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  1. I hate the day I met you....Day when I saw your emo avi's ass sitting on MY chair looking down on floor.... I hate that u looked like you dont belong to a place you was....U seamed so alone and strange...U made me interested... I hate that you was so quiet on first and chatty and witty when we exchanged few lines... I hate your sense of humor because it is so simmilar to mine. I hate all songs u use to play and dedicate to me. I hate your skype name. I hate the day I heared your voice for first time. I hate the day when I saw your stupid face for first time...your hair falling perfeclly around your forehead...your **bleep**ty big brown eyes.... I hate all the nights when we would stay up late and just talk about random things and we had to get up tomorrow really early... I hate the fact that u always came back no matter how hard I pushed u away. I hate u for giving me hope there is someone different.... I hate u because u said u will be there no matter what... I hate u because u made me care, u came under my skin. I hate because u disappeared and left me alone... I hate you because no matter how long my hate list is...I can't hide that I still love you ....C.R. Yea I know..hating is a beeeep..... but i feel a lot better now :)
  2. *Giggle* omg....me and forum...forum and me...I feel so old this days....
  3. Hmmm....help? lol Btw sorry lol...totally new to this forum thing xD
  4. Well...I am not sure I will have any luck here...but lets give it a try... I'm looking for a job...dancer or host would be perfect...but I'll go for anything atm...well anything about escort and same things..that not my thing at all...I have some experience..not much tough xD I am pretty chatty and open person and i like that others feel good in my presence. I can adapt basically to any work time, but AM hours would be a little better. I am in global in sl around one and half year, but I was forced by some circumstances to make new acc and left my 'old sl life' behind. My 'new' avi is now in middle of third week if that means something, and it looks pretty good if i can say lol I would be more then happy if u want to see me or chat little whit me before u give me a chance...if u give me one :) So..if u know someone or something i can contact hit me up here or inworld. Regards, NeonHitch Resident :) kisses
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