to Christianity (don't jump on my ass Melita - and you don't have to answer) , but if you are not allowed to bear false witness how can you declare there is a God when you can't prove it exists? I'm no anti-christ and I acknowledge faith is a support or a crutch for some people and it has done good as well as evil, but my 3rd or 4th time in church I asked that question and I still haven't had a satisfactory answer and I did a degree in philosophy (as a module) as well. [ETA] In the UK philosophy students are asked to argue and propose arguments for all beliefs and propos
  7. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Sy Beck wrote: Can I add reality & real to the list? I've yet to see a reality show that shows reality and when anything is titled "real" what they really mean is stage managed surreal. Survivorman wa sa real reality show.. he was alone out there. Thats about as real as it gets. I try to only watch the HBO imports over here for good American TV. Though I was stuck in a waiting room the other day and subjected to Lizard Lick Towing. Went into the doc's with more worries than what I initially thought I had.
  8. No I didn't, but I will check it out as Charlie Brooker is one of the few people more cynical than me in the world; ba$tard gets paid for it too!
  9. Can I add reality & real to the list? I've yet to see a reality show that shows reality and when anything is titled "real" what they really mean is stage managed surreal.
  10. Why do you assume that LL would or could write a good complex script? Every TPV for example has more functionality, utility and a better UI than the LL viewer. Is your view though that if LL code it then it will be opensource and can then be easily monetised by anybody else who can add a bell and whistle to it without having to do the majority of the work involved?
  11. Innula Zenovka wrote: As I said, I don't really see why it should be a problem unless you assume the moderators are going to collude with people doing this irresponsibly. Say they ask me to do this. When one of the LL moderators logs in, they see a list of posts I've hidden and accounts I've suspended for spamming. The moderator quickly reviews them, flicking through saying, "she's suspended a one day old account posting about Mumbai hookers.. yep. She's suspended a one day old account.. Italian Soccer Matches.. yep. She's suspended Sy Beck because he disagreed with her?? What is
  12. Well that's the point Innula. We all know Cristiano reviews them and people know who to appeal to? There is no Cristiano on the LL forums though.
  13. Innula Zenovka wrote: ....In any case, people here wouldn't necessarily need to know what's going on. If LL simply approached some of the saner regulars in these forums and asked them if they could help by hiding obvious spam, provided they didn't let on to anyone that's what they were doing, then all the rest of us would know is that LL seemed to be dealing with spam far more promptly than had been the case. I have had two posts deleted recently for allegedly breaching guidelines. In both cases I could clearly prove that neither had broken any LL guidelines and both times asked the
  14. Question... my.secondife.com (more popularly called the feed) has of late been more erratic and slow than usual, which is saying something. Is it at all possible that the Mumbai spambots that are spamming the SLF forums are also spamming the feeds too? We wouldn't see them because they are not our friends and neither would their posts be loved to appear in the trending section. However, if they were spamming with the same speed that they do in these forums and it has never been previously stopped because we and the moderators are unaware of it then surely it would be having an adverse effect
  15. I believe there are a rash of forum bots appearing at the moment. I've seen similar posts with equally bad grammar necro posting across all LL's forums.
  16. I think it's a forum bot. :smileywink:
  17. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-23063492 A community that has grown up because of laws that segregate them to an effect from society. The story raises many interesting thoughts. If a school were built, would they all have to up sticks and leave to go elsewhere? As a group they form the democractic majority of a town so I presume they could enact their own local planning/buidling guidance to stop such a build (?) plus using any other power delegated down to that community level. What must it feel like to any long-term resident there who now lives among them? I just find it a very unusua
  18. Charly Muggins wrote: Whatever happened to Rudolph Ukka? Currently serving 10 years for car thread jacking in South Africa I believe.
  19. Phil Deakins wrote: I can't argue with any of that because I simply don't know. If it's all true, it surprises the hell out of me. My post was somewhat tongue-in-cheek. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wars_involving_the_United_States And I knew you were being tongue in cheek :smileywink:
  20. Phil Deakins wrote: Ceka Cianci wrote: how you like mah 2 second version of history lol I like history, and I would have loved your 2nd version - if I'd understood any of it :matte-motes-confused: More recent history shows clearly that the U.S. owes its position in the world to us Brits At the turn of the previous century, the U.S. was insular and didn't want to be troubled or bothered about anything outside its borders. WWI came along and still the U.S. remained insular and wanted nothing to do with it. But persistent persuasion by the Brits caused the U.S. to join in - late in the
  21. Anyhoos I'm away for the night, no doubt to awake to some more colonial bile. P.S. I love Americans most after the British :matte-motes-kiss:
  22. Malanya wrote: Do you realize that as US citizens we pay tax on "certain" services? If I buy something out of my state I may not be taxed, only people that live in the particular state would. It's more complicated than you think. try Inworldz maybe they absorb all fees for non US people. Interesting, InWorldz hasn't seen a need to differentiate charges between countries though it's based in the US. Likewise Avination, Kitely and...I'll say all others till somebody says different.
  23. Theresa Tennyson wrote: Sy Beck wrote: Do you pay sales tax for your SL use? If not who's absorbing it? And if they [LL] are absorbing it for you why are they not for everybody else? There's nothing to absorb - it's a service instead of a product, therefore not subject to sales tax in any US state that I'm familiar with. See Maddy's reply
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