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  1. Thanks Innula, This looks like useful info giving some idea how to create a menu. I was under the impression that if I left a prim attatchment mod and copy but no transfer that a script could be inserted into it that could clone it and be used to make pirate copies that could also be transfered, so sold on. Do I take it that while my prim objects could be copied if mod+copy, that the textures used on them are safe if the textures are set to no transfer?
  2. I agree with you foe the most part. But who says its a clothing item I'm making Rolig?
  3. Point taken Innula - but I would only expect people to say they thought someone elses work was good, not their own. I'd already found the resizing script that works really well -yay! Going to look at the recolouring scripts later with a fresh pair of eyes in the morning, although even if I manage to get one to work I don't know how to begin combining them into one resize+recolor script.
  4. Yes I agree Dora it is much simpler... but unfortunately that normally means prim items are pirated very quickly even if you don't give people transfer or copy rights. I hate the idea of using recolouring and resizing scripts, but it seems that you have to make your items no modify if your don't want prim items stolen
  5. I need a good script to put into items I have madethat will allow people to resize and recolour prim items they have bought from me. Can anybody recommend a good script to buy, as I have heard all the nightmares about people spending a fortune on over-complicated scripts that just don't work. By a good script, I mean: Low lag and simpleOption to delete script entirely once item modified by new ownerColour choice and resizing combined in one simple to use script.It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just a basic script that will resize the whole multi-prim object and give an option to chose different colours while leaving the texture as it is. So can anybody recommend any reasonably priced scripts they know work, or point me in the direction of some basic freebie scripts I can try to adapt and learn from? Thanks.
  6. Well, interesting that nobody said megaprim products rarely sell, so I guess the general answer is use them when appropriate on 'large' projects, but let people know a product contains them before they buy. ---------------------------------- As an aside, I am going abroad on Saturday for a couple of weeks, so don't think I am being rude if I don't seem to be replying to your postings - I am probably lying on a beach somewhere
  7. Absolutely! After all, some rental properties and Linden homes don't allow megaprims to be used there. People need to know what they are buying in advance.
  8. I'm going to take an increase in the regular prims size limit as a pleasant surprise when it happens - I'm not going to hold my breath though until it happens. Its interesting that you use megaprims yourself, but not in things you sell to other people. Is there a reason why you came to that decision?
  9. Good point Jenni. I must admit, I hadn't even thought of the draw distance issue, but that could be really important to people who have to set a very short draw distance becasue they have slow graphics cards.
  10. I agree Amana. My take on that is to sell the items as no-mod so people can't accidentally try to resize a magaprim, but then to also tell people why, as some people don't realise magaprims can't be resized untill its too late. After all, it would seem a bit unfair to sell a megaprim item as modifiable, knowing that it cannot be resized.
  11. 2 issues here. Here's my personal take on it (even though I can see the logic of the counter argument). A Meter is the real world is an arbritary unit of measurement. Its arbritary in SL too - who said they had to be the same length compared to people's maximum heights just becasue they happen to use the same name? If it makes you happier, just call it a "Linden Meter". Last time I checked, the "Linden Dollar" wasn't worth as much as a "American Dollar" but they are both called dollars. Builds in SL tend to use very high ceilings and wide doorways because generally people are not looking at them from "eye height" but camming from behind and above their avatars head. If they were not built oversized like this the space would feel very claustrophobic to everyone except those using mouselook view all the time. And people like tall ceilings in RL too - its just in RL taller buildings cost more to build so they can't afford them. Sonya x.
  12. Hi, just been having fun creating buildings with megaprims. Its great to be able to make a massive structure and not use up the prim allowance of Bolivia. But I wondered as a merchant, is there a market for buildings using megaprims, or do people generally prefer "regular" prims? (I know the max size of reguilar prims may be increased sometime in the future, but this is about customer demand, not possible future improvements to SL - there are other live threads about that issue) Sonya x.
  13. Hello Brooke, I don't want to jump to the conclusion that I am not getting paid for a lot of my market place sales, but..... The other day I was stood next to my market place box, and it started burbling away to itself in local chat and said it had delivered 3 items. Great I thouight, especially as one item was something I just listed a few days ago so it would have been the first one I had sold (hence these messages couldn't have been about old sales already processed). It would have been over L1000 in total, so I certainly would have noticed my linden balance increasing. Except no corresponding sales transactions shows on my marketplace screen and I have received no payment for these sales. I waited 2 days expecting it was just something that would update itself later, but after 2 days I am starting to think it won't. Is this part of the same problem or something different? Obviously I have no idea how many times this happens when I am not in world and stood next to my market place box. Just in case you want to chase this up, some sixth sense made me take a screen print, showing the messages saying items have been delivered if that would be any use and you want that forwarding to you. Sonya.
  14. I had a similar problem, and Luc Starsider just told me a solution for which I am very grateful. I'll pass it on to spread the knowledge around. Attach the "immortal prims" to your own body. Then you can detatch them and they disappear into your inventory where they can be deleted if you want. It worked for me, hopefully it will work for some other people. Sonya.
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