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  1. Apparently I have a trustworthy man to operate my right hand, but my left hand is sinister. Also, whichever I class as my first has knowledge whilst the second must have had a previous owner.
  2. ROB34466IIIa wrote: PeterCanessa Oh wrote: Ed Wood was a film director of dubious talent. Plan 9 From Outer Space, one of his films, is generally considered the worst film ever made. These days .. when a director disassociates from a movie prior to release credits go to Ed Wood. He musta done something right ... so infamous he became famous as a creditable feature. Isn't that Alan Smithee? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Smithee
  3. On this day in 2012 Second Life went down for maintenance and never returned.
  4. JeanneAnne wrote: No, Second Life doesn't need to be "governed." Yes it does No it dont The human spirit cries out for freedom. And laws to protect that freedom Laws arent necessary, they're authoritarian impositions on freedom Real Life is already far to regulated & unfree Maybe, depends on perspective, time and place Perspective, time & place dont matter .. RL has been far too regulated & unfree @ least since the dawn of agriculture We go into SL in order to exercise complete freedom. An over exaggeration as you signed a ToS to do so. So? I do what I feel like in SL .. usually what I do conforms to the ToS but I dont really care if it does or not. LL can ban me if they want. I dont really care There is no "crime" in SL Yes there is. No there isnt. ...there is nothing to steal or vandalize Yes there is No there isnt Anyone can Role Play being a cop or dom or master or whatever .. & everyone else can simply ignore such control freaks. Yay a true fact! No, its an opinion. You have trubble distinguishing fact from opinion, dont you? Jeanne No. You have problems distinguishing human nature from an idealised text book fantasy. You talk a game, but you're like everybody else here, you obey all the rules everyday because for the most part you enjoy the protection and rewards from them and the protection it affords you from people who really "don't obey rules" and also because you're too chicken s h i t and/or lazy to do anything about it. You're part of the system now and every day you readily partake in it, enjoying all the benefits it gives you while looking down with faux pity on those who do the same as you. You're not a rebel, in reality you quietly acquiesced long ago to the point now where the only revolution left in you is a daily foray onto a tucked away internet forum to assert irrational and hypocritical thinking. What once may have been an idealist rebel is now only capable of non-sensical trolling. It is though amusing to read, like getting to the comic strips in the newspapers after all the adults have told us the important stuff and we need to laugh at the absurd. P.S. I really must stop quoting you, the spellchecker took nearly 5 minutes to go through your post. P.P.S. Don't expect a reply, I'm off out to spend some of my hard earned bucks oppressing a chef to cook for me for financial reward. Who do you think is need of less oppression, the Italians or the Chinese? It's the Chinese isn't it? Italian it is then, yum yum! P.P.P.S To the OP I'll be in Prezzo's at 6.30 if you want a head to head interview :smileywink:
  5. Lucinda Bulloch wrote: So that all the meteor hunters out of business then, lol, still don't explain how you tell what is what, you think guessing is the best way, LOL. I'll 'fess up and admit it's all to do with the Annunaki who will shortly return aboard planet Nibiru. Who on Dec 21st will reveal themselves as the genetic creators of all life on Earth, charge up the pyramids, show us zero point energy uses for our digital watches, crown David Icke as the Lizard King ruler of Earth and install the Illuminati as his counsel of advisors and the 11 secret herbs and spices in a KFC will be given unto all of us. Happy now? All this is verified by You Tube videos...so there.
  6. Lucinda Bulloch wrote: OK so for 4 billion years it has been inactive, agree? In that case the surface rocks scatted about can't be moon rocks can they, most of the rocks on its surface must be from somewhere else, as it is covered in impact sites it would seem that its has been scattered in rocks from all over, so implies how do you tell a moon rock from something that landed there, this fact is ignored so make one think that they know the so called moon samples are in fact earth samples and they don't have any sample of rock from the moon, because they cant go there and drill under the crust that is covered in rock from elsewhere they will never know. Quite the opposite in fact. Meteorites hit the moon's surface and depending on speed and density will more than likely bury themselves into the surface causing an eruption and shattering of surface and sub-surface material upwards and outwards or the meteorite will dissolve to dust on impact.
  7. JeanneAnne wrote: No, Second Life doesn't need to be "governed." Yes it does The human spirit cries out for freedom. And laws to protect that freedom Real Life is already far to regulated & unfree Maybe, depends on perspective, time and place We go into SL in order to exercise complete freedom. An over exaggeration as you signed a ToS to do so. There is no "crime" in SL Yes there is. ...there is nothing to steal or vandalize Yes there is Anyone can Role Play being a cop or dom or master or whatever .. & everyone else can simply ignore such control freaks. Yay a true fact!
  8. Madelaine McMasters wrote: If you haven't thought of this Pyrex sphere theory, may I claim it. I'd like to name it MAD for "Madelaine's Atmospheric Dome". Yes, I'm vain. No, no. Surely, "Pyrex Installed Envelope" - In The Sky
  9. SL is "governed" by it's terms of service and US and other countries' laws and policed for the most part by SL's residents/creators. What is a point of contention is how those measures are enforced, but that issue expands out and further than SL into the internet as a whole and how you would achieve global enforcement or indeed whether you should.
  10. I didn't say that. I said there was no rainfall or surface water. I readily agree there is ice below the surface, but water in the form of ice is not a solvent so therefore it cannot wash potassium out of rocks above it on the surface.
  11. Lucinda Bulloch wrote: With respect but radiometric dating is flawed in many aspects. Water can leach Potassium in hours. Jeez another You Tube armchair expert and a creationist too. So God is now planting lunar meteorites in the earth as well as dinosaur bones to fool us, what a trickster he is. Anyway from Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moon_rock Mare basalts Mare basalts are named for their frequent rate of constituting a large portion of the lunar maria; they are made of mare basalts, which are like terrestrial basalts but have many important differences. The basalts show a large negative europium anomaly. Extraordinary potassium content can be found in a specific basalt, the so-called VHK (Very High K) basalt. There is no rainwater or surface water on the moon to wash potassium from something. That's a 101 too. So the radiometric dating of moon rock stands at 3.1bn to 4.25bn years old.
  12. Lucinda Bulloch wrote: Do you have any proof that those rocks came from the moon. You can't carbon date rocks, only things that were living first can be carbon dated, that is basic 101, lol. I stand corrected, please replace with radiometric dating, but the dating still remains a fact. The lunar meteorites discovered on earth share the same radiometric dating and chemical composition as lunar rocks found in moon craters from where they were most likely expelled.
  13. ROB34466IIIa wrote: I think I'll call you moonstruck in Latin ... :robotindifferent: Since the Apollo 11 missions, moonrock has been tested on age and has been proven to be the same billion year old basalt rock the earth is made of. Carbon dating shows moon rocks to be even slightly older than earth rocks, presumably because it was smaller and cooled and became stable more quickly. Also rocks from the moon that have been discovered on earth (lunar meteorites caused by impacts upon the moon) point to the fact that the moon has been around from very early in earth's evolution and easily pre-date life on earth.
  14. evoluchun1981 wrote: what world is like sl besides osgrid and imvu? InWorldz http://inworldz.com/
  15. Iggwar wrote: removeing temp uploads isnt an immediate thing. but Quarl linden hates em and wants the whoul temp uploading removed Do you mean Qarl? And if you do he ain't a Linden anymore.
  16. Marianne McCann wrote: Tiffy Vella wrote: Oh--I must add that I just met Elvis inworld (am never washing my left hand ever again!!!) There actually is or was a user with avatar name "Elvis Presley." Actual name, not "ElvisPresley Resident" or what not. Was partnered to a "Priscilla Presley," wore a 70s-ish Elvis in a jumpsuit avatar, the whole thing. Needless to say, I friended him. Still have the calling card, though I suspect the account is long gone. Of course if you play World of Warcraft and have a Night Elf Priest you have the option to call yourself ElvishPriestly.
  17. They will only tell you something if they can pin the blame on somebody else (another company), they would never tell you about a DoS attack or that a cheap piece of junk they've bought has just been fried or that some server monkey unplugged the system to charge his iPhone up.
  18. Phil Deakins wrote: evoluchun1981 wrote: but that dont help the people that jsut rent ingame from people the days or hours we lose after paying anyways No it won't but when this is over, it won't really matter because these things usually last for just a few hours at most. Probably like you I remember when these outages could carry on for days. Jeez, avatars these days, don't even know they're rezzed.
  19. Lexbot Sinister wrote: By they way, does anyone know if ANYone at all can log in? Or is SL down for everyone? Whats the concurrency? Concurrency = 1 but it's Chuck Norris!
  20. Wow, cool pic, but a bit X rated for here don't you think?
  21. Argus Collingwood wrote: got logged out myself and can't access dashboard either. at least since none of these systems are fully integrated we have this forum to bond;) Try logging into https://my.secondlife.com/ then ;-) they deaded that too.
  22. Medhue Simoni wrote: See the problem is, what is sound science? Your opinion of this is obviously much different than mine. I do not believe in giving kids a chicken pox vaccine that is far inferior than them contracting the disease and using their innate system, which will give them immunity for LIFE, not just a few years. Contracting the disease later in life has far more risks than when they are younger. This is just 1 example, and there are many. Well in the UK only children with weak or damaged immune systems are given a chicken pox vaccine, otherwise if they were to contract chicken pox it could cause meningitis, scepticaemia and or pneumonia . It is also important to vaccinate adults who have never had chicken pox who in the course of their work come into contact with high risk groups such as people with immuno deficiencies and pregnant women in case they pass chicken pox to them. The vaccine does not last for a few years. One dose is good enough to cause lifetime immunity for 90% of recipients and 2 doses gives near 100% life immunity. The vaccine does exactly the same as the chicken pox in creating the exact same antibodies to fight the disease because it is the chicken pox virus - varicella zoster! It is only weakened in so much that the body can easily and quickly overcome the virus before suffering the full onset of chicken pox such as the crusty, itchy scabs, which all occur days after contraction and after your body has started producing antibodies to fight the virus and therefore suffering those symptoms plays no part in the body producing antibodies. Unless of course you want to toughen the children up mentally as well.
  23. Paladin Pinion wrote: ...These children do evolve slowly and what you may attribute to this cure or that thing turns out in the long run to be their natural progression. It was easier on us when we stopped looking for fixes and just accepted who he is. But that takes a long time. In retrospect I wish we hadn't submitted our son to unnecessary restrictions and all the other hogwash that was going to "fix" him. I know you want something to work; you will absolutely WILL it to work. I suppose you need to go through that stage. We did. This I recognise to be the truth, as probably will other parents of children with Asperger's and autism. There is no magic bullet and that the best we can do is to provide the best environment for them to learn and mature in.
  24. Or, Void Singer's One Stop Shop for all LL's help resources. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/Official-Resources/m-p/1212519/highlight/true#M35623
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