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  1. Dresden Ceriano wrote: entity0x wrote: Then you don't know what spam is, or how it is used in the TOS. Just put people who you dont want to hear (in whatever capacity) on ignore. Problem solved. But you will not sit on forums in a 'social' game that has in-game trading of goods and services for FUN, and restrict the rights of others to promote themselves. I suppose you would have no problem if every merchant in SL were to send you a LM to their store out of the blue. I mean, since each of them would have only done it once, it wouldn't be spam... right? ...Dres Succinctness. And no
  2. No worries anybody who is using Heartbleed and has access to SL users accounts and/or their passwords will only be interested in the rich and important so 100% of SL users can rest easy. :smileywink:
  3. Blah blah blah heard the same wooing of the residents from every CEO so far and only Philip delivered half of what he promised before disappearing so I'll wait a year before this post is a real discussion piece. Do you see one definitive commitment to resolve something in any of the bullet points or just recognitions of existing problems?
  4. She responds more to the smell of geek than cheese, but wrap Einstein in some fine English Stilton and she'll be there...we all hope.
  5. It's fun sometimes to answer the OP without looking at the thread and then see how the irregulars have gone off on their own version of what the OP really meant.
  6. Your dress sucks especially seeing as you had to resort to a forum appeal to check it out...which I didn't, because you never make them in my size.
  7. On this day -1 last year Hippie started this thread, therefore any new entries should only contain events that happened last year on this date with a link to last years page...Agreed?
  8. Once upon a time what was known about you and what you wanted known was a Venn Diagram where at a distance the circles hardly touched. Nowadays they are almost concentric. We have moved there because it was beneficial to the state and the individual and it was absolutely consensual. At the moment there is the cry that the state is over-prying, but you are the state in most countries I'm writing to, so tell them to stop and elect people who will stop it...this is the simplicity of a democracy. The problem is that a lot of us have a democracy, but have never read the instruction manual of
  9. I've told you before Celeste, that tie does nothing for your looks, bin it.
  10. Why is that only in the last 100 years or so of our whole human existence when we have had the means to "mass" communicate "easily" and yet be able to remain relatively anonymous that it has become all of a sudden a supposed human right to be completely anonymous? Don't get me wrong I don't think that any organisation or government has the right to know your identities across all media, platforms etc...But for nearly all of human existence who you were or your facial identity was known to any person or organisation that you were personally dealing with and was it ever a detriment when in fact
  11. Marigold Devin wrote: RegulusValentine wrote: its really bad its like that half of the time you cant even tp. and what makes it worse is if you try more then once often times it will cause you to get stuck and have to relog. this is a major issue even if you try to remove scripts on you or what often times i find it very frustrating. its gotten worse lately and my internet connection is decent its not just me i find often times i have to try to teleport people multiple times to try to get them to come where i am. Fix it. like oh so many other issues in second life LL still refuses
  12. You think that's bad? Try logging off and getting a message that Real Life is down. Tell me who the f*%k I complain to?
  13. Dammit, it was perfect when it was only me on there at $2 per hour, now all the riff raff and pond life are turning up! Why do LL go out of their way to piss off us SL users? It's enough to make me glad I didn't buy Premium or land!
  14. Rob Ford? Seriously? And I thought all the gags had already been bagged in this thread. Oh well, the steady rise of Canadian comedy back to the dizzy heights of Jim Carrey has to begin somewhere I suppose, though I thought Rob Ford was doing a sterling job in his one man show. However, back on point. My point remains that you want more advertising or the same budget redirected to appeal to the people who may like the things that you do, which with any cursory glance over your numerous posts on your various avatars is literature and feminism, hence I suspect your dislike of the said ad, a
  15. LaskyaClaren wrote: Sy Beck wrote: Haven't read a single post in this thread . . . Fine. See if I ever read any of your threads. Jerk. :-P So you want a serious response? OK, have you paused to consider that your idealised, niche, clique, liberal version of SL might possibly be the least appealing version of SL to the masses and also appealing to only but the smallest of all demographics? That any money spent attracting the likes of you maybe the worst ROI for an advertising buck? This is not a case of LL doing anything wrong in their advertising, but more about that you feel
  16. Dear Jinny, You are not the first woman to have had a problem with the demands of somebody else's balls. Many have been in this predicament before you and I'm sure that many will unwillingly follow. However, there is a sisterhood community out there who can teach you how to bring those unruly balls into line either by the gentle reassurance and nurturing hand of a professional masseuse or by the firm slap of a Mistress of discipline. Whatever line you choose, remember, that it was never your creator's intention to divide their most holiest of creations across 256m of virtual space as muc
  17. Tarina Sewell wrote: well, not everyone is current. My friend on signularity cant see it. not sure his version. ** edit** also it takes a pretty powerful computer to run the viewers now.. and you cant blame people for not upgrading. Im not sure what a luddite is. I believe there are people in Africa and other forgotten parts of humanity who are not wearing Gucci or DKNY yet. Should I downsize to a loincloth too? I'd hate to expose my powerful income. Gawd I wish this was just a game and not something really important!
  18. Pep Linden - The Fear of God Linden
  19. Greek, you have been posting this kind of whining regularly for about 3-4 years now. Do you not think that it's about time that you upgraded your PC? If not please post your specs if you think your PC is up to date and SL compatible.
  20. Can I add buycycle as another alternative spelling? And it's very apropos.
  21. CmpZ wrote: I'm new to SL & was showing it to a friend in the hopes that he'd make his own account. He asked how it differs from Minecraft. Neither of us have played Minecraft, but we know people who have (including his nephew). For me, it's one of those questions whose answer is obvious but difficult to articulate. I pointed out that SL isn't a game & that a big part of it is building. He pointed out that people build things in Minecraft, too. He also pointed out that from what he's seen, building in Minecraft is easier than building in SL, though I pointed out that I'm new & st
  22. I'm #6, but , who would want to be a #1 or #2 on this list?
  23. Haven't read a single post in this thread, but I can confidently answer, not just "we", but anybody, including Pep and my grandmother..and she's dead.
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