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  1. This is a good idea ... But what i would like to see that is not out here Is actually Furry hunt -- like the other sites have ,,, i look around so much ..See the top furry designer stuff look so dang great .... Mean to get bits of stuff a Better av than the free starters ones . But Can not find any *Pouts* Open up there stores for more sales ..as the more will look at the places . But its just a pipe dream of mine ... AS there is alot that incorpate Furry neko Elf ect loiok together Hopefully a few will do ..... *Mewos*
  2. Hi there - I have a Friend with imwprld - that is asking me Way can't we Use the Ultimaye Gaming card - as it is use wide spread for every thing out here - It is most profitable for ppl to use in here - as like most Vitural worlds they have cards you can buy from wal mart ect - why are not not these methods for second life - it would bring more profit marge to here - as it would be more avalible for most ~!!!! ??? Thank for your time Feline Edit ~! lindens would have a better profit margin if they had more options for paying for lindens ~!! wouldnt you think So!!!
  3. I have done every thing i can think of ~! to remodey this but i can;t log in to Secondlife been trying for 1hr now - is there issues going on right now - if so can a Linden look in to this please and thank you Feline Fireguard
  4. Tnankyou for your Kindness and not making me feel like a idiot Feline
  5. knowl i wil look but lookinmg for something that will work in im too that ill check there and see
  6. it not Spaish - im a Adult living with Dyslexia i have a earning disablity as it is and growiing up was hard for me to even learn my own langaue let alone another - and i have meet a few other in the same boat as me - i have a dopting broither from Mexico and he even tryed to teach me all i did was cry because i could not get it - some of us have barriers in the way that dont help - its not as simple black and white issue here -
  7. I would like to keep this friend , but sad to say some of the thing we wish to say would like to be Privater not for all general chat to soo - thing is he is fron another counrty and we use a translator - get very fusrating for the both of us - and needs to know if there is a translating service for the IM so we can talk- I dont want to loose him thanks Feline
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