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  1. I guess that depends from which angle you want to see things If you factor in the consumption of bandwidth alone we are talking about 90% if that is not significant or justifies the word plummeting then please forgive me. If you factor in the hardware that is needed to run a sim 15 years ago and is needed to run a sim today you most likely find that we are not "living" on high performance machines. Threads and processes have possibly quadrupled, hardware today can handle up to 32 times more than 15 years ago. They don't need to invest into growing performance or a growing community, they
  2. Regarding Sansar... VR must run on stable FPS or you have puking customers (seriously) 👩‍⚕️ I believe they are in the vicinity of doing it right. Even major studios working for Playstation reducing graphics massively to increase the experience.
  3. My apologies if my points were already mentioned before, I could only fly over the previous 53 pages. Obviously I am joining this discussion a bit late I am in SL since the first year, had businesses on my original avatar and this one and made a wonderful living from it for many years until I took a job as a texture creator at a game design studio Alright let's humor Linden Labs for a second and applaud them for not increasing membership fees since day one... YAY Now let's explore reality.. Server prices have plummeted since they were introduced, the actual expenses are a fraction
  4. I am with Dreamamine, I am defender of Viewer 2 it has many useful improvements, especially wiht the layers and attachments! Having said that, Web Profiles is a giant step into the wrong direction! 1) I am too many clicks away from what I want to do 2) Takes too long to load in comparisom 3) where are my classfied stats? I can't see the outcome of my campaign or haven't figured it out yet how to get it on my screen 4) it always loads my profile when I try to load someone elses profile! Web profiles have advantages for other reasons and I am glad we are having them and still I believe
  5. About 2 years ago when M Linden was announced as new CEO i said to a friend through my old Avatar "i wish they'd hire that guy from the Sims" Well here you are and i should have placed a bet so I don't need to work 12 hours a day in SL to get some food to eat While I really appreciate all the well meant thoughts and suggestions from the nerd parties, what I really want to afford my further existence here is hundreds of thousands of new people and therefore it doesn't matter if my viewer got an opt in facebook button or not! As much SL is a world created by us, I wish there was more support
  6. I don't mind the web profiles and drag and i already got rid off the drag and rop thingie as i found it too complicated in the new viewer, i think the "SHARE" option is the handier solution nowadays! It might be just me but i have recognized a massive improvement in graphics, the camera lense seemed to be differen and it provided a wide angle view which I can't work in the current official release! First time my expensive graphics card had to do some work. Having said that... my first blue screen in Windows 7! With high quality settings I am crashing even when the hardware is capable of 5 tim
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