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  1. Yeah basically the 'competition' for Ryn will be if they do another Asian head to open up variety within there. I managed to tweak the look pretty far away from base with my own avatar - but every head has it's limits. So... give us a second one, maybe based around someone from Vietnam or Thailand next time. Lelutka used to be the brand I was the most critical of. Before their evolution line all of their heads looked extremely similar to each other. But with the evolution line they not only really opened up their potential - they also ticked off all my checkboxes technology wise with
  2. And we've come full circle. I find my best bet is to dig through those parts of my inventory that I set aside under labels like "OLD" and "What is this old junk" and "noobish old stuff"... 😉 And look for a premesh tattoo layer hairbase, and use that. Preferably one made for the specific style of hair - curls, straights, dreads, braided, etc. If only I hadn't lost one of those boxes of 'old junk' I made that had some no-copy things in it... I think I had a pile of hairbases in there also... all of which would be perfect in today's BOM era. What I have found with
  3. If you're open to new head purchases, I highly recommend demoing the ones at Lelutka. Ryn literally looks like someone I used to know in my 20s living in Korea. Actually looks like 2 or 3 of my old friends... With the INO skin, she looks a little like one of my relatives. I feel that right now Lelutka is doing for heads what a long time back Angel Rock did for skins. Used to be in SL non-white skins were just white skins tinted darker - the features and shading always looked "off" as a result (one blogger years ago described it as ashy, but Angel Rock themselves tended to be very ash
  4. Yeah I always use my own shapes and a set of proportion sticks because... "professional" shape makers seem to have the anatomy skills of a 5-year old. And I've taught kindergarten classes so... I do realize I'm being unkind to the kids in the comparison... 😉 so called 'thicc' bodies in SL are usually racially charged parodies... this body... rides the line. With the right shape dials you can make realistic 'thicc' looks, but you can also go into 'sploitation flic' territory. That noted... no one has ever actually made a body that could do the realistic look before - so this is a leap forw
  5. Switched brands of mesh head yesterday. lelutka Ryn (in it's default, Ryn looks like a blend of a couple of RL friends I had in my 20s living in Korea), heavily shaped to move the look from North-East Asian to a sort of 'Afro-Asian-Neko' (once I had the eyes to 'realistically right' I went in and added '10' to a couple dials to go into 'anime neko' territory). RL me is a quarter Asian so, wanted to sneak that into my avatar look.
  6. The body does look like, with the numbers on the legs and butt dialed down enough - it's around the 'realistic space' before SKING and after Freya. With enough work, you can dial it to a look found in some ethnic groups - whereas SKING is the 'exploitation flick' parody of people with that body form, and Freya / Hourglass are just hints in that direction. I see 'mainstream' as a polite way to refer to bias. 😉 Then again I get why many designers didn't go for SKING given what it represents. Sadly this body is new - and many won't go for it just because of workload. If it h
  7. Did they update the demo - it only had one body size, which I was unable to 'dial down enough' for what I was seeking.
  8. When they don't say BOM very obviously I assume it lacks BOM, because BOM is the new thing and as you count the months backwards the amount of BOM items out there very rapidly diminishes... Even shops that have heavily gone in for BOM, if they've been around for more than a year - will likely have most of their products as pre-BOM items. And only a few brands are 'back converting' things (even though all you have to do for this is save the texture to a skin file instead of put it's UUID into an applier). ... To me, Sasha there looks decided northern European. But then... the hai
  9. They do offer this skin (in the middle, called 'Haku' for Genus, but the product images were made with Lelutka so... no idea what it will look like on Genus: I would recommend Lelutka over Genus or Catwa for anyone who hasn't bought into a line yet. Lelutka EVO is pure BOM and very lightweight, and they're now making heads that are of distinctly different ethnic groups rather than "here's something round and puffy cheeked enough you can dial it out to look kinda like something vaguely this or that" as everyone else does. 😉 Of course I'm also a 'day one convert' to L
  10. Actually yes. INO from It Girls (click this to go to the flickr post from It Girls announcing it): That's the light tone for it. It comes in 7 tones, and the darkest of those, 'cafe' - is basically an African tone with Asian features: - which I got today and did some exaggeration to the eyes for my Neko look. Both of these images are done with the Lelutka 'Ryn' head. So I was also trying to see how far I could take that head away from it's original look... I'm purposefully trying to mix 3 things here: African, Asian, and non-human. I wanted to hint a bit of Asian
  11. Minor thread necro, since it's a little less than a month. But lelutka has two really good Asian heads now. One female and one male: I got Ryn on an alt, and am demoing it on a very different looking alt right now to see how far from that base look I can get and still look clearly Asian. Seems to be holding up well. Also just found out than in the full purchase, there's a head where I can make the ears 100% vanish, so plan to demo ALL their female heads now for Pussycat as these are a LOT less 'GPU and script' heavy than what I currently use. /Side rant f
  12. Never confuse a youtuber or instagram influencer for a 'noob'. They always come into anything with an agenda. Not necessarily bad or good - but an agenda designed to drive up their own audience - and that will shape how they approach what they do. These are people playing a persona for an audience - and that drives their responses. If you're lucky you end up on the good side of it, if not you get roasted by them. But that is not a 'noob'. It's as real as 'reality TV'.
  13. This whole group chat bug is becomming my new big pet peeve... Every one of my alts has access to a different set of random groups... most of them 'lack' chat access to any group they own... Leaving and rejoining a group fixed it for some, but not others. It's really getting on my nerves.
  14. Remember when nude white women started showing up at Portland protests that were supposed to be about black lives... ... yep.
  15. With a lot of those 'old SL default things' if you can set a texture for them, put in the 'default transparency texture' - it will help hide a LOT of junk. Very often when I buy some product there's some stupid box prim inside my body as a result of it that has a 1024x1024 texture applied to it. After 90-million of those are attached, you can lag into a block of solid ice while not actually appearing to have anything on... so if they're mod... I also replace those with the 'default transparency texture'...
  16. It's scatter shot for me. Some of my alts can see what I post to my own groups, some cannot. I can't see anything I post. Some of my alts can read groups, some can read none, some can read some. I seem to be able to read chat from one group - but not any others. I've tried checking across multiple viewers.
  17. It's not 1848... Suggesting people go vote is no longer and should not be seen as a 'political statement' in most of the world...
  18. Today I noticed all my groups seemed unusually silent... Started to get suspicious so I logged in an alt and sat them side by side using my own land group to spam myself and found that not only did I not see my own messages, my alt didn't see most of them either, and vice versa. Across both Catznip and Firestorm so far. I can send my alt IMs back and forth, and local chat - but not groups. Is this the new thing today, or just me?
  19. It's a sidetrack... but... if you look at the furry body parts out there - you will see they are often as feature rich as the human parts, but with more simple, elegant, and less laggy solutions. These people could do the human parts, without loss in quality, in fact likely improvement in quality, and do it with less work needed... because a lot of the bloat in the human parts is not because they want some feature, but because they don't know how to do it the right way. On the one hand you have a set of people passionate about 'gaming graphics' who have been in and around 3D models m
  20. I get that... but.... "you can work at Starbucks, or you can own Starbucks..." which one of those job offers should you take.
  21. I've made the error of buying that head and... "quality itself is okay" is not how I would describe it... More correctly I would say... for some odd reason, no one has chosen to compete with this person, so they own an entire market segment... I imagine that if even one of the furry avatar brands put out a competing head, or if a human head brand put out an anime head - the store in question would dry up ASAP. It's an entire market segment... a HUGE one judging by the number of 'anime video games' that keep coming out, that in SL only one person has chosen to sell to... Kind of
  22. Technically it refers to which side of the tennis court you choose to sit on when the King of France declares you must all meet to do tax reform. 😜 (And yes... that's actually where it comes from... little known fact that the French Revolution that resulted in all those heads rolling was started by the King... Put that at the top of your list of 'things that had unintended consequences'). If you sit on the right, you believe in absolute power of the monarchy as ordained by god. If you sit on the left, you believe the legislature should have the right to submit proposals. If you
  23. Anyone who thinks CNN is left leaning is not worth bothering with anymore... CNN is center-right. If you want Center-left look for Vox. Ezra Klein in particular is the best example the USA has of deep-dive centrist media analysis in his podcasts. (my mind often jumbles Vice and Vox as the words are similar, so I had to edit this to Vox...) If you want closer to almost left look at DailyKos (they not only endorsed Clinton over Sanders in 16, they banned Sanders supporters - thus marking them as more centrist than left). If you want actual left, you've got Berkeley's KPFA,
  24. Contact tracing has shown almost 0 infections as a result of BLM gatherings. - that is a bit odd, but it's also the data. I guess wearing masks helps. 😉 Most of them come from larger public gatherings WITHOUT masks. Weddings, Hitler's MAGA rallies, 'coming out parties' for nominees, school openings, that sort of thing.
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