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  1. Hey Thanks Void.. I dragged one off the region Im on a mainland region close to the edge and it vanished not to return. BUT the other building was more interesting. I dont know how but it had duplicated over 100 times (stopped counting), but eventually ....gone....Thanks to all of you guys for youe help.
  2. My Doctors, a psychiatrist and a psychologist, have both encouraged me to participate in sl support groups. As I said in my first post they and others like them are looking to see if virtual worlds can be used as a tool to encourage people into communicating and learning life skills involving other people. I mean that is how we exist in daily lives through interaction with others. So they would like to see if worls such as SL can be of benefit. That is why they have asked me to produce a monthly synopsis if you like, on my experiences. They have seen how much it has helped me and maybe it can
  3. Agneponder finished his research to which I was apert of. When he first made contact he emailed his credentials etc and I gladly took part. i beleive he no longer is in SL
  4. Tell me where did I call you anything....that was a quote from a famous psychologist look it up. It must be grand to have such an ego and be so self indulgent. A few days ago I again tried to take my own life ...Thinking that my selfworth was climbing I was feeling that maybe you were right maybe I don't need anyone's help in here and Real life.....Perhaps all I need is conversation and take a walk a day and who needs meds because apparently ....All I need is to keep listening to people like you....you don't have opinions you have ideology you have structures that you believe all people must f
  5. iIm not sure It seems to be these 2 items Almost all of the peices of the buildings have deleted but for some reason there are still 20 or so bits of each that wont delete. If I rez something else I amd able to delet that no problem. Furthermore it seemed to happen as i was moving onto anothere peice of the building to delete and then it stopped doing it.
  6. I have rezed 2 buildings on my land and have tried to delete them but I cant. The delete button is active Icant Take I cant Take Copy and when I hit shoe all owners objects on parcel in the about land nothihg Highlights Also when I hit return The objects dont move. I have tried dumping cache tried V2 and Pheonix Viewers log out Shut down Computer Nothing works Can anybody help please.
  7. One does not need to role play as a psychologist to diagnose one as an a**hole. It is what it is..
  8. Just thought Id post some examples of the paintings. These are given to you to keep at no cost, as appreciation for your support.
  9. Actually I was not making a point al all. Your inference is the same as what we hear every day of our lives. The only conclusion one can draw from your argument is don't go out of the house don't talk to anyone just shut up and stay in your own world. We use voice in our groups a utility that Im blowed if I know why more people don't use. 90% of the time in these groups our conditions are not discussed. Its for friendship[,support and fellowship. We all have our own doctors that we use . As I said we don't use SL as a diagnostic tool but as a treatment tool. And part of these conditions perpe
  10. I have been involved with SL since 2004, periodically leaving and returning, as most do. I have been diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder with suicidal ideation. That basically means that in my depressed episodes I constantly think about and plan the taking of my own life. Whilst in this state I fool myself into waiting “just one more hour, if you still feel the same then do it”, until finally the feeling passes. It can take days for the feeling to subside and after this I am totally drained of energy. As hard as I try though, sleep does not come easy. Another thing I do when the dark th
  11. Hi and Thanks.Its Viewr 2 and every SLURL I click on.
  12. When I click the SLURL for an inworld location of a merchant on the market place. The actual second life.exe file starts to run. Once I let it run and it just reinstalled SL....any clues...Thanks
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