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  1. Oh well, all's well that ends well. I have an nVidia card too and only had one problem with the latest FS release and that was squashed up pics, which FS can do little about as it is caused by LL's graphics coding and I had to roll back too. I didn't realise that the SL SSB release was similary buggy as well.
  2. First off, I don't recognise your viewer UI so just to make sure, is it a mesh enabled viewer? The only other suggestion I can make is to open your statistics bar (Ctrl-Shift-1) and take a snapshot and post that here. That may identify a problem with your connection/router. Subsequent to that are you playing any other MMO games and experiencing glitches on them?
  3. I understand your fear, but you may have to try this if and when all else fails. It's not just new installs that screw around with a PC or a particular program. It could be a PC crash, program crash, accidental deletion or moving of a file or an incorrect shutown to name but a few that aren't install related so don't base your reasoning on the fact that you haven't installed anything recently. Good luck to you.
  4. Zarolin Milev wrote: I tried on the other computer, and the avi seems fine there. However, this is not a consistant thing, one time I will log in and its fine, the next it is going crazy. The modem was actually locked this morning and comcast had to do their magic and fix it. And my computer is not even a year old yet (I build it) and I monitor it all the time. No overheating, nothing to otherwise indicate a problem. Other programs run just fine (Sims 3, WoW, blender, etc). This is only an SL problem. I am doing a full virus scan now, just incase that is the issue, but I doubt that is
  5. Am using Blender 2.67. I have looked at the bounding boxes and while they both share the same dimensions the physics shape's bounding box is offset to various amounts on all three axis by roughly 50% on z, 10% on x and 1% on y. Given what you said though I think I know how to fix this. The bottom of my house/build below the actual 1st floor is empty and I didn't bother to fill it in the physics shape reasoning that it would be inaccessible in the final build and was only there to allow the house to be sunk into the land to align to any given landscape. I will fill in the bottom of the
  6. I'm building my first mesh house and have been happily following tips and tutorials to do it and solve problems along the way. I have though run into a problem that I can't readily find an answer to. I made a physics shape inworld by cladding the build in non-overlapping planes using the Celzium tool and exporting it out as a dae file. When I first uploaded the model onto the beta grid the physics shape was offset by .5m on the y axis. A little quick research suggested that it was because I wasn't importing the model as a single object. So I made the model all one object and uploaded it ag
  7. Sy Beck

    i am my love ?

    Now I understand why kids use l337 text, so they won't be FUCq1n9 C3n50r3D!
  8. Sy Beck

    i am my love ?

    When you dodge a bullet yes, when you take one for someone else no; unless you picked a **bleep**ty job.
  9. Ima Rang wrote: Sy Beck wrote: No poison Perrie, though there could be an overdose, though I think this forum could handle it...in spades. [Just waiting for the dumbass who RIC'd me last night to work this one out and then work out a reason to report this.] [OFC if they do they've self-identified themself as the actual "dumbass" in question ;-)] Gah...I think I figured this out, but now I feel like I need to go back to school. /shakes fist at Mr. Beck! Yeah bad me, no big words as requested, just letters and an incompatible Tineye search, somebody will get it, but not the dumba
  10. No poison Perrie, though there could be an overdose, though I think this forum could handle it...in spades. [Just waiting for the dumbass who RIC'd me last night to work this one out and then work out a reason to report this.] [OFC if they do they've self-identified themself as the actual "dumbass" in question ;-)]
  11. TristanMercer wrote: I wasn't asking about sex, thank you very much. I am asking about child slavery and BDSM...as in most countries this is highly illegal. To answer this question, In all likelihood it was not a child, but an adult using a child avatar so there most probably is no child involved. You cannot be a slave in SL. You cannot forcefully enslave anyone in SL without their permission. BDSM is not illegal between consenting adults in the U.S.A. the host country of SL's servers. Please refer to your own country's statutes on whether you are allowed to participate or observ
  12. If we want to play semantics can somebody define BDSM furniture? The OP states nothing more than that the child AV was being, "... tied up in BDSM furniture." This, from my limited knowledge (honestly), could be a chair, a St Andrew's Cross or any rough flat table I presume. All of which in themselves are not sexual objects unless there are some particularly weird fetishes out there. Therefore, we would have to know the name of the piece furniture in question and know for a fact, by observation or admission by those present at the time, what kind of scripts it contained. Otherwise it coul
  13. Same as above, it's been happening to me over the past week and probably is the same recurring glitch that's happened before and will shortly resolve itself again too. I wish this bug would at least occur once with those who have chosen to show themselves as offline all of a sudden popping up as online. Now that would be popcorn drama.
  14. Storm Clarence wrote: Dear OP, I feel for you. When I am faced with these difficult decisions I drink. Try a (few) Makers Mark Manhattan(s) and I guarantee you will feel much better. I always do. A "few"? He's been drinking for three in recent years I think we can let loose the reins with this one, especially so seeing as he prefers doubles.
  15. Interesting Tineye result on his penguins pic in his profile. http://mixoom.com/images/users/t/tester/torley/photos/2007/12/16-21-00-lezoo-100-130-22-d91bd0ae16612ebb259ce7671bab4a32_w.jpg
  16. Letisha Blackheart wrote: What have you built? Lots of stuff in my time and I mean actually built by myself and you are quite welcome to come to my sim in InWorldz when I've finished it as that's where I build nowadays; cheaper and more prims. Not that that has anything to do with the matter as mine and other's opinions are just as valid even if they or I didn't even know how to rez a prim. We were arguing with the OP's assertion that this place was the best built sim in SL, which we know from our travels and experience that it patently is not. Buying other creators items and rezzin
  17. Hmm, you know people will be making a judgement about you now based solely on your post?
  18. I go away for two days and you become famous!
  19. I go away for 2 days and you become famous! Didn't realise I dragged you down so much ;-)
  20. Odd that they've sold out when there are 11 empty homes on my Linden Home sim. I'd wager a bet similar figures exist on other Linden Homes sims too.
  21. 16 wrote: Hitomi Tiponi said in other forum that linden are going to announce the The Next Big Thing soon linden had a big inworld meeting the other day Damien Fate who has been involved in newbie welcome/orientation islands in the past, made a comment a while ago about the current newbie welcome islands that he helped make. he said then that while he couldnt say there was a Big Thing coming Tateru Nino on her blog has also just recently mentioned a Big Thing she is involved with. she cant say either earlier this year linden put a vid up on utube about Experience Permissions showcasing
  22. Dilbert Dilweg wrote: Weird how when super stars die. They die in 3s Witney Donna Summer Robin Gibb One dies . 2 others follow Sorry to hear he lost his bout with Cancer. Do they? What timescales are you operating to or what's your definition of a superstar? For instance, Chuck Brown, Donald Duck Dunn, Adam Yauch, Tommy Marth, Levon Helm and Davy Jones have all died after Whitney and before Donna Summer.
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