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  1. Are there any instructions anywhere for mac users? My mouse doesn't have a right-click, for example. Usually, if you hold down the Option key while clicking, that substitutes for a right-click. That doesn't seem to work in SL. People are telling me to right-click on these Library/Clothing/Initial Outfits folders, and the option-click does nothing. If I use the Command key, it weirdly only seems to work about 20% of the time. I don't know if that's because I have to hold down the Command key BEFORE I click on something, or I have to release it AFTER I drag the folder somewhere? What's the real way to do this?
  2. I am using a mac. This mouse has no right-click. Normally you hold down the Option key while clicking on something to get the "right-clcik" drop-down menus to appear. That doesn't work in SL. Where are the instructions for mac users? When I was trying to change my avatar, I kept trying the option-click and nothing happens. If I use the command key, it only worked about 20% of the time. Is that because you have to hold down the command key, then click, then drag, then release the mouse, THEN let go of the command key? I've been trying to drag folders onto the avatar a hundred times, and like I say, it worked about 20 times. What is the real method I'm supposed to be using?
  3. I just went back to ask a question, and the email option isn't there. I don't get it. Why is it there sometimes, and other times, you can't see it and the question just disappears into the ether?
  4. My avatar used to have a "Fantasy Male" body. Somehow I changed it to a "Boy Next Door" body. Now I can't figure out how to change it to something else. Do all the Male Fantasy bodies have pointed ears? There are no other body options that I can find. And how do I change the hair? I've gone from "My Appearance" to "Edit Outfit" to "Body Parts" to "Hair." Under the heading of "Hair," all I get are "Eyebrowshapers." I don't know what that means. Nothing happens when you click on any of them. Where is the hair? And why are "Wear Item," "Save," and "Undo Changes" all greyed out so I can't click on them?
  5. There a checkbox that says, "Email me when someone replies." Why is that checkbox there now, but was not there last time I posted a question? Why is the checkbox under a heading that says, "Subscriptions?" Subscriptions to what? Apparently it is pointless to ask a question unless the email checkbox is there. I asked a bunch of questions about my avatar yesterday, but because there was no checkbox for the email reply, I can't even find where those questions went, and I have no idea if anyone answered them.
  6. Are you saying that I can go to the applications folder and get into this viewer without even being on the internet? How is that possible? The "Viewer" has to be on the internet, doesn't it? (I'm ready to believe anything now!)
  7. Okay, now I have three questions. When you say, "Log out and log back in," are you saying: 1. Log out of the Safari browser, or 2. Log out of Second Life, or 3. Log out of this "Viewer" everyone is telling me about? How do I tell the difference between the Second LIfe web page and the "Viewer?" I don't understand what the difference is between Second Life and the "Viewer." Apparently it's not enough to bookmark the Second Life website, I have to bookmark the "Viewer" too? Or is the "Viewer," like the "Appearance Tab" is NOT on a web page at all? I don't even know if I'm logged in or not. I've spent so much time on this forum thinking it was part of second life, how do get to this "Viewer" thing from here?
  8. Okay, it's only taken about 25 Q&A's for me to get the idea that this forum is NOT IN Second LIfe!!! (WTF???) How do I go from THIS Forum back to wherever the hell my avatar is NOW?
  9. Okay, now this is my first real clue in hours. Apparently SL is a new plateau in jargon deciphering. Although everywhere else I've ever gone on the internet for the last twenty years is referred to as a "website," SL doesn't CALL it a website, they call it a "Viewer." I have no idea when I'm in the viewer and when I'm not. Yes, I downloaded the viewer, twice, in fact. Yes, I saw the avatar once, which is when I realized it was female and that I had made a mistake when I signed up and didn't pick one of those male thumbnail pictures. So far this initial mistake has caused me four hours of pointless lost in space questions and answers. So how do I know when I'm in the Viewer, when I'm not, and where do I go to find my avatar again so I can click on it and change it? I have now finally realized that there is no URL to go to, like everywhere else on the internet except here.
  10. I'm starting to wonder if the reason none of these answers are making any sense is because this forum is or isn't what you guys are referring to as "inworld." I assume that by "inworld," you are talking about "in Second LIfe." So now my question is: "Is This Forum "Inworld?" Because if it isn't, that means that every time I go to ask a question, then I am sudddenly no longer "inworld?"
  11. Okay, this link just goes to the same place I was talking about before. It "explains" what to do, but doesn't go to where you do it. Where is it? Where is the "My Appearance" "TAB?"
  12. Man, I don't even know where my avatar is. anymore. How do I find that?
  13. I have no idea why you are asking me that. Of course I downloaded a viewer. How else could I be here asking questions? And why didn't you just send me the URL like I asked?
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