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  1. Thank you all very much for your helpful replies. I actually use Firestorm. I will try to get this fixed when I next log in.
  2. Hi folks, Trying to edit a pair of shoes (which didn't work) another unintended consequence of my messing around is now that my avatar is now not standing on the ground, whole avatar seems to be a foot or so above it. Just wondering any way to correct this, many thanks for any help.
  3. Yay! All gone through, money in paypal so that's one less thing to use up my time. Does seem if you requested credit near end of July it will go through without extra verification. Thanks to all in thread for keeping us informed on this change.
  4. Just wondering having the green tick,everything ok as regards verification, and my credit transfer to paypal showing as in progress, will problems arise in 1 August if it's still in progress by then? I did transfer late in 27 july. Thanks for any info
  5. Well mine is green too, converted 10k lindens to us dollars, added my paypal, and did the credit transfer to paypal, which is showing as in progress, I believe it takes up to five days to complete this, am I correct in this? I really hope there are are no hicups. The fees are quite hefty almost 2 dollars to convert the lindens to dollars and a further 3 dollars for the credit transfer to paypal. If a problem does arise with this transaction how good usually are lLabs customer service in sorting it out? I have a free account by the way.
  6. Thank you all for the kind help.
  7. Thanks for replies, the body is jenny, now I get it, can I ask though, if I do hide a part of the body in the Hud to enable clothing to fit better, and then was to remove that item of clothing inworld, I take it that in this case a part of body would still be missing, unless, 1 I enabled it in the Hud, or 2 was to save an outfit where the clothing was already removed and full body is showing in the Hud? many thanks for all your help
  8. Hi folks, I have managed to get the Altamura Bento avi together, but when I click on one of the many points in the HUD a part of the body corresponding to where I clicked disappears, I don't understand the purpose of this, if anyone can enlighten me, many thanks. also is it possible to get inexpensive clothes for this avatar, make up etc? thanks a lot.
  9. Ok folks, I have a classic avatar and wear some mesh shorts with an alpha layer, that came with them. I notice that if I take off the shorts without taking off the alpha layer first then that part of my avatars is transparent, so I have to remove the alpha layer first. Just wondering when getting involved in intimate situations in SL does it make things a lot easier just to create a separate outfit for each stage of undress, rather than go through the lengthy process of removing alpha layers and then clothing etc. Thanks for any help Sara
  10. Thank you all very much, enough food for thought here to get me really started again as I have forgotten a lot of things. Sara
  11. Hi Just came back to Sl after a long break and selected a new avatar, one of the stock and I think it's mesh, as it's wearing an alpha. Anyways the clothes are painted on, so it seems, no way to change them or take them off. To be able to do this do I just need a new shape and skin, I do want an all free avatar don't mind if it's not mesh? If the shape and skin and some clothes is all I need for the above, do you know if any good places where I could get same as to be honest I don't have a lot of rl time to spend getting it all together? Many thanks for any advice. Sara
  12. Great post how time flies. ;)
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