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  1. paulinetaylor2015 wrote: ...they must think were all stupid or something. Not all. ...Dres
  2. moonlight1135 wrote: I just want to be friends. If this were true, you wouldn't be posting this here... as indicated by your previous sentence... moonlight1135 wrote: It would kind of hurt me to see him with someone else. Stop torturing yourself and break off all contact with him. It's obvious that you and he haven't given yourselves enough time in order for your romantic emotions to wane to the point where you two can truly be friends. You need time apart so that each of you can honestly get over the other. Only then do you have the chance to once again become frie
  3. Dj Barracuda wrote: I don't believe men get attached like women do, our emotions run a bit deeper than theirs so don't fixate on the fact that he has not contacted you. What a load of BS! Women have never cornered the market on emotional depth. Men can become emotionally attached just as strongly as do women. You actually do women a disservice by suggesting otherwise. ...Dres
  4. magickspell wrote: I found out reading reviews. How about reading reviews first? ...Dres
  5. ZoeNordskov wrote: I feel forced into "reality" again. No one can be forced into anything in SL. If anyone makes you feel that way, you don't need them in your second life. Unless you choose to disclose such information, it's simply none of anyone's business who or what you are in RL. Let people know when you're uncomfortable revealing what they're asking you to reveal and, if they insist, simply tell them where to get off. And rest assured that there will be dozens upon dozens of other people with whom you'll be able to interact in SL who don't require an arm and a leg in order to s
  6. sirhc DeSantis wrote:  With sub 'Second Life discussions' Yeah, seems pretty much self explanatory. For more general roving/rambling vaguely related stuff head over the road. That simply states that SL discussion are welcome, not that non-SL discussions aren't. When this forum was created, Amanda, the Community Manager at the time, was asked if non-SL related discussions were allowed here and she said they were; to my knowledge, no one at LL has ever stated anything to the contrary. ...Dres
  7. HarrisonMcKenzie wrote: It sounds like LL is making a game engine FIFY ...Dres
  8. CallumYorkieLad wrote: If you haven't heard of Project Sansar it's basically Linden Labs next second life platform. I don't see many people discussing it and I'm pretty excited about it since seeing the new photos. Follow me on twitter @CallumYorkieLad or talk to me in SL same username https://twitter.com/CallumYorkieLad If your excitement is based upon Sansar being the "next second life platform", I'm afraid you'll be sorely disappointed. ...Dres
  9. Rhonda Huntress wrote: Dresden wrote: There was a time when, in prior versions of this forum, the lack of moderation allowed for deeply personal attacks and wholly inappropriate behavior. /me blinks innocently. [PS] I loved Sus! She had fire, that's for sure. I still love Sus, even though she hasn't burned me in quite a while. ...Dres
  10. Venus Petrov wrote: GD was supposed to be a 'dumping' place for discussion on both SL and RL topics but awhile back it seems someone removed the reference to 'real'. Bah. No, I think they removed the reference to "discussion". ...Dres
  11. Pamela Galli wrote: it has more than its share of twits Hey! I resemble that remark! ...Dres
  12. For once, I'm commenting before reading the whole thread. Sy Beck wrote: Well I'm guessing I'm throwing this question out because if I finish with "discuss", as I have in the past, some people get their panties in a twist. However, I'm pretty sure that a lot of us back in the day who campaigned to have this slot as a "General Discussion" slot so that people would have an area to espouse their views about anything that was either current or upon their mind,might have an area to do so, might now be sorely disappointed at where our efforts ended. This was supposed to be a place where free mi
  13. soxley wrote: , pedophilia, ect., etc...? Insanely rare to find this inworld unless you deliberately go to child AV places, and if you do encounter it, report it to the police. This alone confirms your ignorance (if not blatant stupidity). Ageplay is not illegal in every jurisdiction. But, even if it was, how would you know within which jurisdiction to report the person? Let me answer that for you... you wouldn't... but LL might. And because LL has oversight of the platform they created, they've the ability to police these sorts of things... not you, not sim owners, not fellow SL u
  14. If that was the rule I had to live by, I'd buy a plywood box from my sister for 150,000 linden, then hit her up for money when I wanted it later. ...Dres
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