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  1. Hey fellow SL-ers! So, I'm on the hunt for mesh gothic clothing. I am using SLink's physique avatar, roughly a medium size (I love that 'standard' mesh sizing in SL works just like 'standard' RL sizing: fluxuating between small-large is normal haha) so I need to be able to work with that hud's cut-away abilities. Some things I'm really looking for would be like bondage pants (preferrably not skinny legged ones), a dress that won't clip my legs crazy weird when dancing/walking (so nothing past th knee really, which I get isn't traditional goth) and corsets/tops. Skirts are a breeze to find, like too easy, but when it comes to the rest I'm stumped. I've checked out SUGAR and [Etchaflesh] with some luck, though clippin is a problem with their corsets normally. BareRose is another place I have some stuff from, but the designer doesn't really follow a strict sizing chart so it's hit-and-miss. Any and all help/suggestions would be amazing! I've been searching marketplace and just keep getting ZED and Razor which are nice, but not what I'm currently looking for.
  2. Well I am in, but I can't say I'm in well, I'm clouded and my inventory is fighting with me.
  3. And now we sit on forums like crack addicts, licking our screens for a taste >_>
  4. Bahahahaha, Oh man, I agree, we do need to get better RL if we are all waiting around for SL to get back up... Not even afraid to admit it. At least I wasn't the only one to do a whole spiel of checking things on my end I guess it's a good thing though, I'm doing laundry now.
  5. x.x generally I have such good luck with maintenance, even on Tuesdays. Thanks for bringing that to my attention, I assumed when Firestorm said the grid was online, it was online Thank you everyone, I feel sheepish, I'll go sit in the corner
  6. Okay, so I was on last night, no problems. Sign off, go to bed, wake up this morning and boom: fail login at region handshake fail. So, I researched the problem and have tried the following: Making an alt to see if I'm ghosting, alt cannot log in either (fail at region handshake) Rebooting computer Rebooting router Using Googled DNS Trying LL viewer Making breakfast and coming back Taking off firewall Editing firewall from auto to allow Any more suggestions to try? Is anyone else having this problem?
  7. Thank you everyone else for defending me, but I feel it important to note that if anyone knows how to use RLV appropriately they know how not to get trapped by people, objects, or things that they would not wish to get trapped by. And if those traps, or griefers, or on a G sim... well, then, LL will have their own policing to do, therefore it shouldn't matter if I keep my color on while I imitate a younger person or not, and I'll have you know that my first 'official' picture for my drivers liscence features me sporting a very awesome 3 ringed collar. Tell me teenagers aren't kinky. I dare you. --- However, why does it mater if someone looks young? I mean, look at Asians: I have talked to thirty year old women thinking they were 18. I don't think it's fair to judge just by looks if an avatar is child, teen or adult... I think if there is a question it needs to be asked, not assumed (or profile snoop, I have my age posted and so do others.)
  8. I never did the child avatar thing, but I wanted too when I first started.... however I didn't quite understand resizing and I'm a furry, I can't have a giant head on a child body. Doesn't look right. That being said, I have furry avatars of all heights. One of them is a Kani (rabbit avatar, which cracks me up because Kani means crab in Japanese...) and I was told before that the default body was 'too childish' and the person gave me a 'mature' body for it... and then the Kani head was too small! IT WAS CREEPY. And then I met a 'baby fur'... the RL person was an older individual that had to be cared for... and it showed in their avatar.... It was cute for the first... oh.... 10 seconds, then it's diaper scripted a poo action and it made baby noises. Not cool at a club, just saying. I'm there to dance and have fun, not care for a baby fur. At the same time, going back to my Kani avatar and the hybrid I made using the head... Yea, I can look like a teenager or young-young adult, and I haven't really recieved negative feedback, sans for being a fur. I see 'anime' or 'kawaii' human avatars and think 'huh, you look 16' and move on with my life. Young avatars don't bother me until they do the iccle speak, or have annoying scripts that make them soil a diaper and then whine about it until someone clicks on the menu to change it. Now, being 25 irl, there are times I don't want responsibility, I want to be a teenager. At that point I don't go to adult sims where my RLV can kick in and trap me in something too mature for that age group. I don't talk like a toodler. I don't act disrespectful (unless it's a bot or AFK avatar, then let's face it, it's fun). I also have a GIR avatar I will use to cause random havoc... but once again I stay away from adult sims where role-playing would not appreciate the avatar of my choice. I think that's the downfall of young (child and teenage) avatars: the lower level of respect. Often (not always) the RL person doesn't care to respect the whims of the sim they are on, it's all about them, which is a child mentality. The amount that occurs yields to a general and bias unlike towards the avatars. If I see a child avatar, I will treat it like any other avatar, and I don't have to stick around to mother it if that is what the RL person wants.
  9. This could be fun, but I am a furry, what is your opinion on non-human avatars? Will they wreck your idea for the RP too much?
  10. Hi! I'm going to be customizing my AO soon, and I have a few walks that I like. Is it possible to cycle through walks like you can cycle through stands? What about sitting poses? I'm naturally a fidgity person (poor blood circulation) so it would be nice if my avatar could also cycle through animations other than standing. Thank you in advance!
  11. Hey all, Is the ATI Radeon 4250 okay to play Second Life? I haven't been on in forever because my desktop graphics card is just about spent and I am getting an asus 1215t to go to school with until the job market goes back up and I can afford a real computer. Thanks in advanced, Mandichi
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