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  1. If cannot be made us nothing and the rules they don't have value because they are applied different for every person, then he is also useless to speak of it and the same Blog it doesn't have utility (to speak of matters and matters of which nobody knows how to give answer because a logical answer doesn't exist it doesn't have sense ). But I hope that is otherwise, otherwise I would not waste time to write here
  2. I have done as has written Ellla McMahon I have signalled around 20 groups (some also with charter and misleading name evidently)... the result, all exist always ... I would like to understand what the method of evaluation of the LL is on this matter, because it seems me there is different meters of judgment... the cancellation of my two groups seems more always me a something unfair (I premise that the day when these two groups were cancelled I was threatened first from a character (known greefer that has already been cancelled by SL) and that surely he has been him to make report for the groups... there is to wonder as this disparity of treatment is possible and as makes the greefers to have so much credibility... I imagine that can be treated of a mistake or of a wrong evaluation but after to have noticed the error would serve or to return back or to effect the same type of justice for all (i think for equity)
  3. The names of my two groups were: "Second Life Italian" and "Second Life Italy", they didn't have charter and there were enrolled only few friends because they would be due to serve for picking up Italian friends... then they didn't make business... then because to cancel them? does a behavior seem me not equitable, or mistake? and I confirm, the problem is not for me to again have that groups, but that there is clarity and justice
  4. Thanks I had gone to read those pages, also I think that is in violation, for this motive I believe that LL has to intervene for the respect of the rules. I don't believe that is very complicated to cancel one or more groups
  5. I possessed two groups that had inside their name the words "Second Life", one year ago they have been closed telling me that they violated the trademarks (I premise that the groups didn't even have the charter compiled because I didn't actively use them). However everything today I see thousand of groups with the same violation, now I wonder me as this thing is possible, if in my comparisons the rule has been used in wrong way or if this problem doesn't interest anymore. Not is for the 200 L$ but is for a matter of justice, if the rules exist should be worth equal for everybody or mistake?
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