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  1. zenux wrote: Hey guys last night I had a dream that scared the **bleep** out of me. I was laying down in my bed and next to me appear a lesbo basketball player. At first she said something to me that was seducing and then all of assudden she appeared to be satan . He was red and had a red long tail with a triangle pointy tail. Also he was trying to grab me. It was weird the time fram was about 3-4am.... Someone translate This is clearly a representation of an inner turmoil regarding your id's sexual identity. Add to this some very suggestive, to the academic mind, Freudian sexual imagery and I think we can cleary surmise what is happening and understand what your id and super ego are trying to resolve and rationalise for your ego. The questions your sub-conscious selfs are asking you are simple and two-fold. Firstly, do you feel that you are intrisically a man or woman in your gender identity regardless of your biological gender? This is exemplified in the representation of woman who has the stature of a male basketball player Secondly, you are trying to resolve your sexual identity vis a vis, regardless of the first question posed, do you feel intrisically attracted to males or females? This conflict is played out by the lesbian's seductive words, which are then contrasted by the Devil (a male) who is forceful in his sexual advances. But hang on you say? Why basketball? A good question! One that leads me to my conclusion and hopefully a resolution. You are having doubts about whether you are in fact male or female in spirit and you are clearly confused about your sexual orientation now and probably into the future and most clinchingly of all you wrap this all up in basketball. It is therefore my conclusion that you are indeed Dennis Rodman! Thank you, I'm here all week, cheap rates and try the veal! [ETA] Damn you to Hades BothamFidor for giving quack conclusions without analysis or charging an appropriate fee!
  2. Are you male or female? I can't really give you a quack quick diagnosis without that vital information.
  3. I think we need to get Ms Petrov in here and tell us what her multiple personalities actually do possess.
  4. Ellyn Elan wrote: Phil Deakins wrote: PeterCanessa Oh wrote: I will jump through the plurals and possesives Venus hoop. I will even jump through several hoops belonging to several Venuses (honest). The unique Venus' hoops' labels will be alphabetic, ie; a, b, c, d ... Where there are several Venuses, all Venus's hoops' labels will be numeric, ie; 1, 2, 3, 4 ... Thus each hoop's label will either be alphabetlc or numeric PS: I ran out of wood and chucked the wood chuck on the fire. Anyone hungry? Shouldn't that be "Veni"? Veni vidi vici? I think if memory serves me that even in Latin it would be venus for the noun but yeah, veni for the verb. I vote for Venuses following the same rules as losses. Right then! This is getting too geeky even for me! :matte-motes-agape: If you want to be a total pedant then Venus is latin in origin so it's plural would be Veneres. I think though that we were talking about possessive plurals (the Genetive case) in which I think (guessing really) the form remains the same so Veneres would also be the possessive plural too. I am more than prepared to be shot down on that one though.
  5. Congratulations A.A. for nearly matching up to your initials and your generosity in celebration.
  6. Ceka Cianci wrote: you would think there were a bunch of people here before us that came in and broke a bunch of eggs to make some omelets.. because it sure seems like a lot of people are walking on eggshells lol we are all human..people are not perfect..why are people trying to act perfect in a world where we know we are not and everyone makes mistakes?? myself i don't think there are ignorant people here posting up that would be serious about a generalization about a group or race.. there is something i notice about these forums when race or groups get brought up..people walk on eggshells... when people start to tread lightly it gets scary..i mean jesus scary hehehehe why can we never relax and talk about these things rather than our butts tighten up hoping we don't cross a line we may not have known about ..at least we will be getting more educated in the things rather than dodging them to avoid conflict.. stresses like these will never go away if they are kept in undertones and shunned the second someone either makes a mistake or attempts to actually learn something.. it's like when the subjects come up everyone seems to change into PC mode or not PC mode. i may get bashed for this i don't know.. but i'm just trying to be honest in how these threads feel and what i tend to see..they feel like oprha when DR phil was still around lol does this make sense or am i just sounding like a loon here? it's hard to put into words really..but they just feel all strange n stuff hehehe as my father says..are you tryin to butter my biscut? hehehe ahh maybe i'm just picking up on other vides or something..but after seeing so many threads i just finally had to say something..even though i may be the only one that understands me lol Well said Ceka. I'll defend anybody's right to say what they believe and how they want to say it, but they had better be able to justify it and argue after they have. That's the honest and intellectual deal that we strike in debate. If anybody says anything that is illegal then it's out of bounds, there are more proper places for them to be held to account. You cannot use a defence or deny somebody else an opinion because you are offended. So what if you are offended? What bearing does that have on an argument, it is a subjective statement. What offends you, may delight and profit many more other people than you. I'm offended by Christian Fundamentalists, Anti-Abortionists and Creationists, but I don't go around saying they must be banned or silenced because they offend me. If I think they are wrong or immoral then it's up to me and others to argue with them and debate and let people decide at the end whose arguments win.
  7. My guess is the saucy temptress is also trying her luck with many others apart from you, the hussy! It looks like a phishing exercise to me to extract your email address at the very least. Sadly you have not found love's intended and there is very little you can do to stop this except close your profile off from search and your SL feed to friends only.
  8. I don't think there are any more points or issues I could add to Cait's and Botham's excellent posts, which have pretty much covered the whole spectrum. I would though urge LL staff monitoring this forum to communicate these thoughts quickly to which ever team has charge of this area within LL, both technical and administrative. As has been mentioned by the above posters there is a large amount of scope for the system to be abused, which has been evident the past few days by malicious spamming. As Botham pointed out, the potential for spam advertisers exists too and it will only be a matter of time until this occurs whether by them noticing the opportunity themselves or noticing that the issue is being raised here and elsewhere. Also it would be useful to have stated what the guidelines are, if any are specific, apropos the feeds as they are able to be viewed by the entire internet userbase if set that way. If people wanted to post adult pics or products in their feeds are they allowed to do so? Should there be some classification as exists on the Marketplace or filters and tags as Cait has suggested. Finally can I too welcome Lexie back and hope that this means a more constructive dialogue can occur between residents and LL for the benefit of both and ask her if she could seek out Void Singer and entice her back with an olive branch.
  9. Michaelatv Destiny wrote: Gosh Sy, you do take everything at face value, im not a pencil pusher in a government office, knowing every bit of data you want to contend. Taking things at face value is the last thing thing I do and my response to you was indicative of that in that I asked if you could back your claim up, which you seemingly can't do. Therefore, you are now asking me to take you and your sweeping suppositions at face value...? Didn't you just admonish me (incorrectly) for doing that? Yours was the face value opinion as it seems based on your own personal musings and an alleged paedo living across from you. I take it if you lived anywhere else and saw child abuse items on the news and there was an alleged paedo living nearby then that country would probably have the most paedophiles? As regards addressing the post, I believe my first post in this thread did.
  10. Michaelatv Destiny wrote: I would laugh Syc, but I do live in Uk, which has the most peadophile population almost anywhere, Gary Glitter springs to mind, as well as many prominent names in showbiz and other higher offices, caught with child porn on there computors. Are you seriously making that contention? I'm from the UK and I will admit my country to many faults, but I could never say the most peadophile population almost anywhere. If you are going to make that assertion then you had better cite credible data and comparisons to all other countries otherwise you are talking out of your ass. I would remind you that there are many countries in the world where it is legal or overlooked to have a wife at 12 and where child rape happens routinely and goes unreported and unpunished.
  11. Tylmaranda wrote: The person doesn't necessarily have to be pretty, the person just has to have the same interests as me. I find intelligences a bit overrated. I think it's pretty obvious that not everyone has been blessed with high intelligence, otherwise ever single adult in the world would have been a college guaduate. Quite frankly, I just find the whole intelligent conversation crap overrated. I'm not interested in things politics, philosophy, and math, which most of the people who are looking form intelligent conversation want to talk about. Just give me someone who likes videogames just as much as I do, and we can talk about it all day long. Good job there are intelligent people around who designed and made your videogames for you then, otherwise your whole life would be devoid of conversation and company if it weren't for them.
  12. Marcus Hancroft wrote: The best solution to this problem is to use the Marketplace as a search tool. Find what you need or want on the marketplace but go to the merchant's inworld store to purchase (if they have an inworld store). Deliveries are near instantaneous that way and you don't have to wait. ^ THIS
  13. I see that you've already raised this http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussions/dose-anyone-havedoes-anyone-have-any-contact-info-on-the-police/m-p/320651#M133044 and have already confirmed to yourself that the assertion that drawings are not illegal is correct. I'd advise you to raise the subject individually with LL for their view on the matter, though I'm sure they will just point you to the relevant guidelines. An AR is not going to give you a response of their decision on the particular person you refer to. I'm sure any Google search will give you contact details of the German police or why not report to your own country's authorities if you want to go that route.
  14. Humour Mirrors Logic Bulleted Lists And always in 5s Thoughtful post Cinn :smileyhappy:
  15. The best kiss I've ever had in SL was typed to me and left me speechless for what seemed ages. I know I could relive that moment again and again by finding it in my chat log, but it still lingers in my mind to this this day. My L$0.02
  16. Mayalily wrote: GariGlitter wrote: . . . in SL, with only one woman as company who could not change her avatar, would you prefer to have as your companion a physically attractive woman with the intelligence of a soap dish, but who insisted on demonstrating her idiocy by keeping up a running commentary of desperate witlessness, or a plain-looking but intelligent woman who offered insightful comments at appropriate times. Before you accuse me of sexism, please note that I am not just asking this question of men; women are welcome to answer. (But to give you a hint regarding my viewpoint, those with the intelligence of soap dishes are discouraged from offering their opinions) Intelligence and knowledge of something are two separate things. On a deserted Island, I would prefer a woman with knowledge of survival skills, rather than intelligence as intelligence involves logic which would be a longer route towards getting towards survival. So, I would pick a woman who has the knowledge of survival skills. Someone can have a low IQ and still be very knowledgable about something whilst another person can have a very high IQ but be unknowledgable about something. So, I would have to go with the wording knowledgable about what we would need. Using the logical route could waste too much precious time in our survival. Intelligence is having the ability to make yourself knowledgeable of something and to be able to learn. Anyone using logic, will soon assess a situation and save time towards their survival, probably by taking you out of the equation in any perceived battle for resources.
  17. Are there ample supplies of food on this island? It might sway my answer to the, "give me a big, fat thicky" option.
  18. Nobody built a copy of The Hacienda club at any time then?
  19. squashy Beeswing wrote: Would the Smiths qualify? 'Cos they were way better than any of those other bands, Oasis included. :matte-motes-smile: I know of several clubs that play alternative rock / indie although none which specialise in what you're looking for. Contact me inworld if you'd like me to throw you some LM's. The Smiths were pre-Madchester, but definitely a Manchester group (as the poster asked for) so you could include, Joy Division, New Order, , and The Fall.
  20. This should be stickied for pointing others to later. If it was elsewhere I'd give you +1 Kudos Chosen for the thoroughness of the answer. :smileyhappy:
  21. Ask them if they are wearing mesh clothes. If you are not using a mesh enabled viewer then mesh clothes usually deform to a sculpt shape, but I have noticed when I'm wearing mesh clothes or swapping them around then the alpha layers can get glitchy and I end up looking like the people in your pic.
  22. Oasis, Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Inspiral Carpets et al you mean? I don't know of a club/ or stream that would be that specialised, but let me know if you find one.
  23. Ellyn Elan wrote: Kylie Jaxxon wrote: Ellyn Elan wrote: Wait. Did I just miss something? Didn't Rodvik post here in response to Perrie? Wasn't there a post from Rik somebody? Wasn't this where I posted? I'm confused. I don't understand this forum and where posts are going. Maybe they got moved? This place is hard to navigate and keep track. :matte-motes-bored: Yep, quite a few posts got deleted, mine among them...not sure why Thanks Kylie, I'm happy to know I wasn't hallucinating. The fact that Rodvik's post is gone is what threw me off. That is just strange beyond strange. The CEO is not beyond the reproach of the forum moderators. His outrageous attempts to show a bit of wit, wisdom and parody were a thinly veiled assault upon the corporate ethos of LL and the Newspeak of the fora. Luckily his treasonous post did not get pass the sentinel eyes of the moderators who now await him in room 101. Therefore, pro-temp, ex-resident Rodvik Linden has been duly censored and all posting privileges have been withdrawn for a period of no less than two weeks whilst he undergoes re-education upon the naughty step. Let this be a warning to all, that the advance of moderation needs no allies and will defy all enemies. Onward non-specific gender posters with equitable, but aligned views, to a greater Moderacy for all! P.S. Do I have to say this is parody?
  24. Yeah lots of times. I really wish there was a RL option to set walls to phantom because my head aches like Hell in the morning when I wake up on the floor.
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