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  1. Do you have an ATI video card? Could be a graphics driver issue. Look here https://modemworld.wordpress.com/2014/12/09/latest-amd-catalyst14-12-drivers-continue-sl-rigged-mesh-woes/ That could be your issue. Not sure.
  2. Charolotte Caxton wrote: I just noticed some of you are tweeting to Rodvick https://twitter.com/Rodvick https://twitter.com/search/realtime?q=Rodvick+&src=typd when I think you mean to be tweeting Rodvik https://twitter.com/rodvik D'oh! haha Thank you!
  3. As many of us have experienced, group chat is fairly often useless. A JIRA was opened on it in Novemember of 2007, more than five years ago. This weekend it was especially bad. The group we have has FOUR members. We're often on the same sim. There should not be any errors. Yet IF we can start a group chat at all (often we cannot) we get dropped messages, messages coming out of order, messages taking 5 minutes to post. It's beyond ridiculous. So in response to LLs attention to this matter, a matter that is critical in a world where communication is the cornerstone of activity and commerce, I have decided to tweet the following EVERY time a group chat problem occurs. @SecondLife @Rodvick Group chat messages dropped or unable to open at all. Why has this not been addressed? JIRAs been open for FIVE YEARS. Maybe a massive and more public flooding of the interwebs with bad feedback might get them to actually look at the problem. I hope you will ALL join me. It's a simple message, and will take but a moment out of your day to post. Though if you get dozens of errors as I do, and post this message after every one, you may spend too much time on it. Use your discretion :P
  4. If it's mainland you can do it through live chat. If it's a private sim contact the sim owner.
  5. Nothing to lose I'll give it a whirl. Thanks!
  6. ah yes. Thanks for the info. I never loaded the SL viewer after my last clean install of Windows. I only loaded Emerald. So there's nothing for it to share!
  7. Really. I lost an entire folder of stuff. But just one so I followed all the usual instructions then figured I must have done something dumb. Anything you could tell me about this bug might be helpful. Thanks!
  8. OMG you're my hero!!!! left alt shift totally turns it on and off. YAY! Thanks you get a cookie.
  9. oooo it does doesn't it?? Of course I can't read anything at that link...
  10. Since I'm not entirely sure what language that is that will be difficult. However, it appears to be trying to translate from the english I type to whatever language that is. So if I type "dog" it will, I assume, give me the symbol for dog.
  11. Yes I have done that and it still appears. *shrugs* sooner or later hopefully somebody will look at that picture and go "ah-ha!" /me crosses fingers
  12. No when I right click it nothing happens. Also when it makes its random appearance I have tried taking off all the items my inventory shows I'm wearing. That doesn't make it go away. It doesn't appear to be a hud. Thanks for trying!
  13. All righty I've tried all of these suggestions and lo and behold...last night I got the silly thing again. Very annoying. I'm going to load the SL viewer and see if I get it with that. Thanks everyone for trying I really appreciate it.
  14. That would be helpful! How can I see who created it?? Nothing happens when I right click on it and it doesn't seem to be an attachment on my avi. Is there some other way to find that info?
  15. I agree I was pretty sure the Emerald team would be more helpful. But they said "no" lol Thanks for all your answers so far everyone. I appreciate you help.
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