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  1. woah woah. PLEASE tell me you're not telling me to delete the 8000+ things in my inventory. ;-;
  2. My fear is that I'll end up not realizing it and end up running around a PG or Mature SIM naked. I"ve been doing alot of "Edit Appearance" today, and it seems to be helping a little
  3. *ahem* Lol, the same thing occured to me and my partner last night. ._. Explain Visual Cache?
  4. Well its not exactly that I'm naked. Its that I'm stuck wearing the non prim parts that I WAS wearing previously while my prim parts change. I've tried relogging. T_T
  5. Nope, no clothing in particular. At random, and I've tried changing at a few places, other than my home. Stilllllllll nothing. What do you mean by structures?
  6. Okaaaay. So, the deal is. I'm looking at myself on my screen, and I see myself as wearing a tank, gloves with prim endings, jeans, boots, hair, ears and tail.. The REST of the world, only sees that my primmy parts have changed, that I've got a tail, ears, prim things on my hands, and boots on. The clothes that aren't prim that I was wearing earlier. Are practically GLUED to my skin apparently, and if I wanted to change skin, my skin is GLUED to my shape. But only to the rest of the world. Not to me. I've stood there and stared at myself with my ALT one day. Nothin'. It seems to take at LEAST an hour or two for my clothes to show up to others. I've rebaked, rebooted, cleared cache, REROUTED cache, relogged, edit -> Ctrl + Alt + R. All that jazz. It stil takes a couple hours. Okay, so, lets go with, a video driver error, which is what I was told once this is. My computer is brand new. Asus (NO! Not one of those big huge bulky heavy duty Asus, just an Asus), bought it less than six months ago. It could be my drivers but who knows. I'd need to find a place that would update my drivers. ._. If its LLs problem, someone tell me so I can go to Cali and kick some bum. O.O Or if its easily fixable and I'm not the only one. HELP.
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