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  1. Hi what I need is another layer for Maitreya. I've tried finding fullperm clothing that would lay close to the skin, but none is close enough. UV map doesn't matter, though ideal would be the default body UV. Ideally if anyone knows of a way to do this, let me know. If it requires a custom rig, also let me know including the price - it doesn't have to be an exclusive mesh. Here is why: I need to be able to apply scrapes, cuts and bruises automatically, without a dialog, and be able to fade those over time via script. I know there's at least two systems out there, but neither fit all that well and both are proprietary which does me no good. Thank you kindly - Jenni Darkwatch
  2. The ability to actually run on an average PC? A far better new user experience? A miracle?
  3. Like others said before, its a complex issue. One reason to limit scripts on venue patrons is responsiveness of things like danceballs and/or scripted vendors. Since sims don't prioritize scripts on parcel over worn script (as far as I know anyway, please do correct me if I am wrong), walzing in with scripts that consume a ton of frame time will lag aforementioned danceballs and vendors. It's less the number of scripts, more the time the scripts consume. That being said, having lots of scripts also eats into that time, therefore less scripts = better for venues. There's other things in some venues... like listeners on local chat, as often used in collars. OpenCollar is a prime offender there. Hoe complex ones avi is should be pretty irrelevant for the venue. LL gave us the tools to just turn obscenely render heavy avis into jelly babies or impostors depending on how much our systems can handle. In other words, if you do care whether other people can see you, worry about ARC. If you don't give a damn... go nuts on what you wear. I've seen venues enforce ARC limits, but I think that's pretty silly. Sadly not all creators offer demos to check out how well-made their items are. Many, even from very well known makers, are just flat out crap.
  4. Dual-use Debit/Credit cards as often given out by banks do seem to work btw (at least did for me, I've since switched to PayPal instead).
  5. Or if you use KDE... create a new Window Rule: System Settings->Window Behavior->Window Rules->(Button)New...->Window Class (Application): Exact Match do-not-directly-run-secondlife-bin->(Tab)Appearance & Fixes->Ignore global shortcuts Force Yes Save, apply, done. This will prevent ALT+TAB from working while the viewer has focus, but beyond that it works perfectly. I use those rules for putting SL window-less in the background of my desktop as "wallpaper" Maybe someone else can chime in whether or not something similar exists in other window managers.
  6. Thanks but no thanks. I prefer to review something on my own volition. If anything or anyone "nudges" me to review, I generally give a scathing negative review.
  7. I have one of the cheaper ASUS ROG laptops with an nVidia 860M. SL runs perfectly on it. An acquaintance of mine has a MSI gaming laptop which also runs SL fine. The key is pretty much the GPU. Many laptops have very cheap GPUs which will barely run SL. nVidia tends to work best, followed closely by ATI with occasional problems and with a large performance gap Intel also works, on minimum graphics usually.
  8. Presuming you installed all needed 32bit libs: Remove the libopenal* files from the Second Life lib folder. That forces the system libraries, fixing sound. For the mic... best I could come up with was to download the latest Kokua viewer and copy the libvivox* files from there. If you grab the 64bit version, the libraries are in the lib32 folder. Otherwise they're in the lib folder.
  9. You can split a mainland parcel any way you like. Just remember to lower your tier setting on the dashboard once you abandon the excess land.
  10. A good way to start would be to attend the various discussions and classes, for example these from the Adult Community Education Society group, here's their calendar: Hanging out at various friendly chat circles might also help. My personal preference for hanging out is The Velvet Thorn chat circle, they do have occasional classes too, are usually busy and have generally helpful staff. Dances and bi-yearly auctions help to get to know people if desired. Their webpage is at
  11. Nefertiti Nefarious wrote: Wow ... she's really good. BUT: why can;'t we get mesh that flows and drapes like that instead of stiff forms? Because not many SL residents have computers that are powerful enough to handle ONE avi with flowing clothes, let alone a club full of them.
  12. @bebejee: The reply was to Syo
  13. You can't change the TP destination on Picks I think. All you could do is remove the pick and re-add the pick. If you just want the pick to provide some generic info, go to one of the public Linden sims and create the pick there. I set my picks generic to secondlife:///app/worldmap/Rosedale/92.535/107.401/61.3143
  14. I'd split it into smaller meshes: The railings are repeats of each other anyway. Roof part another. Upload them separately. For the railing parts you can get away with simple box physics, for the roof part you could possibly too, or a pyramid even. Beyond that... yes, use distant impostors for the lower LODs (textures with the ironwork on a flat surface). IMO it should only have this model on highest LOD, everything below almost HAS to be an impostor. Depending on size, the LI for this might end up still relatively high. But well below 50, IMO.