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  1. Starter intro to the Fermi Paradox: This series attacks each 'answer' to the paradox, one at a time:
  2. The fermi paradox is a term for the problem of - why are there billions of likely habitable worlds in space, in our galaxy alone, and yet we've yet to find any evidence of alien life. Fermi paradox refers to all the various theories about why this is. One of them is called the 'Great Filter' - a theory that maybe something will wipe out any intelligent species before it gets too far... Usual topics include nukes, climate change, pandemics, burning out resources, and so on... and people then debate whether it makes sense or not - especially given that it's only a Great Filter to the level
  3. Seems like a conceptual blend between 'Tron' and 'Truman Show'. The trailer at least makes it look really good.
  4. Don’t cry for my White House staffer. πŸ˜‰ The truth is, I will infect you All through my tweeting My mad existence I broke my promise won't keep my distance
  5. You're new. There's a difference between ignorance (not knowing) and stupid (not wanting to know). That you came here to ask, realized you were in the wrong, and then rectified things well; shows you in a good light. Best of luck to you in SL - you may not think so but actually, you're starting off on the right way.
  6. If all of your stuff is off of their land, just edit everything in your skybox and add or subtract 1000 to the 'z' value. As in... move to an unoccupied height. You may have been first at that height, but you were also originally over their land - so etiquette wise it's best if you be the one to go to a new height.
  7. It's a tech company. It's an energy company. And it's a lot of other things. But it's not a car company.
  8. Of course it won't... πŸ™‚ There is a faction of people that hate these signs for the very message on them. That faction is the bulk of those complaining. I suspect they are ALSO the ones using them in a manner to 'scare others off' much as griefers used to grief by spamming folks with particle photos of Obama... - They hate the message, so they view it as scary - and so it becomes the tool through which they try to generate outrage and fear.
  9. Those signs DO violate the rules for the height of signs. AR them for that reason. Everything stated in them is correct and something I agree with, and I've often had similar signage on my own land. But there is a way to display things if you want to communicate and a way to display them if your intention is to force people to 'pay you' to get rid of you... You can display messages in a manner that 'fits into' the area better:
  10. California has had cyclical droughts since we had to deal with mammoth's pulling up in the parking lot and taking our spot next to the cave... It's the nature of this land. Away from the direct coast most of it is desert - and that was, until the lat 1800s, wetlands. The entire San Joaquin Valley of Central Cali - basically Sacramento to Bakersfield - was one massive huge swamp that the white folks drained in the name of Capitalism. That's only made the desert dry aspects worse. We're called the Golden State for a reason - and not the mineral, but because every year all of the native
  11. Yeah I wondered why he had a weird crotch area - the 'gap' seemed to high or something. That noted, a lot of the "mainstream brands" are basically bodybuilders with a combo pack of script bloat and polygon excess... 'Why is everybody a lesbian in SL, even the gay guys and straight women?' 'Have you seen the male bodies this platform has?'
  12. Right now my recommendation is to demo everything from Lelutka EVO and Slink - because those are native BOM and the lowest in lag. If and only if you fail to be able to make the look you want from them, start demoing other brands. The Catwa 4.x will be lower lag than the new Catwa HDpro's, because the new ones are using high rez textures in more places and have added rather than reduced complexity and scripts, even though they are more BOM supportive. LAQ will be even lower script and complexity though. I can't speak for Genus as I've not gotten past demos. You're not a neko - as tho
  13. The problem there is one of false equivalencies. If I make it my political stance that the moon is made of blue cheese and we need to spend 90% of our budget preparing for the incomming Martian invasion fleet. And you say the moon is made of cosmic dust and rock fragments of the primordial Earth, and that Mars is a bunch of red lifeless sand - that if it has life, that life is at most early stage simple organisms - but the chances of even this are slim to none... - should we get equal billing to balance out the biases when my stance here is clearly that of 'wingnut and crazy'... πŸ˜‰
  14. Nikola's attempt to abuse the DMCA against youtube news channels backfires, and comes to an end: Nikola tired to claim it was an 'innocent mistake due to a flaw in YouTube's copyright algorithm but YouTube came back and said 'that's not how our algorithm works.'
  15. Today I learned that the descendants of Atlantis are real, and they walk among us in secret, concealed by their dapper fashion sense for tuxedos: https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/animals/a34196523/penguins-come-from-zealandia-lost-eighth-continent/ Your guide to spotting an Atlantean:
  16. Biden's tested negative. And off stage attendees - only the lunatic klan fringe was maskless... so that Klan is now worried. What worries me though, is Herr Trumpf has the best doctors in the world, will likely recover quickly, and will thus have his belief that the virus is 'fake news' reinforced... becoming further disinclined to assist us peasants...
  17. I'm good with my spots in Bellisseria. I still do have 2 nearly identical house boats because I can't decide between them... But I've been premium since 2009 and even though I rarely do anything social in SL anymore, I'm still there. As for new things. Covid-19 has basically put the entire world on pause... so I'm OK with the delays here.
  18. For all the people who hit like on my suggestion of a southwestern theme, I have found one (maybe there are more, but I've just found one) shop that sells furniture and decorations in that style: Zinnias by Zinnia Karu. Some of it's not as low prim as I wish, but some is, so I've used a few elements from there in my SL home (in particular the rugs which I used to make teleporting around inside my victorian easier).
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