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  1. you people are toxic, I prefer to delete my questions for it seems you only go around looking for others to make fun of BYE
  2. The story goes like this: I'm super newbie on this creation stuff. If you're not tolerant at all, please ignore this topic. So, I completed this Oema Resident tutorial I watched on Youtube about clothes for SL. All good and dandy for the first 30 minutes. Then she says something about using blender, UV Maps and rigging. Her following tutorials are somewhat confusing for she goes from working on a dress (Marvelous) to rigging a blouse (blender) I've never heard of the word rigging before, and as far as I've understood it has something to do with clothes and avatars movement (????) Apart from downloading blender, I kind of got the idea that I needed the avastar add-on, which only made everything more confusing. I know what UV Mapping is about for I have some experience with cc thanks to the Sims 2 To be fair honest, I don't care for creating skirts or dresses, if that's what this rigging concept is really about. I'm down to learning from a to z when it comes to something with a niche opportunity (glancing at my business diploma here 🤣). And by that I mean that there are more than enough creators supplying the basics of fashion market (clothes in general) Is this rigging process really necessary for all sorts of clothes? I could focus on some components in particular, not fashion as an overall Do you know any tutorial that goes as far as teaching how to create AND upload that content to SL? I was getting the hang of Marvelous when I realized I couldn't complete the work on the sole software, and this ultra nice girl from the videos didn't make a follow up on the dress. Don't even get me started on blender... it goes beyond my daily dose of new concepts ☺️
  3. This is more of a question than a I'm looking for a job thing Since I speak four languages and I have some spare time thanks to the pandemy, it occurred to me that I could help people in SL learn a new language. It wouldn't be for free, of course, taking into consideration learning a language takes years of practice, money, time, etc. So I rather ask first than waste my time later: would it be profitable? I don't mean I want to be rich (I'm well aware SL is not as popular as it used to be when I was a teenager) but I couldn't charge less than 600$ linden per hour. Otherwise, I might as well teach in RL, which I truly dislike (those 2.5 dollars are not even minimum wage) I've considered immersing myself in creating clothes and whatnot, but I have zero to no experience and it would translate into not being profitable in the near future To make a story short, I'm one of those homos sapiens that can't stay put and need to learn/create something new every single day of their life. I love SL for its social advantages, but I want to get something for my personal benefit too. On the long term, if I'm not getting anything from being in SL, I know I'll abandon it again. Fun it's not enough for me in any aspect of my life, I'm more of an intellectual (boring I know 😆) What's your input?
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new to this modifying avatars stuff in Second Life and I haven't played in years, so I don't know much about mesh, skins, etc, but I'm learning. I have a limited budget to beautify myself, so I don't want to waste money or double spend for ignoring information. My specific question is: which body mesh is better? So far I have come to the understanding Maitreya and Legacy are the most populars on the marketplace. The thing is, once I used the Maitreya demo, I didn't know how to modify the HUD to make the breasts bigger and not so far apart from each other, or if this was even possible. The ideal body for my avatar would be something like the one presented in the previous image. She is clearly wearing a skin, but here my question is related to the anatomy (shape) of the body. Which body mesh is she using? In this other image the body looks more like Maitreya's. However, the breasts are bigger than the original one, as well as the thickness of the legs, so I don't know if it really is Maitreya's or some other. Another question perhaps a little less important: why is it that Legacy's body costs twice as much as Maitreya's? Is it because its quality is better, more realistic?
  5. Hola a todos, soy nueva en esto de personificar avatares en Second Life y hace años que no lo juego, así que no sé mucho de mesh, skins, etc, pero voy aprendiendo. Tengo un presupuesto limitado para embellecerme, entonces no me gustaría desperdiciar el dinero o tener que gastar doble por ignorar información. Mi duda puntual es: ¿cuál body mesh es mejor? Hasta ahora he llegado al entendido de que Maitreya y Legacy son los más populares en el marketplace. La cuestión es que una vez que usé el demo de Maitreya, no supe cómo modificar el cuerpo para hacer que los senos fueran más grandes y no estuvieran tan separados, o si esto era siquiera posible. El cuerpo ideal para mi avatar sería como el presentado en la imagen de arriba. Claramente está usando un skin, pero aquí mi pregunta está relacionada con la anatomía (shape) del cuerpo. ¿Cuál bodymesh está usando? En esta otra imagen el cuerpo se parece más con el de Maitreya. Sin embargo, los senos son mucho mayores que la forma original, así como el grosor de las piernas, por lo que no sé si realmente sea Maitreya o algún otro. En otra duda quizá un poco menos importante, ¿a qué se debe que el cuerpo de Legacy cueste el doble que el de Maitreya? ¿Es porque su calidad es mayor, más realista?
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