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  1. just having the game be skill driven does not include it in "skill gaming" It clearly states that any game that is NOT pay to play is not covered by this. Quite simply is what this says is any game that requires you to pay in and at the end pays out is not allowed. If it is based on skill it will have to be registered, if it based on luck it is gambling and is already not allowed.
  2. Sapph is talking about Drag racing or Oval racing in SL. Normally the buy in for a race is 100L, but it is optional. And its done via a buy in jar that shows who bought in and how much. When the race is over the total amount gets divided between 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners. If you don't buy in and win you simply get a trohpy instead of money. This is the deffinition of skilled gaming I read: “Skill Gaming” shall mean a game, implemented through an Inworld object: 1) whose outcome is determined by skill and is not contingent, in whole or in material part, upon chance; 2) requires or per
  3. sse2 is built into your processor chip, its not sometihng you can add. Pretty much all processors use sse2 now so the brand doesn't matter, its the age. I think your only choice is to upgrade your computer. And like stated above a computer with under a gig of processing power and 1 gig of ram is not going to run sl very well if at all. Now adays you need at least a 2 gig processor, 2 gigs of ram and a dedicated video card for sl to work half way decent.
  4. Sharing chat logs only applies to second life inworld or to any website they own or manage. So could you post an IM in group chat or a notice? NO and I have seen people get banned for doing this. Even Sharing them with another person and someone files a complaint you can get in trouble. Same goes for posting it the SL forums or blogs. Not sure if you would get banned for that or if they would just delete it though. What you CAN do is share any conversations or logs anywhere else on the internet as long as that site does not forbid it. So if its a forum not ran by LL, facebook or your own b
  5. I never said they called me a liar, read my post. I said "I was all but called a liar and told that it can't happen" When they got uppity and said its been out and we should have been testing I got a little ruffled since we have been testing and working with them. Feeding them information, showing them snapshots and even making video. The truth of the matter is things we tested got the opposite results when it rolled out grid wide than they did during testing (only two days before I might add). They duplicated our sim on the beta grid just so we could perform such tests. We also tested in the
  6. remotely listening to chat without consent or displaying signs that is being done. These even goes for your own. Like remotely listening to chat in you store so you know who is there. You have to up sign stating that chat is being monitored. Dropping a chat spy device on someone elses land or attaching to them is against TOS and is a bannable offense. Even if you have this persons permission it is still not legal because you the permission of anyone that person is talking to as well. IF you can prove someone dropped any kind of spying device on your parcel AR the crap out of them.
  7. Ok I went to the path finding meeting yesterday on the beta grid and talked to Falcon and Lorca linden. Well I tried to anyway, for the most part they do not want to hear what we have to say unless we can document it and reproduce it in a jira. When I told them stuff was acting inconsistantly I was all but called a liar and that it can't happen. Then we were advised that it was not the proper place to discuss these issues. However when I asked them were the proper place was, I recieved no answer. They did answer some of my questions though and I did find some stuff out. For most of the issue
  8. turning off path finding in your region will not effect anything. It won't help with performance issues related to path finding and it won't fix any of the glitches the new code has introduced. The only thing it does is disable the ability to use pathfinding characters on your region. And from what I can gather the pathfinding code should not effect your sim performance anyway, unless you are using it. The only reason to optimize your sim for path finding would be if you were actually running path finding characters on your sim. Then you would want to optimize how they interact with the lan
  9. just to let those of you know, disabling pathfinding will no effect on the glitches or performance from what I have seen. It just dsables the ability for pathfinding to work.
  10. I am very confused by this. All the testing we did on the pathfinding sims, both on the beta grid and the main grid were of no use. Our vehicles react differently now that it went grid wide then what they did during testing. Hell on the main grid pathfinding sandboxes they reacted different from one region to the other! In one sand box they would drive fine, go to the next one over and the cars sink like they were in mud. Test it on another and its fine again. And supposedly they all have the same code. I would love to hear an explanation for that. I was going to video the problem for you, but
  11. You know when I first read this I didn' t think it was possible. I thought the third party viewers could defeat this. I just tested it and does indeed work. I am even on estate and it worked. I set our store to this option and as soon someone walked on the parcel they poofed. And I could not cam in them via the radar menu. Says they are out of my draw distance. However if you are on that parcel you can see and hear everything. So for it to work each dressing room would have to be its own parcel and in order to cominucate with someone you would have to do it via IM or leave the parcel. And it
  12. Here is the problem the way I see it. "There is a serious flaw in this whole business. The Havok7 software needed to make Pathfinding work is simply not compatible with most existing SL physics. Indeed the interaction of ANY object with the Sim ground is going to be changed radically by its introduction." That is easy for people to say, but unfortunately no one is proving it. Hell our Jira on this issue only has like 6 votes. The way it was explained to me at the meeting is there really have not been alot of complaints with issues. And they could not find many during testing. If people all
  13. Ok, so after my rant last night its time to eat a little crow. I like mine medium rare with lots of butter thank you. Today while MB and I were in a pathfinding sanbox trying to figure out a work around to this issue Falcon Linden suddenly shows up bearing gifts. He (possibly others) bascially fixed our car for us. Not completey, it still needs some tweaking, but he did point us in the right direction. He said he wanted to make as few script changes as possible but he did give us some suggestions. It still breaks when we hit return but other wise when you rez it out it works just fine so far.
  14. Ok I did some testing and made a video of it like I said I would do after the path finding meeting today. Here is a link to the video for any lindens that would like to look at it. I tested both on the beta sim path finding area, on the main grid at our sim, which was switched to the main server while I was on the beta grid, and at a Magnum sand box. As you will see the car worked fine on a regular sim, as in the second life sim with the old code. The vehicle failed to function properly on both the beta sim and magnum sandbox. As for getting out of the car and back in it you will notice
  15. Still waiting on answer as to the location you did your testing. And you just tested with that one kart vehicle? That is nothing like any of the cars we actually drive. If you need samples to test just ask most of us will give them to you. Not like you can't just take them anyway though. Or let us get involved in the testing before you put it on a public server. MB is even in the beta testing group. We could have told it was messed up in matter of minutes. Even if we did get the cars fixed to where they worked right, the sim is still so laggy compared to other sims its futile to do anything.
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