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  1. Bumping this thread in the hopes of some answers - has anyone successfully gotten a rigged character from modo into SL? (with the correct orientation, no spiky mesh etc) If so, would you be willing to share some pointers?
  2. A bit late, but perhaps you're still evaluating options? I've been using modo since 301 (now on version on 601, never upgraded after) and I really like this tool. The interface is super clean, and their idea of tool pipelines is pretty clever. I use it for modelling, UVing (love the tools there) and sometimes for rendering textures. The scripting API is not too bad either. Never quite got friendly with the painting or retopo modes, never tried the sculpt modes, since I use other tools for these. The collada exporter works fine with SL, as long as you stick to unrigged meshes. For the negative
  3. Thank you, that's exactly the bit I was missing. It's working nicely now!
  4. I'm trying to have an attached prim rotate around the avatar body. According to the table in http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Rotation#Single_or_Root_Prims_vs_Linked_Prims_vs_Attachments llTargetOmega should do the trick, but it's always rotating the prim around its own axis, not around the avatar itself. I haven't been able to find a working example of an attachment spinning around the avatar, anyone have an example they'd like to share? Also, I've been using the "avatar center" attachment point, is that okay for this usage? Thank you kindly for any help!
  5. Uninstalled iCloud, and I can upload stuff again. THANK YOU!
  6. Wow, thank you SO SO SO much. This is exactly my issue. Hopefully there's a way to uninstall iCloud.
  7. Since sunday, I've been having weird issues with mesh and image uploads. I'm using the official viewer Second Life 3.7.16 (294015) with Windows 7 64 bit (up to date with all patches) When I try to upload a mesh, the uploader will indicate the triangles and vertices count as being 1, or 3, or 5, even though the mesh is a couple hundred or thousand tris, and the preview window doesn't show a preview. Forcing it to re-load the same mesh (by clicking "Browse" and selecting the same DAE file) will set the triangle count correctly, but "Generate normals" fails, and uploading fail
  8. Thieves are usually lazy and bad at graphic design. If you see professional quality work with an ad that looks like your 3 year old niece made it with MS Paint - very bad sign. If things smell fishy, google the seller's avatar name and / or store name, to see their reputation in the wider internet. Have they been called out for ripping meshes, on other SL forums that allow naming? New creator? I would suggest getting a blog as soon as you can, and posting not only your new releases, but also one or two work in progress pics or some inspirational sketches or heck, just write about how your fa
  9. Glad to see more modo users around here! I'm still on 302, just haven't seen the need to upgrade so far as 302 does all I need, and then some
  10. There's the option of sharing Collada files via notecards, but of course this is limited by the maximum amount of text possible in a notecard (64kb afaik?), so I agree, the option to distribute Collada files over the marketplace would be very welcome.
  11. I have a mesh which shows a slightly weird behavior on upload. The mesh itself is at 10k tris (still need to optimize, I was just doing upload tests) and when I upload it with autogenerated LOD, here's the issue that happens: - if I don't use generate normals, the mesh uploads fine - if I use generate normals (flipping "crease angle" from 75 to 74.9 and back) on high and medium LOD, the mesh uploads fine - if I use generate normals on high, medium, low and lowest LOD, the upload fails with MAV_TOO_FEW_UNIQUE_VERTICES error, and the debug console message indicates this is an error wit
  12. It's been a month since the last post, so I wanted to ask if anyone has had any success with importing rigged mesh from Messiah? I gave it a few more tries but never managed to get it to work right, unfortunately.
  13. Oblong, that skeleton looks good, and does upload when rigged, though I'm still trying to figure out how to rig it so that the result is not a mess. So far I've only been using the automagic "bone deform" method, but of course in the setup tab the rotated bones do not correspond to the mesh anymore, so the result is a pretty wacky mesh. I suppose one could weight each vertex group individually, or perhaps rig first then rotate the bones, but I'm still going through the docs to learn more about the rigging process. One ugly gotcha with the DAE export: if I export a scene as DAE and then save
  14. Oblong, indeed, looks like it's exactly the same problem. Still no progress getting a correctly rotated skeleton imported, but your pointer was very helpful, thank you! Now back to learning more about Messiah, and hopefully figuring things out.
  15. Small update .. I was doing the effect targetting wrong, which was causing the skeleton not to show up in the export. Also, for whatever reason, the imported bvh ended up having 24 bones, instead of the 21 SL expects. After editing the skeleton in Messiah and exporting with Messiah's Collada export - not going the FBX / converter route, that led to the mesh viewer crashing on upload of the collada file - I managed to get a rigged mesh into SL: Well, if you squint and don't look to close it looks like a proper avatar, right?! Not giving up yet ... and no, not ready to switch to Blender eithe
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