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  1. I'm not going to read all of what you wrote, but the last few releases of Singularity state "Known limitation is the lack of support for the Quicktime plugin which means that certain types of parcel media will not play. Streaming music and shared media (MoaP) are not affected and are fully functional." You can use another viewer (such as Firestorm) when you wish to view media, or use an older release of Singularity which has the support for it. To do this you'll have to go back a few updates to find one, but there's no other way to work around it as far as I know.
  2. This deal will NOT last long so I am NOT leaving the SURL in this post. If you are interested in renting please message Savannah Christensen for viewing / consultation. Private Residential Rental available 1/4 sim - 3750 prims $4700L per week if paid weekly or $4465 per week if paid monthly Save more with referrals! We're looking for more long term tenants. This rental is perfect for an extended family, or someone who just likes to live it up in style. Why rent from us? Private sim, non commercial, residential only. Lowest prices. Great service. YOU control your parcel and your privacy. All
  3. I am seeking a qualified candidate to work as a Manager for my Shopping Plaza. We have been opened for a year and have recently expanded and added new stores. I have the resources, but I do not have the time to manage inquiries, set up new vendors, and do promotions - and that's bad for business so I need help! We are primarily a commission based shopping plaza. We give high quality vendors the ability to promote and sell their brands without any out of pocket cost or rental payments. The only time they pay us if they're making money! If they don't make money - neither do we. They can add sa
  4. The mesh bodies arent for everyone... I did purchase one... but I just can't find the appeal. I should mention though, that I have a mesh body (Toddleedoo) for my child avatar - which I love. EVERYTHING I purchase is made exclusively FOR this particular mesh body. The fundamentals are the same as far as operation, and while it seems complicated at first... both systems come with notecards that explain everything pretty clearly... but there are a LOT of functions and features, so it's a good read. As far as the adult body... not everything you may want to wear will work with it. A lot of it w
  5. Are you looking for a job in Secondlife? Do you like meeting new people and making new friends? Are you fun, outgoing, positive, and pleasant to be around? Are you able to voice clearly and communicate well in English? Do you enjoy playing games in SL such as Greedy, Skippo, Parcheesi, etc? If you've answered yes to all of these questions we may have the perfect job for you. No experience necessary! Yummy Inc is seeking support staff / greeters for our Bowling Alley and Gaming Area. Your responsibilities will include welcoming visitorsassisting individuals who may need help with games or ammen
  6. We are less than 16 hours into our weekend long event and we have already raised over L$57,000 for the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Wonderful DJs from all across the world have taken turns competing for their chance to win their share of over L$15,000 in cash prizes and they have done a truly amazing job. Come join us, we're having a great time! Right now DJ Papi has taken over the stream and is playing an amazing mix of techno, house, trance, and club dance. Up afterwards we have... 6am-8am - Christian Roquelaure (madfly) House / Tech House / techno / Madstep 8am-10am - Qubitz Grounded (qubit
  7. We are currently looking for assistant managers to help with club operation, club promotions, advertising, and hiring of DJs and Hosts. Our ideal candidates will have high playtime with availability to focus on this job and no others - if you cannot commit we're not interested in hiring you to help manage our establishment. REQUIREMENTS - Must be attentive, fun, friendly, enthusiastic, outgoing, social, positive, and energetic.Must want to be a part of a fun and open community as well as the growth and development of our establishment.Must be respectful to all players, regardless of their uniq
  8. Just a few days away from our first DJ Battle to raise funds for the Elton John AIDS Foundation at Yummy Inc. We have just a few spots available and would like to fill them and have your support! $250L to enter. Each DJ keeps 50% of their tips, the other 50% goes to the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Highest grossing overall DJ will win $10,000L and the Highest grossing DJ per day will win $1000L Visit our website to view the open slots @ http://www.yummyinc.net Visit us inworld to grab a registration form @ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Yummy%20Inc/134/78/12 Not a DJ? That's ok... come
  9. Yummy Inc is currently hiring the following... DJs and Hosts for both venues (Rock Club and Dance Club) - Experience required Gaming / Fishing Tournament Host - No experience needed Club Assistant Manager for both or either venue - IM for more details Rental Manager - IM for more details
  10. FREE Tournament TODAY @ Noon - Team or solo league event! Each lane fits 4 people - you can come with a team or join one with new friends! Come win your share of over $500L in cash and prizes! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Yummy%20Inc/169/159/11 Yummy Inc invites you, your friends, and your family to have some fun at our community bowling alley and game area. Our game area features solo and group games including bowling, skippo, cheesy, greedy, and so much more! We are pleased to offer game tables from all your favorite creators available for you and your friends to use FREE at
  11. I've reserved 1/4 of my residential sim for a wedding business but have decided to discontinue doing wedding as I just do not have time to do them. The rest of the sim is residential rentals (platforms) so you'd be on the ground level by yourself with your own private island. You could add a skybox if desired, but it would have to be at a certain height as to not disturb or intrude on any other resident's space. The lowest platform is my movie theater which is at 900m above ground level, everything else is above that. I'm looking for a LONG TERM renter - residential or possible LIGHT commerci
  12. THIS WEEK ONLY / Try it before you buy it! We're just about finished with our sim renovations! (Not quite done yet... but almost!) We've got people coming to shop but we haven't got our shops filled! So we're offering this special offer to 5-6 quality designers (no affiliate vendors) - Get 1-2 weeks rent for FREE! Just IM me (Savannah Christensen) today to get set up. You do NOT even have to pay for a week to get the free week! Really... that's it... No catch, well... you gotta put out your vendors and follow the rules (listed below), but that's it! You dont need to join a group, you don't n
  13. Are you an awesome DJ? Have what it takes to compete against the best DJs on the grid? Are you a merchant that wants to contribute to the community and promote your business or service? Do you want to take part in a fun event that supports a great cause?If you answered YES! to any of the questions above we want you! Visit us in world or IM Savannah Christensen for registration information. http://www.yummyinc.net
  14. This is a friendly competition and all are welcome to play, however space is limited so please register by messaging Savannah Christensen. Registration is $25L and everyone is welcomed! Come with friends or come meet new ones!! Cash and prizes awarded for high scores! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Yummy%20Inc/213/100/60 http://www.yummyinc.net http://www.facebook.com/YummyIncSL
  15. Yummy Inc is pleased to announce a DJ Battle Royale October 10th, 11th, and 12th. Registration for sponsors and DJs will begin this weekend. This event will feature DJs from all continents, and various genres, competing for cash prizes while raising money for a selected charity organization. Interested DJs should inquire in world as of September 6th or via the Yummy Inc website www.yummyinc.net
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