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  1. just having the game be skill driven does not include it in "skill gaming" It clearly states that any game that is NOT pay to play is not covered by this. Quite simply is what this says is any game that requires you to pay in and at the end pays out is not allowed. If it is based on skill it will have to be registered, if it based on luck it is gambling and is already not allowed.
  2. Sapph is talking about Drag racing or Oval racing in SL. Normally the buy in for a race is 100L, but it is optional. And its done via a buy in jar that shows who bought in and how much. When the race is over the total amount gets divided between 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners. If you don't buy in and win you simply get a trohpy instead of money. This is the deffinition of skilled gaming I read: “Skill Gaming” shall mean a game, implemented through an Inworld object: 1) whose outcome is determined by skill and is not contingent, in whole or in material part, upon chance; 2) requires or permits the payment of Linden Dollars to play; 3) provides a payout in Linden Dollars; and 4) is legally authorized by applicable United States and international law. Games in which Second Life residents do not pay to play are not within the scope of this Skill Gaming Policy. “Skill Games” are not intended to include and shall not include “gambling” as defined by applicable United States and international law. So if we if we read this, the way we currently do it I guess it would fall under skilled gaming since we "permit" buy ins. It doesn't say requires, it says permits. We also offer a pay out. Even races that don't have buy ins sometimes have a pay out that is donated by sponsors or the sim owner. If you want to consider drag racing a skill or not is sort of debatable because all you are really doing is hitting a button at the correct time and hopping lag is on your side lol. I guess its kind of skill, but its alot of luck too. But the kicker to this is in the opening line "“Skill Gaming” shall mean a game, implemented through an Inworld object:" This tells me that in order for it to apply an OBJECT needs to take your money and pay it out. Not an individual avatar. So there are few things one could do to modify your game to be in compliance. This would be your best choice "Games in which Second Life residents do not pay to play are not within the scope of this Skill Gaming Policy" Simply don't use an object to to take money from a resident and race for fun. Another way would be rather than have racers pay an entry fee, or a "buy in" they just donate money to the sim. Nothing illegal about that, resident can give another resident money for any reason they desire. Just about every sim has a donation box. And then for the winners you can give them prizes like parts, cars trophies or gift cards. The wording clearly states "linden dollars". Another way to do it would be to simply do it out of world on your own website. Would it be totally legal? Not sure, but what I do know is it would be nearly impossible to track or prove since its not done on a linden website. Sort of the same deal as releasing chat logs. You can't do on one of their websites, but they have no control what you do on facebook, twitter or your own blog. I don't think this will ruin racing, its just one more adjustment we will have to make. This isn't nearly as bad pathfinding lol. That really screwed us up and had us scrambling. Then you also have to consider how hard they will enforce or police this. I can't think of a time when I filed an AR and something actually happened lol. Vladi Hazelnut, VP of Kustom Klassics
  3. sse2 is built into your processor chip, its not sometihng you can add. Pretty much all processors use sse2 now so the brand doesn't matter, its the age. I think your only choice is to upgrade your computer. And like stated above a computer with under a gig of processing power and 1 gig of ram is not going to run sl very well if at all. Now adays you need at least a 2 gig processor, 2 gigs of ram and a dedicated video card for sl to work half way decent.
  4. Sharing chat logs only applies to second life inworld or to any website they own or manage. So could you post an IM in group chat or a notice? NO and I have seen people get banned for doing this. Even Sharing them with another person and someone files a complaint you can get in trouble. Same goes for posting it the SL forums or blogs. Not sure if you would get banned for that or if they would just delete it though. What you CAN do is share any conversations or logs anywhere else on the internet as long as that site does not forbid it. So if its a forum not ran by LL, facebook or your own blog you can post anything you want. LL has no jurisdiction. So if you are seeing chat logs on someones private site there really isn't much you can do other than ask them politely to remove it. Oh, and those disclaimers people put in their profiles that say "warning, by contacting me you agree to having your chat logged and shared with others" means nothing. You can not violate the TOS by putting a message in your profile. You would have to tell someone that each and everytime you spoke to them and they would still have to give you consent. Also the part about remote monitoring local chat. It is actually legal if its posted so everyone knows you are doing it. Its doing it without others knowing that is a violation. So if you remote monitor your store all you have to do is put up some signs that clearly state your doing it. LIke "warning, this store is remotely monitored and local chat will be logged and stored.".
  5. I never said they called me a liar, read my post. I said "I was all but called a liar and told that it can't happen" When they got uppity and said its been out and we should have been testing I got a little ruffled since we have been testing and working with them. Feeding them information, showing them snapshots and even making video. The truth of the matter is things we tested got the opposite results when it rolled out grid wide than they did during testing (only two days before I might add). They duplicated our sim on the beta grid just so we could perform such tests. We also tested in the pathfinding sandboxes on the magnum server. On two instances during the meeting I was told what I said couldn't happen. I am not mentally handicapped, I saw what I saw as did the owner of the sim who was testing with me. We worked weeks days and hours coming up with a fix for the problems this would have on our sim and products. And then when it rolled out grid wide it reacted differently and we had to scramble to figure it out. And not only that, when it first rolled our cars and track worked ok. Other sims were having problems. 4 to 5 hours laters all of a sudden our sim starts doing the same. That is just messed up right there. And this was not after a restart or anything, just out of the blue. Then when I try to discuss these issues I am told its not the right place? Was this not a pathfinding meeting? As for reproducing the problems, some of them we can, easily all they have to do is come watch a demostration. Obviously telling them about it isn't enough because they don't believe us. As for things acting differently after the roll out, that one is kind of hard to prove isn't. Unles I take video of every test I do. Which is what I should do in the future. But then again why waste my hard drive space when they just dismiss it anyway. Am I upset, you bet I am. If you thought that was not civilized you might want to know I was really holding back.
  6. remotely listening to chat without consent or displaying signs that is being done. These even goes for your own. Like remotely listening to chat in you store so you know who is there. You have to up sign stating that chat is being monitored. Dropping a chat spy device on someone elses land or attaching to them is against TOS and is a bannable offense. Even if you have this persons permission it is still not legal because you the permission of anyone that person is talking to as well. IF you can prove someone dropped any kind of spying device on your parcel AR the crap out of them.
  7. Ok I went to the path finding meeting yesterday on the beta grid and talked to Falcon and Lorca linden. Well I tried to anyway, for the most part they do not want to hear what we have to say unless we can document it and reproduce it in a jira. When I told them stuff was acting inconsistantly I was all but called a liar and that it can't happen. Then we were advised that it was not the proper place to discuss these issues. However when I asked them were the proper place was, I recieved no answer. They did answer some of my questions though and I did find some stuff out. For most of the issues people are having, especially with vehicles and other stuff is not really pathfinding. Its the new havoc engine they rolled out with path finding. It effects the script call llVolumeDetect which sets prims phantom yet physical. We have opened a JIRA on it if you wish to read more and vote on it. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/PATHBUG-181?focusedCommentId=338678 I also specifically asked what is meant by Optimizing a region for path finding. If it was needed if did not intend to run path findig characters on your sim. And if simply turning the feature off was good enough. First of all, simply turning it off will not help if you have issues. Like I said before this only disable the abality to run characters in that region. Falcon suggested that you look at your sim stats to see if you are indeed having issues. If you are then it should be optimized. If you see no change then you probably don't need to mess with it. The 18 percent or 4ms performance hit is mostly if you are running numerous path finding characters on a sim that is not optimized for it. And even they they said its very rare. They have been watching performance since it rolled out and it doesn't seem to be making much of a difference and they are not getting compliants about it. As much as I hate to admit it, our sim performance actually went up lol. If you want to optimize your region you do need the beta pathfinding viewer and you can do a bulk change setting to the whole region. Here is the page that shows how. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Universal_Attribute_Changes_for_Pathfinding Falcon suggested using the setting to change unscripted items to static objects. you would type in "update-pathfinding-objects region unscripted obstacle" Keep in mind path finding does not see everything on the sim. So you may want to check some of it manually. DO NOT choose "all obstacle" it will seriously screw up scripted items, especially if it moves, like cars and doors. Take my word for it, I learned the hard way. Thank god I did it on an almost empty sim lol. They did also admit they are not done with project yet, but they felt is was good enough to roll out and get it started to see what would happen. And they are still working on tweaking the tools for the actaul vewer release.
  8. Don't think for one minute LL really cares though. We just had one of our employees inworld have her account hacked. We know the times she is normally on and we know how she speaks. Very pleasant and reserved. Well in the middle of the night someone logs into her account. They deleted her whole inventory, removed all her friends and groups and stole 17k+ in lindens. But before doing so sent several nasty messages to other staff members, her friends and me (her boss). These messages where nothing like the way she speaks. And they were calling us names and saying to unban a certian person and so on. This happens to be a person she banned and we filed several AR's on the week before. She logs on in the morning to find out everything she has is gone. Then we tell her about the IM's and she litterally starts to cry (she uses voice). I told her check her account transaction history and guess what, all her money was sent to the person we banned and has been harrassing us. Brilliant move, I thought surely this is a smoking gun and this guy is toast. We have her go through the compromised account prodedure and have her contact LL and we spoke to someone as well. She showed them the transaction and the IM's and asked for a roll back of her avatar and for them to pull the money out of this guys account and back into hers. Suddenly she gets logged out for about half an hour. She logs back in half an hour later and says they put her account on hold until she could verify who she was, and sent her an Email saying they can find no signs that her account was compromised! So it took them what? 15 or 20 minutes to verify no one accessed her account? The did absolutely nothing for her. She didn't get back any of her inventory and certainly not her lindens. And to top it off, this guy and his alts, which we gave them the names of and chat logs where he admitted to them being his alts are still in sl. He didn't even get banned. He is running around spending all of her money. And no signs of compromise? Who logs into sl in the middle of the night, deletes everything they have (hundreds of vehicles costing in excess of 200,000L, clothes and avatar accesseries), removes all their friends, leaves all their groups. And then on top of it transfers all their money to an account of someone she hates, banned, muted and filed ARs on for harrassing and threats. I would think that would be enough suspision to start looking at IP adresses of who accessed her account and when. She also informed them she wants to prosecute the person as well. At the very least he comitted wire fraud and indentity theft. how safe does that make you feel?
  9. turning off path finding in your region will not effect anything. It won't help with performance issues related to path finding and it won't fix any of the glitches the new code has introduced. The only thing it does is disable the ability to use pathfinding characters on your region. And from what I can gather the pathfinding code should not effect your sim performance anyway, unless you are using it. The only reason to optimize your sim for path finding would be if you were actually running path finding characters on your sim. Then you would want to optimize how they interact with the land and prims they are moving around. Pathfinding completey fubared our race race cars and drag strip. So I have been playing to see what effects it really has on the sim and stuff on it. Turning off path finding did nothing, nada, no difference. Sim performance was the same and everything that was broke is still broke. Optimizing it via the bulk setting also did nothing. Ok it did do something, it broke every vehicle that was currently out because I set it to static object instead of movable. But either way it didn't change sim performance, even by a .01 MS. And manually going trhough and trying optimize it didn't do anything either. Then again we are not running any path finding characters on our sim.
  10. just to let those of you know, disabling pathfinding will no effect on the glitches or performance from what I have seen. It just dsables the ability for pathfinding to work.
  11. I am very confused by this. All the testing we did on the pathfinding sims, both on the beta grid and the main grid were of no use. Our vehicles react differently now that it went grid wide then what they did during testing. Hell on the main grid pathfinding sandboxes they reacted different from one region to the other! In one sand box they would drive fine, go to the next one over and the cars sink like they were in mud. Test it on another and its fine again. And supposedly they all have the same code. I would love to hear an explanation for that. I was going to video the problem for you, but guess what, I was too busy scrambliing to fix our cars that are messed up. You know, the ones we supposedly had a fix for a month ago. We asked and asked and begged to know when this was going grid wide and no one would tell us. Then it just gets sprung on us and in come the flood of IMs wanting to know what is happening. Also now we have an issue with cars hanging up on phantom alpha prims. Like the prims we use for staging beams on the drag strip. You stage the cars, the lights drop and the car catches and flips down the track or takes a hard left or right and ends up on another sim. Which double sucks considering how horrid sim crossings are. Imagine crossing one at 400 mile an hour sideways and upside down. You might as well just restart sl rather than wait the 15 minutes for it to correct itself. And the confusing thing is its not consistant. You might make 5 passes and its fine, then it just goes nuts. And these are cars and tracks that have worked fine for at least 2 years. And we have our sim and track on the beta grid with pathfinding so we could do testing. This never happened once to us there so we had no way of coming up with a fix for it or a back up plan. Now our track is down until we can figure it out. Which costs us money, which pays for our sims. We are already letting one go. If we can't get moving forward again really soon we will have no choice but to let the other one go. And we are small time. I know of another track that has 5 plus sims. If they can't race anymore I can't imagine they will shell out over a thousand a month for sims that do them no good. Oh and we disabled pathfinding on the sim, guess what, it made no difference at all. And the performance hits people are talking about. Some mentioned 18% like it was no big deal? if you are already running a sim with heavy traffic that can barely keep up an 18% or an extra 4MS will stop it dead. And if people can't come to your sim to shop, dance or role play guess what will happen. Yep, they will ditch them. Why pay 300 bucks for fake land (which I never understood in the first place) for something that serves you no purpose? Here we all though you were working on making performance better and making the sim crossings smoother. This is just like the vewier 2 fiasco. You spent a year making a viewer no one wanted, and still most people use a third party veiwer that emulates the older viewers. I am simply baffled by the decisions made there. Oh and something completely off topic, but I just have to say it. One of our employees had their account hacked. Someone hacked into it, deleted the whole inventory, left all the groups and took everyone off the the friend list. And transferred her 17K + lindens to his account. She contacts you to see if she can get a roll back of her avatar and her lindens replaced and wants to seek legal action. You put her account on hold and tell her there are no signs of compromise!! Really? She logged in in the middle of the night and deleted everything and sent all her money to an avatar she baned a week before and filed several ARs on? And even showed you the transaction history where he transfered the money to this same avi's account. If that isn't signs of comprimise I don't know what is. And there are huds on the market place that can crash your comptuer to desktop by overloading your video card. In some cases even damaging your hardware. I and others have filed AR's on these products and peole we know are using them. Yet the products are still on the market place and the people are still inworld. How can you knowingly and willing let someone sell a product that can damage a customers hardware? But yet the redzone device that let us detect alts of banned residents gets banned and removed from our inventories? I get more and more confused about what goes on there every day.
  12. You know when I first read this I didn' t think it was possible. I thought the third party viewers could defeat this. I just tested it and does indeed work. I am even on estate and it worked. I set our store to this option and as soon someone walked on the parcel they poofed. And I could not cam in them via the radar menu. Says they are out of my draw distance. However if you are on that parcel you can see and hear everything. So for it to work each dressing room would have to be its own parcel and in order to cominucate with someone you would have to do it via IM or leave the parcel. And it also means that even the owner of the store or sim cannot see onto those parcels. Which means someone could go into them and do what they want. Like start copybotting the store, griefing others or even have wild crazy sex. I guess the sex thing is no big deal since no one can see it lol. What I find odd is that in the 3 and a half years I have been in sl I have never seen anyone actually use this feature.
  13. Here is the problem the way I see it. "There is a serious flaw in this whole business. The Havok7 software needed to make Pathfinding work is simply not compatible with most existing SL physics. Indeed the interaction of ANY object with the Sim ground is going to be changed radically by its introduction." That is easy for people to say, but unfortunately no one is proving it. Hell our Jira on this issue only has like 6 votes. The way it was explained to me at the meeting is there really have not been alot of complaints with issues. And they could not find many during testing. If people all over are having issues no one is speaking up. The issues they have seen come up can either be dealt with, or in their opinion ignored. I was the only person at this meeting that had anything bad to say, everyone else is itching to have it deployed and start messing with it. So based on this LL and the developmnt team are not going to scrap months and months worth of work for something that is effectign a small percentage of residents. And not every vehicle in sl is effected by this. Many still work just fine, it all depends on how they were built. Drag cars a bit different then most SL vehicles because of the way we want them to perform. And all of the other sims I have been to with this code seem to run fine, I think our two sims must be messed up somehow. We were having problems before this happened, and changing the server code just made it worse. This is progress, and sometimes progress is a **bleep**. This surely wouldn't be the first time new code or LSL changes have broken stuff. I remember buiding a DJ booth and paying to have a script written for it only to have new code break some of the features before I even got it released. And this surely isn't the first time we have had to adapt our cars to a new physics engine. I can think of three times it has had major effects on our cars and I have only been in sl 3 and a half years. You are most likely correct though, this is no different than any other company or factory I have worked for. The people that do want to make a quality product and do the right thing normally get overidden by upper management and have their hands tied.
  14. Ok, so after my rant last night its time to eat a little crow. I like mine medium rare with lots of butter thank you. Today while MB and I were in a pathfinding sanbox trying to figure out a work around to this issue Falcon Linden suddenly shows up bearing gifts. He (possibly others) bascially fixed our car for us. Not completey, it still needs some tweaking, but he did point us in the right direction. He said he wanted to make as few script changes as possible but he did give us some suggestions. It still breaks when we hit return but other wise when you rez it out it works just fine so far. As for what he changed I honeslty couldn't tell you, I am not that smart lol. All I heard was blah, blah, blayh physics state, blah blah llsetparameters, blah blah blah. MB seemed to understand it though. Must be some special nerd language lol. So if you want to know what he said you would have to ask MB. We really need to give a huge thanks to Falcon Linden and anyone else who helped him. Within a few hours of us reporting the problem he was on our sim testing the car and running debug tests on the sim. And within less than 24 hours he comes back with a viable solution to the problem. Yes we will proabably have to change our scripts a bit and the way we put the cars together. And update a ton of them. However at least we are not standing in a sandbox scratching our heads wondering where to start. For somene to take the time to do that really impresses me and shows me not all the lindens have given up. The lindens in this forum and Falcon seem to honestly care about the issues so my hat is off to them. But like I stated before, don't expect them to scrap months worth of work because of a few issues. From the sounds of it they think its ready to release. I guess we will have to solve issues as they come up and move on with the times
  15. Ok I did some testing and made a video of it like I said I would do after the path finding meeting today. Here is a link to the video for any lindens that would like to look at it. I tested both on the beta sim path finding area, on the main grid at our sim, which was switched to the main server while I was on the beta grid, and at a Magnum sand box. As you will see the car worked fine on a regular sim, as in the second life sim with the old code. The vehicle failed to function properly on both the beta sim and magnum sandbox. As for getting out of the car and back in it you will notice that when you hit return the car breaks again. And yes if you back up long enough the car may start to move forward. However it drags really bad and will pull hard, nothing like how it should work. These cars are designed to run the length of a sim in 3.1 seconds at 144 mile an hour up to less than a second at speeds well over 450 mile an hour (max sl physics). And they need to do it straight, no pulling or veering. Also any extra friction will cause the cars to run slower than what the cars and tracks are designed for. As for the script you are using, I assume its the one in the freebie kart? Don't even bother with that thing, its nothing like any decent car script in sl and if you put that in a regular car no one would buy it. I will be honest here, I don't script so I can't get all technical on you. What I do know is I own a lot of different sl vehicles and that Kart is pretty much junk as for how it operates. And for those of you that are curious, they said in the path finding meeting they are aware of the vehicle problem, but are still planing on rolling this out grid wide because it only effects a small majority of the people. They did not say when this would happen though. Someone asked what the next step was and they said to release it of course. When I showed concern about them releasing it when we knew it had problems they kind of laughed it off. So I am not so sure how serious they are going to take this. They might help us try to figure out why it does it, but don't expect them to not release it grid wide because of it. It doesn't seem to be a big issue for them. But hey, at least they didn't tell us to clear our cache lol. And I am tired of hearing about how it might be how the cars are scripted, like you are inferring they are not scripted correctly. They worked fine until someone started mucking with the code, like for years. Are these people supposed to be able to script for the future when we have no idea what is going to be done to the code? I already know of two people that have quit sl over this, and if it roles out grid wide without a fix I see a lot more following. What is the sense of shucking out 600 us dollars for two sims if they don't work for what we wanted to use them for. But hey at least your newbi blow up doll will be able to follow you around without hitting the end table. Sorry if I sound a little upset, but I am.
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