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  1. How do you see threads sorted by reply date, or in other orders, such as by number of responses, number of views, etc.? It seemed to me the recent threads lists is sorted by date and time of thread creation, which is not generally what I want. At any rate, it's possible to create urls to control sort orders for some forum software, and it might be possible for Lithium, but if so, I'm not familiar with how.
  2. Rhonda Huntress wrote: Clear Cache That's got to one of the most made and most seen two word comments in Second Life.
  3. Willow Danube wrote: It's a fine choice..:womanhappy: Concerto No. 4 in G Major is my personal favourite. I'm not able to remember the names of classical music very well. I like all the Brandenburgs. Especially if it's Wendy Carlos on the synthesizer.
  4. Argus Collingwood wrote: Baba O'Riley :smileywink: Also good.
  5. If one is hoping to promote a non-SL related cause by having posts get indexed in search engines, they'll need to find a different forum to do so at.
  6. I'd swear the off topic forum vanished for a while. Now it's back. In the midst of tabbing around I saw a "Sign In" at the top of the screen when I was certainly signed in already. This was right after noticing the Off Topic forum was gone. Then after tabbing around a bit, without signing in, my name showed again, like it should, then more tabbing, and the Off Topic forum was back where had been.
  7. It's always seemed to me that a fast action group building session might be fun. A bunch of people get together and build something like a western town or a space ship, impromptu. This being a group activity it might lead to the formation of friendships. So far I've never seen this idea tested out, though.
  8. I'm getting a generic document showing up in the tabs for this Lithium area of the site, instead of a proper Eye in Hand symbol. Is this what others are seeing?
  9. The phrase "Second Life off topic" doesn't convey a clear meaning to me. Does it mean topics that have nothing to do with Second Life, meaning that one shouldn't discuss SL in the off topic forum? Or does it mean Second Life related discussions that are off topic from the other forum's content descriptions? Or what?
  10. Derek Torvalar wrote: It looks like Greg Lake is not really singing. :smileysad:
  11. Good luck, Mr. Humble. You should be aware that new users who make accounts with the new naming system can't ask questions in the user to user help system Second Life Answers or the user discussion area Second Life Forums. People have lots of technical problems and questions about how to do things when they first start Second Life, and I'll wager that some folks leave SL as a result of not being able to post in these parts of the website. We won't see any comments from new users with new name system accounts here owing to this problem. Merry Christmas.
  12. If it won't let you try it, see Daniel Voyager's blog for a trick to get it to work. http://danielvoyagerblog.wordpress.com/2010/11/18/easy-fix-for-sl-web-viewer-beta/ The suggestion worked for me. The web viewer also worked fine.
  13. What determines if you qualify? Does what browser you have matter? Does what operating system you have matter? If you keep trying over and over, might you eventually qualify? Does logging out of secondlife.com, clearing your cookies, and other such things make a difference in who qualifies?
  14. You shouldn't have to open their profile to copy their name; this should be an option on their avatar context menu as well as being available in the profile. There's bound to be other places it would be useful as well.
  15. I am a landowner, but not a premium account. This is the case for a number of folks who joined when I did, who paid the 9.95 fee which includes the ability to buy land from Linden Lab without paying the ten dollar monthly premium fee, paying only the land use fee. I recently had occasion to file a support ticket because a Linden owned parcel next to mine had land access restriction turned on, causing me to see ban lines. Will I still be able to file a support ticket for causes such as that?
  16. I would like to be able to search the text in the ads, with at least a few operators familiar from search engines like Google, such as being able to exclude results by putting a dash in front of a term, or to search for a specific phrase in the text by enclosing multiple words in quotes. Without the ability to at least search for specific terms and phrases in the text of the pages, the results are not very useful. That's why all the major web search engines have them.
  17. How do I make a feature suggestion for Snowstorm? There's now Snowstorm option in the "Affects Version" lists, nor any other place to select or indicate Snowstorm anywhere I've found in the new Jira system.
  18. What do you mean by structures? Patterns. Things in common.
  19. Such a nice post!. Thoughtful, temperate, clearly written. A model post.
  20. Everyone in SL in a group.... Group chat lag? Ask a question, get a thousand answers, most of which are wrong. I don't think the current chat system could deal very well with such a large group.
  21. What were the groups names? What was the purpose of the groups? Were they groups associated with a business?
  22. You might try using a wired connection instead of a wireless, if possible.
  23. I agree. The suggestion below about unpacking from an attached box overlooks the "within inventory" part of your comment.
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