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  1. ty rolig, i have been having problems with my aircraft carrier, it has 4 gun positions ans a captains pos, but every now and then you sit on a gun pos instead of the captains, seemed to be random, had to keep reseting it, now i will do as you suggest with the all and see if it works, ty.
  2. Why don't you just print out the destination and click on it, I been doing that for ages, just print it out in chat and click on it you tp to what ever sim you printed out, my game 1 meters had that 2 years ago so armies could meet up from all over sl.
  3. Hi, I think what you are trying to do is hard, it is worst than a train, because when the car turns so the pivot point rotates away from the center of the two, so that just adds to the nightmare of plotting the course, a missile is easy as such because it want to get just ahead of me and don't have to worry about its nose being on a pivot point, that is the bit I see as hard, as rolin said its a whole mass of rotations and no one likes those, I wish you all luck, I think if it was easy we would see lorry's and trailers all over with trains to. Just had a thought, what about wearing the tra
  4. I make vehicles, but vehicles of war, I make guided missiles, they do a very good job of following me no matter how I try to dodge and twist to escape them, I would not do it the way you are doing it, I would turn both objects into vehicles and have the lead transmitting its vehicle state to the slave, I would use llRegionSayTo to transmit the key data to the slave vehicle, and use llRegionSetPos(none physical) you quickly put it in place should it change to much, what you seem to have is a none physical object following a physical object, in my world the none physical object is of no use cos
  5. Yes, things like that need some thought, but i am sure you can help him.
  6. Once two objects have exchanged keys they is no reason as to why they should not stay in a relative position to each other now that we have llSetRegionPos & llRegionSayTo, but I will leave that to the experts here to explain to you.
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