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  1. Is this skin copybotted? If it is, anyone know who made the original? I want to get it https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/VL-Frida-skin-Wear-me/7313526
  2. If the new world is 13+ and the adult content is controlled there then that leaves room for SL to still be active due to those who want virtual sex. Current SL might just turn into a virtual red light district.
  3. anyone with formal training in here? how many are there? what kind of education background will count as formal training in CGI?
  4. I think it's great. Like it or not all those oiled up bimbo ads in search and giant mesh dongs on the marketplace is really tacky. Definitely should not be first (or second, third, fourth fifth...) thing user see just because they are 18+ and have adult checked. If it's going to be something which many people will use they will need to keep these tacky cheap sexual content at bay.
  5. How do full perm mesh sellers enforce their policies? like not giving item as freebies or not reselling the item above a minimum price. I see many items sold at the marketplace made with full perm mesh sold below the minimum price set by the full perm creator. Like L$10 tops or even freebies. Do they just let it go?
  6. like whenever someone buys something at my in world store I want to be notified by email when this happens LL should really make this feature email notification when received L$ like the markeplace notification if they can make offline im email notification they should also have email notification when receive L$
  7. ...all people ...not related ...all gamers ...not related ...not related ...not related ...not related that would be generalisation twisting things just so you can use a pic you saved eyeroll.gif
  8. if you have nothing add to to the discussion just go away your spamming is not appreciated
  9. of course on an alt why would a student ask about this maybe you shouldn't jump to conclusion and accuse people
  10. It was never the topic of this thread to discuss solutions to copybotting. It was you that brought up "the biggest problem I see in SL..." out of the bue and jacked this thread. but copybotting or just piracy is a difficult to control we all know that. There does not seem to be a solution and what you suggested is just another suggestion that is not very well thought out. first in creating sculpt shoes and feet...wow such value. sorry never heard of you. other creators can do without your plugin. you have not created anything of value in world that people would want to steal. are you one of t
  11. disagree of course not all people are the stereotype but that's the people, not the stereotype. the stereotype itself is a positive one. and no most gamers do not take "geek" negatively. they are proud of being tech geeks and apart of geek culture. only old people see geeks as a negative term. nerds and geeks are now what's cool. you seem to be one of those people that like to turn everything into negativity.
  12. what type of products do you make? how much time you spend making a product? how much time do you spend taking photos and listing the product?
  13. stereotypes aren't always bad like say asians are smart for example. many gamers will jokingly say or openly admit they don't have a real life and spend most of their time gaming. there's pride in their geek culture and being a "real" gamer and it's certainly ok to ask how much time they spend on a certain game without people getting defensive. somehow it's viewed as antagonistic here...
  14. Tari Landar wrote: Uhh...yeah, not currently using a TTS, ftr, so...typo queen ftw!!! and more smileys, just because :D:D:D:D:D:D:D Ahh... nothing like excessive smileys "just because" everyone knows you're burned when you have to desperately prove that you're not. really immature defense mechanism
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