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  1. -----8< ---- cut out and keep apology -----8< ---- Hand's up, we got it wrong, and we have since spoken. Hope all is well. -----8< ---- --------------------------------------- -----8< ----
  2. Mission statement is to double the userbase. But this will hit new users the hardest as they enter without any funds.
  3. Seen this too on region crossings and on tp fails from platforms in the sky. I've got a platform at 3000m that I fall through more often than on region crossing, so it could be height related. As observed earlier, region restart seems to fix, but is hardly a desirable solution.
  4. Given the surge of SL during covid and the forthcoming uplift to the cloud, it is likely that it's success has piqued the interest of investors; especially as it bucks the trend where multiple other similar platforms have failed. This could be a good thing in terms of growth. First order of business however, is usually to restructure, which obviously causes some turbulence. Clearly they didn't want Sansar in this package, hence it got offloaded.
  5. It's a 2-way street. If you cash out L$, you'll get more £'s, not less on the above scenario. But I'm thinking the original poster wanted to imply that Brexit has doomed the UK and that could not be further than the truth.
  6. Sounds the same as those who rent music streams for L$, so I would imagine it's fine to do so.
  7. Paying Premium annually gives a cash injection to the Lab for all these goodies. No one willingly wants to pay more for anything ever, but being realistic, if we want the infrastructure to continually improve, we have to pay our hosts to do it. And to the basic account users who see themselves as paying their way from Market Place purchases, yes this is still revenue you pay to the lab, but Premium accounts also make Market Place purchases too!
  8. Some good news. The lab has reopened my original JIRA on this and accepted it. On Monday Oz and Simon said that they are actively working on this issue. You can follow the JIRA here https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-226851
  9. This issue has returned after the emergency roll of April 18th, so I have made a Jira entry, feel free to "me too" it https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-226851
  10. Hi, Nudity is permitted in our Adult region London City3, "Victoria". When leaving this region you will see signs, "no nudity beyond this point", since the other 3 regions are for general community and are not designated as adult. More info is available on our blog http://mainlandlondon.blogspot.co.uk and you can ask questions that are London City specific by using the Support tab. kind regards, - Torric Rodas
  11. St Patrick's Day Celebrations. Join us in London City for a full weekend celebrating all things Irish as we celebrate St. Patrick's Day. http://slurl.com/secondlife/London%20City/93/211/23
  12. To celebrate a year of Soho, join us this weekend for a Fun Fair in Regent's Park. Two great Concerts this weekend: Saturday 1pm PDT: Mapoo Little LIVE singing Motown Sunday 1pm PDT: Brit McMahon in Comptons, singing Dean Martin http://slurl.com/secondlife/London%20City/78/179/24
  13. Was the land deeded to group? If so, check the land group and change your donated land back to zero. You should then be able change the radio button on the website to zero. Cheers Torric
  14. I get the above message quite often. Is it me or the grid in general? Happens when I double click TP, Map or use search... same thing. updated: Please note that this happens whilst I am actually in the region, so it is not restarting and the LMs definitely still exist.
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