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  1. Sorry to hear you're having trouble. I had some problems with a virtual pet and it did take some time to get the problem resolved but the creator did provide a solution. SL is a great place to hurry up and wait. You can file a ticket using the Help tab at the top of the screen. I do suspect that the Linden's will not have a solution for your exact situation but if filing an additional report will give you peace of mind, then that's what you should do. I would continue to work with the creator until a satisfactory solution can be found.
  2. What about them? Most of the people in my family use them.
  3. You could try to review your transaction history to see if you can match items with customers. Not sure what the rules are for offering a point program or incentives to join a store's group. That way you could communicate and interact with your customers. The Market Place doesn't seem to initiate an (or the) reminder to rate previously purchased products. I don't shop a lot but very few of the creators I have purchased from, sent a follow up IM to see if I was happy. Items not delivered is a serious problem. My transaction history looks just like your's. I purchased objects with names, not
  4. The photo for my blog avatar is very small. How do I make it display larger, like other people's uploaded images? Is the larger photo a Badge? After looking at other profiles, they actually have 2 pictures, the larger seems to be a background.
  5. Check out some of the answers provided from your initial request for info.
  6. The group tier contribution will remain the same from month to month. Yes, I believe that you do have to manually adjust the amount of teir you wish to donate. This question is tricky because if you're just a member of a group or if you own the group may produce an different results when adjusting allowed land holdings. I don't think that reducing tier at a residents account page will remove tier donations to or for group land owned by that resident. The Fog is rolling in. Time for coffee
  7. I don't enjoy change, not sure why. The Blog is better, it will take some time for me to discover all the features.
  8. I use the previous viewer. Previous sounds better than old. Many people do not know how to offer their Calling Cards. Friendship is great but we've just met. Calling Cards are a great way to establish contact without sharing too many abilities too soon.
  9. In my settings I see the feature "Ideas posted". Where is that category?
  10. Like the other residents have stated. Try Rebaking your avatar, try the Test avatar. What changed is always a good place to start. You can open your statistic page and if zero downloads are pending and your frame rate is steady, chances are nothing is happening. Updated data is not being sent to your avatar. Try visiting an empty region. Place your cursor on your ava-cloud and zoom in with your camera on you. Zoom in as close as possible and wait for a minute or two.
  11. I think most of the confusion for residents is in having two menus. A Preferences settings menu and a Develop or Advanced menu. Preferences is for editing general or commonly used features and the Develop or Advanced menu is for editing features not commonly used. I'm not entirely familiar with the new viewer but it appears that most of the changes are a reorganization of previous features. To the best of my knowledge, positive features have not been removed. If you could enable a feature in the old viewer, you should be able to use that same feature in the new viewer.
  12. You can start by using Search. There is a Land sales tab. You can search by type of land, mainland or estate land. The lands maturity rating, PG, Mature or Adult. You can search by land price or size. SL auctions off land that has been abandoned by residents, there is a auction tab in land sales. You can post a Wanted ad in the Classifieds or you can open the World Map and select the Land for sale feature to show land for sale, it will be highlighted in Yellow. Then scroll about the map looking for land you might like.
  13. I like to use Landmarks that I've created from previous visits. The World Map is the most common way to explore and travel. There is a world map at secondlife.com and you have a inworld map. To get an overview of the SL world, I recommend using the map at the website. The inworld map can get a bit laggy if you zoom out too far or enable to many features like events or land for sale to be displayed. You can fly around to travel but in some cases you will need to open your World map to get to the next grouping of regions. Roads are a decent way to travel if you want to explore every detail a
  14. You could ask. You could visit regions with voice. Read a residents profile. There are SL dating/matching services. You can add likes or dislikes to your profile. You could post a classified add. You could open a clothing store and give points for complaints and the avatar with the most points is more than likely what you're looking for.
  15. The Public Sandboxes, regions like Wanderton. I did find a new public sandbox that's usually empty but I can't tell you where that is.
  16. Funny, I don't know which viewer I use. I use the old one. Local Lights is in Preference Ctrl-P. In preferences is Graphics settings and in the upper right corner of that tab is a little (Custom) box that needs to be checked in order to expand that menu. At the bottom of the expanded menu is sun and moon only or local nearby lights. Your viewer may be different. This is how mine works.
  17. I don't want residents to give, send, transfer or offer me L$. A foreign national gave me money. I suspect that this avatar resides in a Country in which the United States Department of State has placed sanctions against. Is there a way to abandon Funds? Maybe a right click on your L$ balance and choose delete from the pie menu? I returned the funds and muted the resident. This is not a solution.
  18. Where is this new horizon? Can you build there? This whole thing is a crappy crappy deal. It's bogus, we are gettting screwed. Love Jack or hate him we are losing people who cannot be replaced. Only private investors can afford to be so stubbornly ignorant. It won't be long until every Linden is a person who was hired last week and has never even heard of SL until they got the job. Well, thanks for all you've done and it's cool that you're just going to sail away and let us sink with the rats who have taken over this ship, ship of fools. I'm sure that we will somehow find reason and fairn
  19. Hey MasterEdward, I think you had a legitimate question and plenty of people vent their frustrations here. I'm sure if I wanted to get quote happy like some people I could find a few interesting comments from them. People who point out other people's spelling errors also bothers me and few of the enlightened ones here have yet to dazzle me with their grammatical perfectionism. The answers for your question deals with rl banking regulations and individual State Laws. I agree that the current system does not serve or properly inform consumers in advance as to the total fees which may be incur
  20. LL is not the problem. We are supposed to have laws which prevent monopolies. The instant you deposit money into your local bank, that bank will lend 10x your deposit. It's called the fractional reserve banking system. A $50 customer deposit enables that bank with $500 in lending power. Let's follow a $50 deposit into a savings account for 1 year @10% interest. The bank lends $100 to 5 different people. Each person pays a rate based upon what a private corporation (credit reporting) tells the bank. Borrower 1 pays 18%, 2 pays 22%, 3 pays 10%, 4 pays 15% and 5 pays 34.99% because of bad credit
  21. I think all you can do is ask the seller to send the item again. This time make sure your not in busy mode or in your request to the seller ask if the item can be delivered at an hour you know you will be off-line.
  22. Productive people and natural resources, are, will be, and have always been the true sources of wealth. Every nation on the planet uses debt notes. Completely fake money backed by nothing more than our agreed belief in its value. This system does work so long as it is not diluted and only if each party to this agreed collective believes that their effort and labor is being properly compensated. I recognize the L$ as having value and I will continue trading Lindens in exchange for time and energy provided from or by, talented individuals. Your question has an answer but that answer would be be
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