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  1. try to login "at home" if you don't have the drop down box in the startup screen you can activate somewhere in the preferences! If you don't have a home location set it would most likely put you in a region nearby!
  2. i have heard all sorts of things from AMD users... before this version it was displaying shaddows on 20.000 meters height, it would not show shaddows from a prim, only my avatar. I heard from a friend who kinda managed to get the new Version toaccept his card that she has the same problem, shaddows would only show on Linden ground, not on prims and no shaddows coming off the prims (floor not full bright of course) Drivers are up to date for both of us! Working fine with the other viewers and works best with Singularity! I also heard from others that the alpha layers are disabled when they tu
  3. Acheron Gloom wrote: Without the LL viewer we wouldn't have third party viewers... If only I could rate posts 'dumb'... You're right :-) if we only could :-) I said stop developing and not, travel back in time and stop inventing it! LL is about 2 years behind of other viewers based on the speed of "accomplishments" You might not care for any of these features and for many residents the basic mode is just good enough! Having said that, Second Life is based on user created content and since ANY other viewer is making the creation of content as user friendly as possible, LL is c
  4. I believe that Firestorm will be the Viewer everyone is using in 1 year or so, it let's you decide what kind of menus you want to operate with and even the beta is pretty stable already!
  5. Maxine Kohime wrote: Woot woot! It offers all what V2 can give you^^ ..and MUCH MORE! All the stuff you ever have dreamed to have! I dreamt that Ian Somerhalder is gonna merry me! If it's not built in the viewer i will sue you :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  6. I'd suggest to run a performance logger! The graphics card should be ok, not sure if the processor and ram can handle it! A performance logger will tell you exactly what short comings there are, also one would need to know in which resolution your run SL whith what kind of settings and if you enabled shaddows or not because if you run it in Ultra Mode with Shaddows in any higher resolution i would believe your system is already providing on the limit! Recording Full Screen your graphic card should handle well! Again.. use a performance logger, even the windows built in one can give you some
  7. Charolotte Caxton wrote: I have been using V2 for a little over a year now and every update, including this one, makes everything better. Maybe its your system, not the viewer? It can hardly be my system when it runs in ANY other viewer! It is the ridiculous settings of LL that won't allow me to turn on shaddows simply because it doesn't recognize a graphics card which sold 6 million times world wide! If you read the entire post then you know i tried it on 2 systems, both state of the art, above that actually! I am fine when people like the Viewer 2, super fine to be honest, howe
  8. Well said, they are developing viewers for themselves and not for us! You probably missed it in my lengthy post, i am using phoenix and singularity already!
  9. There was a point in my Second Life when I loved this viewer, learning the new menus wasn't that hard and graphics seem to be slightly better, having said that the recent release is just *bleeping" me off to an extend where I realize they are going nowhere! I quote from the SL release: And, it’s easy to enable. In the SL Viewer’s Advanced mode, choose Me > Preferences, go to the Graphics tab, click the Advanced button, and just check Lighting and Shadows. (If your graphics card can’t support this option, then it won’t be available.) Then, you will experience the magic of Second Life li
  10. I agree with you Chelsea, in fact i made a post like this 2 months ago! There is shady competition out there and customers who don't read or don't know how to get on the page where they can read the info! I have one free outfit out there that "sold" 15,000 units and got 23 ratings! I have another regular item that sold almost 1000 times and got 6 reviews (5 x***** and 1x *) it is listed as a 4 Star item which doesn't represent the quality and the customer opinion! To rate a product should be more prominent like it is on eBay, hell even my Pizza Delivery is sending me email reminders to rat
  11. Tari, I certainly respect your opinion and don't intend to change it! I can only say the day the product was listed as a 1 star review it stopped selling on marketplace while it was continuing to sell steady in world! I believe fashion items which such a huge amount of competeting products are affected differently! It is too easy to skip them since there are so many other products to choose from! In General good reviews do have an impact because it boosts your search rankings, hence more exposure, more clickthrus, more sales! Do people care for the reviews? I believe if there are hundreds of
  12. I'd agree that one bad review doesn't have an impact among other good ones! However, if there is only 1 review and the customer is lying about particular things and make it sound reasonable then you got a problem! It is not a slumb or anything, all other products perform the same as before, just this one stopped since the day the review was posted! Stats don't lie, customers do! In the end of the review that "customer" claimed she would be so disapointed because she usually buys so many of my products and trusted the good quality! I checked.. it was her first purchase ever, no other sales on
  13. Replying to all of you above, first I'd like to say to Monica that there is a comment option, I can and I did respond to the unfair review and so did other customers! I admit the comment link is tiny but it's there! :-) To all others that replied I'd like to say that this have been very good responses and I come to the conclusion that the power I was asking for might be abused the other way around! Hence not the best of my ideas! However while reading your responses and the season premiere of southpark I had a tiny vision and it looks like that.... not kidding about southpark :smileyvery-h
  14. I believe anyone merchant as realized by now that the new system is not very review friendly, there has been more reviews during SLX times! Having said that, the rule applies that bad news spreads faster than good news and the same applies for reviews.... one of my free items has 9030 delivered units and only 20 reviews! My best non free items has 1123 delivered units and only 5 reviews (4x5 star and 1x1star) the one star review is completely unreasonable since nobody would sell "Junk" that many times! In the end of the day my bestseller is now a 4 star product even when I know from
  15. working fine for me too had that once, a reset helped to fix that!
  16. Just to report something positive in between the many negative apocalyptic reviews at one point i had 80+ deliveries queued up (including freebie) and all of them have been delievered! While they were not delivered i downloaded all the names that have not received their purchase yet and put it in a 80L$ mailer system and informed them about Marketplace issues! Got a lot of "thanks for the info" responses to that mailing! It took less than 5 minutes from the idea to the execution and people felt comforted by being not left alone in the dark! Technical issues can happen, they simply can a
  17. Brooke Linden wrote: One other question that has come up concerns negative reviews received due to failed deliveries. Please flag the review using the link provided below the review comments, and these will be removed from your listing if the failure is due to a technical problem with the Marketplace. Do people actually have the power to write a review prior to receiving an outfit? If so please stop that!
  18. It should shut down but for other reasons :-) With all due respect to anyones opinion, i believe it is safe to say that deliveries been more than smooth until a couple of days ago! However, Marketplace should shut down because it will kill Second Life communities eventually! Mall sales are in MASSIVE decline already and land owners most of the times need tenants in order to pay their tier! This is one of those topics where SL doesn't know their own product well enough and where they don't understand that a regular person cannot afford to run a club or some sort of other venue with
  19. To me everything shows no matter if I am logged in or not! However deliveries seems to be queued, i am waiting for a delivery and my customers are waiting for theirs, friends report exactly the same! It would make sense to hire an intern that puts a warning message on the front page, regardless what it shows in the order history, many customers don't even know about their order history and will contact me anyways, even when they haven't been charged yet! I don't mind giving a proper service, it is my job to do so , what I don't like is the possible negative association with my brand, whi
  20. rofl it appeared on grid status almost simoulatneously to my post! Interesting that Marketplace deliveries are borked as well today! I wonder how that is related! Probably a service provider issue? Dunno how Marketplace deliveries actually work!
  21. since you encouraged to discuss, I would like to say that I disagree in every single point you made! SL is way way waaaaay more stable as it used to be! I can't even remember when I crashed the last time! I remember asset server issues in the past that made nearly any interaction impossible... grid wide! I remember when rolling restarst of new versions broked the grid for the next 2 weeks because of new desaterous bugs! Computer and broadband can become as advanced as possible when you are on a sim with 4000 textured prims and scripts + 30 people with hundreds of textured prims all in
  22. Wast just about to change my profile, when I noticed there is no profile, instead i got a message "Frame load interrupted by policy change" I just changed hardware and first assumed it got something to do with me until some friends asked me if I am experencing the same problem! I am sure it will be fixed soon just wanted to give those a head up who maybe assume something is wrong on their end!
  23. I was refunded today in full! I never had doubts because in those things they have always been fair! So far i can report that the Linden that contacted me wasn't able to reproduce it! Please don't talk about an intentional cap since it is utter nonsense, as long u got the funds you can spend them on whatever you want! My Resident Level would allow much higher payments or withdrawals, having said that their is no inworld spending limit! It was a bug, but there is no obvious pattern yet what has caused it! I will see next friday when I try again :-) Bottomline: I catched a supporter on
  24. Thinkerer Melville wrote: Comment: http://virtualoutworlding.blogspot.com/2011/04/gtf-model-i-just-got-ripped-new-one-by.html TKR You're awesome! ♥
  25. Holocluck Henly wrote: You invest HOW much per month to show on top of search?! Well, it looks like there's a cap on it now. Unless you have a contract with Linden Labs over an agreed monthly infusion, I don't see where you have any leg to stand on, virtually or otherwise. You choose to use a social site for business. It isn't a business site people are using for social gatherings. Sorry, i am not following you at all! 1) there is no cap it's a bug 2) you don't need a contract with LL, resident levels are the only thing that restrict your monthly selling & buying limits, class
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