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  1. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news here, but I dated a Linden (on their alt, but they confirmed they were actually a Linden for me on their Linden account) and it was probably the worst dating experience I've ever had. They had all these weird rules (I was supposed to always stand at their right side while we were together, for example) and were very temperamental, more so than most regular users I've been with, and they demanded so much of my time that I hardly got to live my own life, second or otherwise. Don't even get me into the incredibly weird stuff they tried to get me to do behind
  2. Everything's needed. Our staff had a bit of a falling out so most of them are gone now (including all the problematic ones). This is an anime-themed club, so if you're a DJ, expect to be playing a lot of Japanese music, though we play a little of everything. If you're a dancer or host, having an anime avatar is a plus but not required. Also, if you're a dancer, while we do allow stripping we don't allow full nudity. Undies and bras (if applicable) must stay on. We do have a couple younger folk here given the nature of the club so we can't be a full blown strip joint. 90% of tips are yours to k
  3. I currently attend Hentai High as one of the classroom representatives. It should be noted that the primary focus is casual roleplay (this isn't to say there's a lot of noobs or anything, the sim has many great RPers). Sex and in-depth roleplay are pretty much secondary. Despite the name of the school, it's not a high school. Everyone's 18+ to comply with LL's rulings. I think it just has to do with the fact Hentai High sounds more... Right... Than Hentai College. There's plenty of cute people here. I'm one of them. :3 Let me know if you'd like me to show you around sometime.
  4. Must be modern day (any variation), steampunk or medieval fantasy. NO GOREAN OR FINAL FANTASY. I don't want to have to deal with HUDs of any kind. I want to use a character I've already established. All sim ratings are acceptable. Adult places are fine as long as the primary focus is roleplay and not sex. If you know of a place that fits this description, please let me know.
  5. I apologize for double posting but my phone won't let me edit my previous post. Just because you've never heard of someone doesn't mean they're not famous. I hadn't heard of Charlie Sheen until all the memes about him were spawned, but that doesn't mean he wasn't famous before. Granted I don't know of that person, so for all I know you could be right about them not being famous.
  6. I also just noticed a bit of irony. As a "consequence" to creating this forum topic, I'm now a recognized resident. I know it's only a forum rank and doesn't actually mean anything, but I think the name is ironic to what I'm trying to not accomplish.
  7. Perhaps I should clarify. I didn't really mean famous in real life, I more-so meant how someone becomes famous within their community within SL and sometimes their community outside SL. I was tired when I posted this topic so I didn't explain as well as I should have. For example, if you're a furry you've probably heard of Artica Sparkle. She's a good example of someone who's well known within their SL community and famous among various furry sites. If you're into anime avatars you've probably heard of Utilizator or Gantz Nishi (I already know how they got well known among their community, but
  8. As most of you probably know, there's some people who are known all across SL, and sometimes the internet. I'm curious, how does this usually happen? Is it that their avatars are very unique and appealing, is it that they're a good artist and draw their character often and it got popular... What is it? I'm actually asking for the opposite reason you might think. A LOT of people have been gawking over my avatar regularly, offering to make me free profile pictures and even in some case draw it for free, among other things which I'd rather not repeat here, and I'd honestly rather avoid being inte
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