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  1. Hi, I ham a newbie, and I want to import sound from my pc to SL. Everything it's fine I have converted the mp3 in wave file of 44.4 MHz and they are all less than 10 seconds but some are more than 16 bites, and I do need to split them to having multiples fill with lest than 16 bit to create a chain in a script to play them in-world. I think it possible to do with Audacity and using the diagram will be helpful for me but I just didn't know-how. Could someone help me by directing me where I will be able to find the appropriate info's?
  2. Hi, everyone! I am a newbie who just opens his first in-world store and I want to provide the landmark of my store with a picture of the store, the logo, or anything who represent our store >The ChaSter Colection< to my costumers. The problem I do face it as I do have rent this store I didn't know how do I do to put the picture representing our store and not the region?
  3. Hi, I provide hosting for websites, including professional email. Can I advertise and rent these services on Second Life if the price is in L$?
  4. With all the new technological developments, virtual reality is getting closer to reality every day, especially with Neuralink's new advances in brain preservation and the imminent possibility of mimicking the 100 trillion neuronal connections of the brain to enable its preservation. When I remember, Dr. Hannah Critchlow said that if a computer could be built to recreate the 100,000 billion connections in the brain, it would be possible to exist forever in a program. Now, I expect Second Life to be properly updated to really become a part of our SECOND LIFE and YOU, What are your expectations for our Second Life?
  5. The economic limits worry me because I consider Second Life as a commercial opportunity. Now, as a new resident 1, my current limit is; Your current tier is: LindeX L$ Buy Limit (24 hr):US $0.00 of US $100.00 used LindeX L$ Buy Limit (30 days):US $0.00 of US $100.00 used LindeX L$ Sell Limit (24 hr):US $0.00 of US $0.00 used LindeX L$ Sell Limit (30 days):US $0.00 of US $0.00 used US$ Process Credit (24 hr):US $0.00 of US $0.00 used US$ Process Credit (30 days):US $0.00 of US $0.00 used This makes the business opportunity more than limited. However, I understand that the status of a new resident 1 could be changed, which will affect my current limitations. Now my questions are; What are the criteria concerning the statutes? what are the current limits attached to these statutes?
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